Samuel Caporn


Personal and Family Information

Samuel was born on 25 APR 1794, the son of Joshua Caporn and Catharine Goode. The place is not known.

He died on 22 FEB 1868 in Freemantle, Wa.

His wife was Ann Vaughan Eustace, whom he married in 1819 in Uk. Their fourteen known children were Sarah Eustace (1821-?), Catherine (1822-?), Elizabeth (Bessie) (1823-?), Frederick (1826-1915), William (1829-?), Henry (1830-?), Edward John William (1833-1908), James Good (1835-?), John (1836-?), Louisa (1838-?), Agnes (1839-1842), Frances Ann (1841-1842), Ann (1842-?) and Cecilia (1843-?).

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Samuel Caporn


Joshua Caporn


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Birth25 APR 1794
Death22 FEB 1868
Place: Freemantle, Wa
Brewerton research by Linda Monks, NZ
Source: Brewerton research by Linda Monks, NZ
Authors: Linda Monks, NZ

Christening29 APR 1794
Place: Tingewick, Buckinghamshire
Type: Christening
Caporn research collated by Julie Fitzgerald
Source: Caporn research collated by Julie Fitzgerald
Authors: Julie Fitzgerald, Melbourne Australia


Note 1

BIOGRAPHY: Samuel Caporn b. 29-Apr-1794, Tingewick, Buckinghamshire, England, 29-Apr-1794, Meeting House, Tingewick, Bucks, England, status: free, occupation boatbuilder, baker, m. --___-1819, in United Kingdom, Anne Vaughan Eustace, b. --___-1801, England, status: free, d. 2-Jan-1869, Fremantle, WA, 20-Aug-1842, Simon Taylor. Samuel died 22-Feb-1868, Fremantle, WA, buried: 23-Feb-1868, Skinner Street, now Fremantle Cem, WA, 20-Aug-1842, Simon Taylor.17 IGI 1992: Saml, Buckingham, Old Meeting House Independent, C089051 0002 IGI 1992: Samuel, Tingewick, 7336508 11

BIOGRAPHY: Bicentennial Dictionary of Western Australians pre 1829-1888 vol 1 (BDWA) Caporn, Samuel

BIOGRAPHY: b. 29.4.1794 (Perth Scotland) d. 22.2.1868 (Fremantle), son of Reverend Joshua Caporn MA of Tengarick Bucks, descendant of Huguenot family, arr 20.8.1842 per "Simon Taylor" with wife and chd. m. c.1819 Ann Vaughan Eustace b. 1801 (England) d. 1869 (Pt Walter). Chd. Sarah Eustace b. 1821, Catherine b. 1822 d. 1879, Elizabeth b. 1823, Frederick b. 1827 d.1915, William b. 1828 d. 1851, Henry b. 1830 d. 1912, Edward John b.1832 d.1908, James Goode b.1834 d.1928, John b.1836, Louisa b. 1838 d.1910, Agnes b.1829 d. infancy in England, Frances b. 1841 d. infancy in England, Ann b. 1842, Cecilia b. 1843 (W.A.). Was a schoolmaster on voyage out. Boatbuilder & conducted a carrying service on Swan 1840's on. ?1861 Baker Perth. Leased 36 acres Pt Walter to establish the business there with sons & sons in law. Verger at St John's C/E Frem. 1865-6 Clerk to Town Trust & Sec & Librarian Mechanics' Institute. Resided Cliff Street. Congreg. Indep.

BIOGRAPHY: WA death certificate # 3774

BIOGRAPHY: Samuel Caporn died 1/2 past 12am February 22nd 1868 Fremantle, male, 74 yrs, clerk. He died of dysentery. Signature of informant Fred Caporn, son, Fremantle. Registered February 22nd 1868, Registrar Thomas Snedden Assistant Registrar

BIOGRAPHY: The Inquirer - no 108, Wednesday, August 24 1842

BIOGRAPHY: p2 Shipping Intelligence

BIOGRAPHY: Arr-on the 20th inst, the Simon Taylor, Brown master, from London; left the Downs 1st May. Passengers, Miss Barrett & Messrs Beddingfield, Conventry and King. The Simon Taylor brings out 219 government emigrants, of whom 5 are blacksmiths, 5 are carpenters, 2 shoemakers, 6 housemaids, 2 milliners, 18 tailors. The rest are agricultural labourers, with their wives and children. Agents, Messrs F Mangles & Co.

