Marion Walter

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"My Kings begin with my 6x great grandmother, Elizabeth King (423). She was christened 15 April 1722 in Tingewick, Buckinghamshire. Elizabeth married William Field Thornton (422) in Tingewick 30 September 1745. They had 8 children.

"Elizabeth's parents were Joseph King (846) and Mary Bateman (847). They married 11 April 1721 in Tingewick and had 2 children that I know of. Joseph was buried 6 September 1766 in Tingewick.

{Mary Bateman (847) was the daughter of Jeffry Bateman, baptised 1663 in Mixbury, Oxfordshire and Ann)

"I have a very large group of family up in the area around Buckingham in fact. Most of them came from Maids Moreton, which up until recently has been my main focus. Now I am starting to find that before Maids Moreton, they came from places like Akeley, Radclive, Lillingstone Dayrell, Stowe, Chackmore, Foscott, Twyford, Marsh Gibbon, etc. You can sort of see how they spread out around Buckingham."

Anderson 1740-1960 Wingrave, Stowe, Maids Moreton
Barlow 1811-1850 Potterspury NTH, Stony Stratford
Barrell 1749-1800 Stowe, Chackmore, Maids Moreton
Bateman 1630-1750 Mixbury, OXF, Tingewick
Daniel(l)(s) 1729-1902 Maids Moreton
Field 1675-1726 Greatworth, NTH, Marsh Gibbon, Maidford, NTH
Garner 1650-1850 Foscott, Maids Moreton
George 1750-1862 Twyford, Charndon
Godfrey 1811-1900 Potterspury, NTH, Stony Stratford
Grey 1650 Lillingstone Dayrell, Radclive
Jones 1700-1900 Radclive, Lillingstone Dayrell, Finmere, OXF, Maids Moreton
King 1700 Tingewick
King 1650-1756 Radclive, Maids Moreton
Massey 1757-1842 Stowe, Foscott
Phips 1714-1760 Radclive, Lillingstone Dayrell
Rawlins 1750-1900 Marsh Gibbon, Piddington, OXF
Rowe 1724- 1828 Marsh Gibbon, Maids Moreton
Shrieve 1550-1732 Maids Moreton
Stevens 1700-1800 Maids Moreton
Stuchbury 1797-1881 Buckingham, Maids Moreton
Taylor 1790-1850 Marsh Gibbon
Thornton 1650-1785 MarshGibbon, Maidford, NTH, Radclive, Maids Moreton
Watts 1735-1790 Buckingham, Maids Moreton
Welch 1700-1846 Radclive, Maids Moreton