Catherine Burrell


Personal and Family Information

Catherine was born on 20 MAR 1844 in Weedon, Northamptonshire, the daughter of unknown parents.

She died after 1881. The place is not known.

Her husband was John Jackman, whom she married in ABT FEB 1868 in Aylesbury District. Their nine known children were Margery (?-?), Laura Catherine (c1869-?), Ann Lucey (c1871->1881), Julia (c1873->1881), John William (c1875->1881), Alice Louisa (c1877->1881), Albert Edward (c1879-1914), Harold Charles (c1881->1881) and John Frederic (c1885-?).


Birth20 MAR 1844
Place: Weedon, Northamptonshire
DeathAFT 1881
Place: Weedon Street, Weedon, Northamptonshire
Type: age 27, with husband & children
1881 census - LDS online version (3 April)
Source: 1881 census - LDS online version (3 April)

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Note 1

1871 census: 68/55

Weedon, Hardwick, Bucks

John JACKMAN, Head, aged 26, Blake (sic) Smith, born in Hardwick, Bucks

Cathrine (sic) JACKMAN, Wife, aged 27, Blake Smith Wife, born in Weedon, Bucks

Laura Ca JACKMAN, Dau, aged 2, Blake Smith Daughter, born in Weedon, Bucks

Ann Lucey JACKMAN, Dau, aged 5m, Blake Smith Daughter, born in Weedon, Bucks

1881 census: a.37, no occupation cited, large family

1891 census: RG12/1147/52/57

Weedon, Bucks

Catherine JACKMAN, Head, aged 47, Blacksmith, Widow, born in Weedon, Bucks

John JACKMAN, Son, aged 16, Blacksmith, born in Weedon, Bucks

Fred JACKMAN, Son, aged 6, born in Weedon, Bucks

William BURRELL, Father, aged 75, General Labourer, Widower, born in Weedon, Bucks

Note 2


Name Relation Marital Status Gender Age Birthplace Occupation Disability

John JACKMAN Head M Male 36 Hardwick, Buckingham, England Blacksmith

Catherine JACKMAN Wife M Female 37 Weedon, Buckingham, England

Laura K. JACKMAN Daur Female 12 Weedon, Buckingham, England Scholar

Annie L. JACKMAN Daur Female 10 Weedon, Buckingham, England Scholar

Julia JACKMAN Daur Female 8 Weedon, Buckingham, England Scholar

John William JACKMAN Son Male 6 Weedon, Buckingham, England Scholar

Alice Louisa JACKMAN Daur Female 4 Weedon, Buckingham, England Scholar

Albert Edward JACKMAN Son Male 2 Weedon, Buckingham, England

Harold Charles JACKMAN Son Male 2 m Weedon, Buckingham, England

Source Information:

Dwelling Weedon Street

Census Place Weedon, Buckingham, England

Family History Library Film 1341357

Public Records Office Reference RG11

Piece / Folio 1475 / 68

Page Number 31


  1. 1881 census - LDS online version (3 April)
    Source: 1881 census - LDS online version (3 April)