BIOGRAPHY: Imports per Simon Taylor listed.

BIOGRAPHY: Weather on 20 Aug 1842: at 10am, 65 therm, 18 bar, Nly wind. Moderate cldy, fine. At 4pm, 65 therm, 19 bar, SW wind, squally showers.

BIOGRAPHY: The Caporns by Yvonne E Coate

BIOGRAPHY: Samuel Caporn, educated at Oxford College, was at one time bailiff and gamekeeper for Lord Mansfield (a Scottish peer) on the Scone Place estate in Perthshire, Scotland. Some of their children were born in Scotland and the older ones shared a tutor with Lord Mansfield's children. Lord Mansfield held property in Buckinghamshire. In Long Crendon, Buckinghamshire, Samuel was associated with the Thame Union, of which he was probably the first Relieving Officer appointed at a time when there was a great deal of poverty in rural districts. Samuel was the Relieving Officer for the northern part of the Thame Union. This constituted ten villages in Buckinghamshire. He had a room in his house which was used for paying out parish relief - this room was offered as a location for giving small pox vaccinations, but it was decided to use the lower part of the Court House.

BIOGRAPHY: Minute Books of the Thame Union Guardians:

BIOGRAPHY: 29th October 1835-

BIOGRAPHY: "Samuel Caporn of Thame was elected and appointed Relieving Officer of the North District No. 1 and proposed as his sureties Thomas Tapping of Thame, baker, Henry Thorpe snr. of Thame, bricklayer, and Mr Joseph Ewstace jnr of Thame, bricklayer, who are approved by the Guardians".

BIOGRAPHY: 13th April 1842-

BIOGRAPHY: "Samuel Caporn, Relieving Officer of the North District, having at this meeting delivered his resignation being about to emigrate with his family to Australia. The same was accepted by the Board from the twenty fifth instant."

BIOGRAPHY: 20th April 1842-

BIOGRAPHY: "......cheques to Samuel Caporn for 14 pounds 8 shillings 9 pence for one quarters salary to Lady Day last and for 4 pounds 16 shillings 3 pence for balance of salary to the 25th instant were signed and paid to him....also a cheque for 5 pounds 9 shillings was signed and paid to Samuel Caporn, Registrar of Births and Deaths of the Brill District for the three months ended the 31st March 1842...The Board proceeded to the election of a Relieving Officer in the place of Mr Samuel Caporn...."

BIOGRAPHY: "Extract of Testimonial of Samuel Caporn, David Edle, Samuel Wilson and Ann Wheatley by Rev Thomas Hayton, Rector of Long Crendon, Buckinghamshire, 22 April 1842.

BIOGRAPHY: Names of Emigrants of the parish of Long Crendon County of Buckinghamshire, England

BIOGRAPHY: Proposing to sail on the 26th April 1842 by the ship "Simon Taylor"

BIOGRAPHY: 1. Mr Samuel Caporn with his wife and nine children. Mr Caporn is the son of a very respectable farmer, understands all kinds of practical agricultural ploughing, sowing etc. He was Bailiff and Game Keeper to Lord Mansfield for some years. After that at the recommendation of is Lordship he was elected a relieving officer in the Thame Union which place he had held upwards of six years with great credit to himself and great satisfaction to all parties. His loss is greatly regretted and a handsome presentation was made him by the Board of Guardians as a token of approbation and respect. I myself the incumbent of this Parish of Long Crendon have known him intimately and I can say with great truth and pleasure, his energy of mind and activity of body are much to recommend him strongly to any owner of property as a very useful man. He is a person of considerable mind, shrewd and discerning, a clever pen man and accountant perhaps one of the neatest book keepers I ever saw, firm and resolute, honest, upright and sober; indeed I never before was called upon to give testimony on h/behalf of one whose good qualities are so many and as I concern as peculiarly fitting colonial requirements. His wife is a comely person and well versed in domestic management. He has two grown up young daughters nice and cleanly young persons of superior add.... and endowed with domestic qualities. He also has two sons, 14 and 15 years of age, the elder a good tempered lad and ready, the other William is full of life, desirous of knowledge and has good abilities, they write a good hand and are versed in accounts. There are five other children.

