The 1851 Census of Tingewick, enumerated on the night of Sunday 30th March.

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Folio 361b Sch. 1 Tingewick
EVERETTGeorge(Head) M23(1828) MPostmasterBKMTingewick  
EVERETTSarah(Wife) M75(1776) F BKMBuckingham  
WATSONEly(Visitor) M27(1824) MSaddlerMDX?.. Fenchurch?  
WATSONAmy(Visitor)  6(1845) F MDXCullam St..  
Folio 361b Sch. 2 Tingewick
PAXTONJames(Head) M26(1825) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
PAXTONSarah(Wife) M47(1804) F OXFCharlton  
PAXTONMary(Daughter) U22(1829) F BKMTingewick  
PAXTONJane(Daughter) U20(1831) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 361b Sch. 3 Tingewick
HOLTONWilliam(Head) M30(1821) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
HOLTONAnn(Wife) M27(1824) F BKMTingewick  
HOLTONSarah Ann(Daughter)  7(1844) FScholarBKMTingewick
HOLTONJames(Son)  4(1847) MScholarBKMTingewick  
HOLTONEliza Ann(Daughter)  2(1849) FScholarHRTDatchworth
HOLTONJoseph(Son)  1 mo(1851) M BKMTingewick  
Folio 361b Sch. 4 Tingewick
SIDEEdward(Head) M31(1820) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
SIDEBetsey(Wife) M35(1816) F BKMTingewick  
SIDEThomas(Son)  7(1844) MScholarBKMTingewick  
SIDEEdward(Son)  1(1850) M BKMTingewick  
Folio 361b Sch. 5 Tingewick
PARAGREENJoseph(Head) M40(1811) MAg LabBKMWater Stratford  
PARAGREENSarah(Wife) M39(1812) F BKMTingewick  
PARAGREENEliza(Daughter) U16(1835) F BKMTingewick  
PARAGREENElizabeth(Daughter) U12?(1839) F BKMTingewick
PARAGREENEmily(Daughter)  5(1846) FAt HomeBKMTingewick  
PARAGREENZilpha(Daughter)  7? w(1851) F BKMTingewick  
NEALMartha(Visitor) U28?(1823) FNurseBKMTingewick  
Folio 362a Sch. 6 Tingewick
PETTYJohn(Head) M37(1814) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
PETTYAnn(Wife) M45?(1851) F NTHCharlton  
PETTYEliza(Daughter) U17(1834) F BKMTingewick  
PETTYJoseph(Son) U15(1836) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
PETTYRichard(Son)  11(1840) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
PETTYJohn(Son)  9(1842) M BKMTingewick  
PAXTONCharles(Visitor) U17(1834) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
Folio 362a Sch. 7 Tingewick
COPPERWAITCharles(Head) M36(1815) MBrick MakerBKMAston Abbots  
COPPERWAITSarah(Wife)  36(1815) F BKMMursley  
COPPERWAITWilliam(Son)  11(1840) MScholarBKMMursley  
COPPERWAITAnn(Daughter)  5(1846) FScholarBKMMursley  
Folio 362a Sch. 8 Tingewick
HOPKINSWilliam(Head) M73(1778) MPauperOXFAdderbury  
HOPKINSEsther(Wife) M58(1793) F OXFBourton  
Folio 362b Sch. 9 Tingewick
LUCASJohn(Head) U45(1806) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
LUCASMary(Visitor) M73?(1778) FPauperOXFAdderbury  
LUCASHarriet(Visitor) U20(1831) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 362b Sch. 10 Tingewick
LEEEdmund(Head) M50(1801) MVictuallerBKMTingewick  
LEEAnn(Wife) M51(1800) F OXFSibford  
CROSSJane(Niece) U30?(1821) F OXFEli?well  
Folio 362b Sch. 11 Tingewick
HARTLEY?Richard(Head) M31(1820) MCarpenterBKMTingewick  
HARTLEY?Ann(Wife) M30(1821) F BKMTingewick  
HARTLEY?John(Son)  9(1842) MScholarBKMTingewick  
HARTLEY?Sarah Ann(Daughter)  4(1847) FScholarBKMTingewick
HARTLEY?Ellen(Daughter)  3(1848) F BKMTingewick  
HARTLEY?George(Son)  9 mo(1851) MAt HomeBKMTingewick  
Folio 362b Sch. 12 Tingewick
HARVEY?Joseph(Head) M24(1827) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
HARVEY?Jane(Wife) M25(1826) F BKMTingewick  
HARVEY?Sarah(Daughter)  6(1845) FAt HomeBKMTingewick  
Folio 362b Sch. 13 Tingewick
BULLThomas(Head) M79(1772) MPauperNTHHelmdon  
BULLMartha(Wife) M71(1780) FPauperBKMTurweston  
Folio 362b Sch. 14 Tingewick
HADLANDRobert Manning(Head) M22(1829) MVictuallerBKMBuckingham  
HADLANDMary Ann(Wife) M33?(1818) F BKMTwyford  
BARRETTWilliam(Servant) U18(1833) MHouse ServantBKMTingewick  
Folio 363a Sch. 15 Tingewick
CAVESarah(Head) W47(1804) FLace MakerNTHCharlton  
Folio 363a Sch. 16 Tingewick
ATKINSONSusannah(Head) W83?(1768) FIndependentBKMTingewick  
