Husband: Daniel Atherton  
Born: 19 Jan 1818Sankey [Bridges] LancashireSource
Baptised: 30 Jan 1818Warrington St Elphins, LancashireSource
Died:  Penketh, Lancashire 
Buried: 28 Feb 1886Great Sankey, LancashireSource
Father: John Atherton  
Mother: Martha Leigh  
waterman: From 1840 To 1871PenkethSource
served on 'Duke of York': From 1867 To 1877 Source

Married: 26 Oct 1840Farnworth in Prescot, LancashireSource

Wife: Margaret Woods  
Born: Cal 1819Poulton or Padgate, LancashireSource
Baptised: 26 Jul 1822Warrington St Elphins, LancashireSource
Buried: 20 Apr 1887Great Sankey, LancashireSource
Father: Samuel Woods  
Mother: Sarah  


Name: Daniel Atherton  
Baptised: 31 Dec 1841Great Sankey, LancashireSource
Buried: 7 May 1844Great Sankey, LancashireSource

Name: Margaret Atherton  
Born:  Penketh, LancashireSource
Baptised: 14 Jul 1843Great Sankey, LancashireSource
Died: 29 Jul 1891 Source
Spouse Thomas Pye

Name: Daniel Atherton  
Born: 27 May 1845Penketh, LancashireSource
Baptised: 27 Jul 1845Great Sankey, LancashireSource
Buried: 14 Feb 1925Great Sankey, LancashireSource
Spouse Margaret Clarke

Name: Sarah Atherton  
Born: Abt 1848Penketh [or Warrington?]Source
Buried: 13 Dec 1924Great Sankey, LancashireSource

Name: Jane Atherton  
Born: 2 Feb 1851Penketh, LancashireSource
Baptised: 6 Jun 1876Great Sankey, LancashireSource
Died: Aft 1901 Source
Spouse James Cheetham

Name: Ann Atherton  
Born: 19 Apr 1853Penketh, LancashireSource
Baptised: 4 Jun 1876Great Sankey, LancashireSource
Died: 6 Apr 1931 Source
Buried:  St Mary's, Great Sankey, LancashireSource
Spouse Peter Heath

Name: Mark Atherton  
Born: 8 Jun 1855Penketh, LancashireSource
Baptised: 3 Sep 1876Great Sankey, LancashireSource
Died: 25 Feb 1919  
Buried: 1 Mar 1919Great Sankey, LancashireSource
Spouse Hannah Waterfield

Name: Ellen Atherton  
Born:  Penketh, LancashireSource
Baptised: 14 Apr 1857Great Sankey, LancashireSource
Died: 29 Apr 1934  
Spouse Joseph Waterfield

Name: Samuel Atherton  
Born: Abt May 1860Penketh, LancashireSource
Died: 29 Jul 1926 Source
Buried: 25 Aug 1926Great Sankey, LancashireSource
Spouse Lily Beatrice Heath

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