Horatio Collingridge


Personal and Family Information

Horatio was born about NOV 1880 in Whitechapel, London, the son of James Collingridge and Stella Heron.[Note 1]

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Horatio Collingridge


James Collingridge


Charles Collingridge


Christopher Collingridge


Elizabeth un


Mary Tompkins


Samuel Tompkins




Stella Heron


Abigail Montefiore


Abraham Montefiore


Stella Hatchwell



BirthABT NOV 1880
Place: Whitechapel, London
See Note 1
Census03 APR 1881
Place: 259 Victoria Park Road, London
Type: 1881 census
1881 census - LDS online version (3 April)
Source: 1881 census - LDS online version (3 April)

See Note 2
See Note 3


Note 1

from census

Note 2

age 5 mo, with parents, half-bro, 2 brother, sister, servant, lodger

Note 3

Name Relation Marital Status Gender Age Birthplace Occupation Disability

James COLLINGRIDGE Head M Male 48 Twyford, Buckingham, England Corn Dealer

Stella COLLINGRIDGE Wife M Female 35 London Mile End , London, Middlesex, England

Albert COLLINGRIDGE Son U Male 23 Beckington, Somerset, England Corn Dealer

Thomas COLLINGRIDGE Son Male 10 Whitechapel Scholar

James COLLINGRIDGE Son Male 8 Whitechapel Scholar

S. COLLINGRIDGE Daug Female 2 Whitechapel

Horatio COLLINGRIDGE Son Male 5 m Whitechapel

Sarah ALDEIGER Serv W Female 60 London Wall, London, Middlesex, England General Serv

Mary Ann BILL Lodger W Female 90 London Chelsea , London, Middlesex, England

Source Information:

Dwelling 259 Victoria Park Rd

Census Place London, Middlesex, England

Family History Library Film 1341068

Public Records Office Reference RG11

Piece / Folio 0317 / 18

Page Number 30


  1. 1881 census - LDS online version (3 April)
    Source: 1881 census - LDS online version (3 April)