John Clarke


Personal and Family Information

John was born before 1494, the son of unknown parents. The place is not known.

He died about 1535. The place is not known.[Note 2]

His wife was un, whom he married in BEF 1514. The place has not been found. Their three known children were Robert (?->1535), Henry (<1514-<1586) and Dyonyste (<1544-?).


BirthBEF 1494
DeathABT 1535
See Note 2
BurialABT 1535
Place: Adstock, Buckinghamshire
Type: Burial
See Note 3


Note 1

BIOGRAPHY: A John Clarke was a trustee with others of Adstock Manor in 1511 (VCH Bucks 4/143).

Cert of Musters for Bucks in 1522: John Clarke £4 (Brit Rec Soc 1973 12/49)

Note 2

Date calculated from Burial Date

Note 3



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