Charles Ernest Sime 1886-1967

(my grandfather) see family group sheet

Charles Ernest Sime 1886-1967
  • 12th child (2nd or 3rd son) of Robert Jameson Sime and Ellen Jane Tucker
    • born 23 December 1886 at 9 Mount Pleasant St, Greenock, Scotland
    • baptised ?
    • died 4 May 1967 at Liverpool
    • buried Waterloo
    • married December 1916 to Maud Turner in Calcutta, India
    • three children (one died in infancy) - the youngest being my mother, born in Calcutta in 1922.

    Charles Sime & Maud Turner

    My grandfather Charles was an engineer who went to India to work at the Alliance Jute Mills at Jagat-dal near Calcutta. He married Maud Turner of Liverpool whom he met on board the "City of York" on his way back from home leave. They married 1st December 1916 at Calcutta. They had three children (the second died of cholera in infancy: my mother was the youngest), six grandchildren (including myself) and seventeen great-grandchildren. The climate and fears for the health of her surviving children led Maud to remain in Greenock after their home leave in 1924, although my grandfather continued to work in India until around 1945. My mother and her brother Ian lived with my grandmother in Greenock until 1929, when the family moved back to Liverpool to look after my great-grandmother.

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