Peter Terry

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(1) Peter Terry is the g-g'son of
(8) William Terry (b. 1851 at Tingewick, d. 1932 at Swindon, Wiltshire) and (9) Sarah Bullock who married 1874 at Swindon

and the 2g-g'son of
(16) Richard Terry (b 1822 at Tingewick, d. after 1891) and (17) Mary Savin (b abt 1824 at Finmere, bur 1871 at Tingewick) who married 1844 at Tingewick
(he shares these ancestors, and earlier Terry / Savin generations, with Bernard Bond

and the 3g-g'son of
(32) James Terry (b 1790 at Tingewick, bur. 1866 at Tingewick) and (33) Hannah Taylor (b abt 1791 at Tingewick, bur 1860 at Tingewick) who married in Aston Abbotts this is what my database said, but I think it should be checked out again!, Buckinghamshire in 1812
(34) James Savin bp. 1799 at Finmere, bur. 1861 at Finmere and (35) Sarah Davis b. abt 1798, bur. 1828 at Finmere who married in Finmere in 1821

and the 4g-g'son of
(64) Joseph Terry (bp 1769 at Tingewick, bur 1831 at Tingewick) and (65) Anne Read bap. 1771 at Tingewick, bur. 1847 at Tingewick who married at Tingewick in 1788
(as well as Bernard Bond he shares these ancestors, and earlier Terry / Read generations, with Virginia Ling and Jane Munro and Sarah Meads)
(68) Thomas Savin b. abt. 1762, bur. 1855 at Finmere and (69) Mary Pargeter bur. 1803 at Finmere who married at Finmere in 1786
(70) William Davis b. abt 1757, bur. 1835 at Finmere and (71) Elizabeth Wilson bur. 1804 at Finmere who married 22 Dec 1782 at Finmere

and the 5g-g'son of
(128) James Terry b. possibly at Clifton in Deddington, Oxfordshire, bur. 1772 at Finmere, Oxfordshire) and (129) Elizabeth Pettifer d. 1782/4) who married in Stoke Lyne, Oxfordshire in 1764
(130) Richard Read b. abt. 1745 in Preston Bissett and (131) Elizabeth Woodland who married in Tingewick in 1767