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My grandmother's photographs

In December 2005, my mother contacted me to say that she was considering a move from her house to a retirement flat. She was starting to clear out some things and had some photos that I might like, as I was interested in family history. These are the ones she gave me. In January 2006 she again called to say she had some more "photos and papers" for me to collect. Unfortunately I couldn't go that day, and the following morning my sister visited, discovered what my mother intended, and took them away. To date, she not returned them, either to me or to my mother, in spite of repeated requests. She and her husband intend to disperse them around the family - unrecorded and uncopied - in a few weeks' time, in spite of my pleadings.

This is therefore, to my great sorrow, a very incomplete record and is doomed to remain so.

Page updated July 2006 by Su Floyd, Scotland

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