William Albert Child


Personal and Family Information

William was born about 1862 in (Winchester 2c101) or (St.Martin 1a354), the son of unknown parents.[Note 1]

He died about 1906 in Wandsworth 1d 305???.[Note 2]

His wife was Louisa Toppin Hadland, whom he married in MAR 1899 in Swaffham 4b 580. Their only known child was William Albert (1899-?).


BirthABT 1862
Place: (Winchester 2c101) or (St.Martin 1a354)
See Note 1
DeathABT 1906
Place: Wandsworth 1d 305???
See Note 2


Note 1

Either Dec 1861 or Dec 1863

Note 2

Perhaps Dec 1906 ??? Aged 43 years