Sara Markham


Personal and Family Information

Sara was born before 4 OCT 1741, the daughter of Thomas Markham and Catherine Poulton. The place is not known.[Note 1]

She died on 21 MAR 1790. The place is not known.[Notes 2, 3]

Her husband was James Steeden, whom she married on 25 DEC 1770 in Tingewick, Buckinghamshire. Their seven known children were James (<1771->1806), William (<1772-<1777), William (<1777-?), Thomas (<1778-<1779), Thomas (c1779-<1834), George (<1780-1834) and Sally (<1782-?).

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


Sara Markham


Thomas Markham


Henry Markham


John Markham


Elizabeth Rainbow


Sarah un


Catherine Poulton



BirthBEF 04 OCT 1741
See Note 1
Death21 MAR 1790
Tingewick churchyard
Source: Tingewick churchyard

See Note 2
See Note 3
Christening04 OCT 1741
Place: Tingewick, Buckinghamshire
Type: Christening
BurialMAR 1790
Place: Tingewick, Buckinghamshire
Type: Burial


Note 1

Date calculated from Christening

Note 2

from gravestone

Note 3

MI D20 in Tingewick churchyard

"In memory of Sarah wife of James Steeden? who died March 21 1790

in the 49th year of her age"


  1. Tingewick churchyard
    Source: Tingewick churchyard
  2. Tingewick churchyard
    Source: Tingewick churchyard