BIOGRAPHY: nb A copy of this, a friend has guaranteed to be presented to Mr Hutt, the Governor. This copy I lodge in the hands of Mr Caporn, who I hope will act as a Father to those under his care".

BIOGRAPHY: An extract from the letter from the Colonial Land and Emigration Office, 9 Park Street, Westminster, filed with the "Simon Taylor" passenger list:-

BIOGRAPHY: "An Emigrant will be appointed as schoolmaster on board, and the gratuity which has been named to him for undertaking that office is four pounds to be paid on application to the local government, provided the Governor shall be satisfied from the report of the Surgeon Superintendent that the duties have been properly discharged. (signed) F Walcott, Sec."

BIOGRAPHY: We have been told that Samuel was Superintendent and overseer of eighteen Parkhurst Boys (Juvenile immigrants from Parkhurst Prison on the Isle of Wight,). For his duties of school teacher on the voyage out, Samuel was given five gold sovereigns. After departing from London on the 26th of April 1842, the ship sailed direct to Fremantle, a voyage of 111 days, arriving on the 20th of August 1842. The sailing ship brought 319 sponsored immigrants - the largest number of assisted migrants Western Australia was to receive.

BIOGRAPHY: The Caporn family settled at Point Walter, the authorities having built a stone house there. They attended St John's Church of England in Fremantle, walking there and back each Sunday. In 1849 Samuel Caporn took up a small block on the eastern boundary of Robb's grant at North Lake (Cockburn Sound Location no. 25 - between Hope and Ellis Roads) and held the land there for six years. He then decided to return to his original occupation and after spending some time as Collector of Town Rates for the Fremantle Town Trust filled the office of Bailiff of the Local Court and he was also Secretary and Librarian of the Mechanics' Institute. Samuel also became Verger at St John's Church of England in Fremantle.

BIOGRAPHY: Samuel Caporn died on 22 February 1868 and Ann died on 2 January 1869 in Fremantle. They were buried in the Skinner Street Cemetery (where John Curtin High School now stands). In 1936 tombstones from this old cemetery were taken to the Fremantle Cemetery in Carrington Street.

BIOGRAPHY: Inquirer 26.2.1868

BIOGRAPHY: "Death of Samuel Caporn - We notice with regret that the death of Mr Samuel Caporn, for many years past a resident at Fremantle, where, for nearly a quarter of a century he performed for as the office of agent for our journal at the Port. Mr Caporn died at his residence in Cliff Street on Saturday morning, at the good old age of 74. He was buried in the Church of England cemetery on Sunday afternoon, followed to the grave by one fo the largest and most respectable assemblages of townspeople ever witnessed on a similar occasion in that town. Ever active, and, above all, most scrupulously honest, Mr Caporn continued to follow up the demands of the multifarious duties peculiar to his business to within a few days of his death, when exhaustion from diarrhoea overcame him, and he gradually sank, not without however, the most sincere and heartfelt sorrow, not only of his fellow townsfolk, but of the community generally, as an honest, upright, and most worthy colonist"

BIOGRAPHY: West Australian 22.4.1868

BIOGRAPHY: "Samuel Caporn - Date of Death - 22nd Feb 1868

BIOGRAPHY: I am glad to see that a public subscription has been started to defray the expenses of a tomb to the memory of Mr S Caporn. Mr Caporn for many years filled various public offices, with great credit to himself, and to the general satisfaction of the public. It will be pleasing to see that his services are not entirely forgotten by those who have profited by them. WD Moore Esq has headed the list with a donation of one pound".


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