Like all the pages on this site, this is a Work in Progress. If you have any photographs of graves in the cemetery (or general shots) I'd be very grateful if you would share them, along with any other information you can add.

Sue Lee in Australia has kindly sent me photos of some Pollard graves - click here to view them as I haven't yet worked out for sure which plots they all lie in.

Tingewick Cemetery (as opposed to the graveyard round the church) lies on the edge of the village, at the top of the hill on the road to Water Stratford. The first burials there took place around 1900.

In 1979 a plan (see below) was drawn of the cemetery. The plot numbers correspond, I believe, to those in the parish clerk's Cemetery Book.

A path from the gate on Water Stratford road leads to the cemetery: once inside, it curves to the front of the chapel which backs onto the northern boundary fence, passing a few graves which I have called Section A - on the right. The front doors of the chapel face south onto the main path which runs past the War Memorial at the division between consecrated and unconsecrated ground, and on to the southern boundary fence.

This central main path divides what appears to be the earliest part of the cemetery, with five rows of burial plots on each side, running north-south, each row consisting of 45-50 plots. The third (middle) row of each of these is then partially sub-divided into two rows of small plots for infant burials. Arbitrarily, I have made the consecrated plot to the left (east) of the main path Section B and to the west Section C . Likewise, the unconsecrated ground (easily located by the War Memorial which is positioned exactly on the division) is divided into Section F to the east and Section G to the west.

Once these sections were fully allocated / reserved, I think further ground was laid out: firstly Section D to the north-west beyond a grass border, then Section E to complete those rows southward, and Section H in the unconsecrated ground. West again, beyond a further path (Path 2) lies (according to the 1979 plan) "Future Land For Plots".

Click on the coloured image to look at the full-sized, untrimmed image of the plan - may take a while to load! or click on one of the smaller images to see just that section with photos of some of the graves.
Section A Section B northern sectionSection B middle sectionSection B southern sectionSection F

Section C northern sectionSection C middle sectionSection C southern sectionSection G

Section D northern sectionSection D south sectionSection E northern sectionSection E southern sectionSection H

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