BATEMANMartha(Visitor) U86?(1765) FSemsterBKMTingewick  
Folio 363a Sch. 17 [**] (same house as previous schedule but separate household)
ATKINSONMary(Head) W44(1807) FSemsterNTHPauls Perry  
ATKINSONBetty(Daughter)  10?(1841) FScholarBKMTingewick  
ATKINSONEmily(Daughter)  4(1847) FScholarBKMTingewick
Folio 363a Sch. 18 Tingewick
LINESElizabeth(Head) W70?(1781) FRetired FarmerBKMGrandborough  
LINESEliz'th Ann(Daughter) U43?(1808) FRetired FarmerBKMCowley  
Folio 363a Sch. 19 Tingewick
ALLENJohn(Head) M41(1810) MTailor Employ 1 ManBKMTingewick  
ALLENElizabeth(Wife) M38(1813) F BKMThornborough  
ALLENAnn(Daughter) U17(1834) FAt HomeBKMTingewick  
ALLENWilliam(Son)  15(1836) MTailorBKMTingewick  
ALLENJohn(Son)  13(1838) MTailorBKMTingewick  
ALLENSarah(Daughter)  11(1840) FScholarBKMTingewick  
ALLENEliza(Daughter)  9(1842) FScholarBKMTingewick  
ALLENBenj'mn(Son)  5(1846) MScholarBKMTingewick  
ALLENRebeccaelizabet(Daughter)  3(1848) FScholarBKMTingewick  
Folio 363b Sch. 20 Tingewick
DUDLEYJohn(Head) M37(1814) MButcherBKMTingewick  
DUDLEYCatharine(Wife) M23(1828) F BKMShalstone  
DUDLEYGeorge(Son)  14m?(1850) MAt HomeBKMTingewick  
DUDLEYJohn(Son)  5mo?(1851) MAt HomeBKMTingewick  
WRIGHTSophia(Servant) U37?(1814) FHouse ServantNTHSulgrave  
Folio 363b Sch. 21 Tingewick
BARRETTBenjamin(Head) M47(1804) MCordwainerBKMTingewick  
BARRETTHannah(Wife) M45(1806) F BKMTingewick  
BARRETTBenj'm(Son)  8(1843) MScholarBKMBarton Hartshorn
BARRETTFrederick(Son)  4(1847) MScholarBKMTingewick  
Folio 363b Sch. 22 [**] (same house as previous schedule but separate household)
BOOL?YHarriet(Head) U47(1804) FIndependentNFKNorwich  
BOOL?YSarah(Niece) U17(1834) F HRTWatford  
Folio 363b Sch. 23 Tingewick
NEALRichard(Head) M50(1801) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
NEALEsther(Wife) M36(1815) F BKMTingewick  
NEALGeorge(Son)  5wk?(1851) MAt HomeBKMTingewick  
Folio 363b Sch. 24 Tingewick
DURRANTAbraham(Head) M63(1788) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
DURRANTMary Ann(Wife) M54(1797) F BKMLeckhampstead  
DURRANTJohn(Son) U21(1830) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
DURRANTTerah?(Son) U18(1833) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
Folio 364a Sch. 25 Tingewick
LAMPETT?William(Head) M45(1806) MMillerOXFHook Norton  
LAMPETT?Elizabeth(Wife) M50?(1801) FSchool MistressOXFTadmarton  
LAMPETT?Marianna(Daughter) U18(1833) F WARAvon Dassett?  
LAMPETT?Maria(Daughter) U13(1838) F OXFS?hou?ghton  
Folio 364a Sch. 26 Tingewick
POLLARDJames(Head) M41(1810) MBuilderNTHCroughton  
POLLARDMary(Wife) M41(1810) FBuilder's WifeBKMTingewick  
POLLARDReuben(Son) U15(1836) M BKMTingewick  
POLLARDWilliam(Son)  13(1838) MAt HomeBKMTingewick  
POLLARDFanny(Daughter)  4(1847) FAt HomeBKMTingewick  
Folio 364a Sch. 27 Tingewick
LOVELLDaniel(Head) M55(1796) MCordwainerNTHHinton  
LOVELLJane(Wife) M58(1793) F BKMTingewick  
LOVELLAnn(Daughter) U26(1825) F BKMTingewick  
LOVELLSarah(Daughter) U23(1828) F BKMTingewick  
LOVELLDavid(Son) U22(1829) MCordwainerBKMTingewick  
LOVELLJane Maria(Daughter) U20(1831) FBoot BinderBKMTingewick
SMITHRichard(Visitor) M35(1816) MTailorBKMTingewick  
Folio 364a Sch. 28 Tingewick
SIMSThomas(Head) M55(1796) MVictualerLINCastle Bytham?  
SIMSElizabeth(Daughter) U34(1817) F GLSShurborn?  
Folio 364a Sch. 29 Tingewick
WIMBUSH?Benjamin(Head) U23?(1828) MFarmer150acempl7labsBKMTingewick
WIMBUSH?William(Visitor) U19(1832) MFarmers BrotherBKMTingewick  
Folio 364b Sch. 30 Tingewick
GRAYJames(Head) M64(1787) MBlacksmithBKMTingewick  
GRAYAlice(Wife) M60(1791) F BKMWhite Cross G..  
GRAYElizabeth(Daughter) U29(1822) F BKMGawcott  
GRAYMary(Daughter) U26?(1825) F BKMGawcott  
GRAYJames(Son) U22(1829) MBlacksmithBKMTingewick  
GRAYGeorge(Son) U19(1832) MErrand BoyBKMTingewick  
Folio 364b Sch. 31 Tingewick
MILLERJohn(Head) M44(1807) MCarpenterBDFMarston Mortaine?  
MILLERSarah(Wife) M46(1805) FCarpenter's WifeNTHTowcester  
MILLERJohn(Son)  8(1843) MScholarBKMTingewick  
MILLERWilliam(Son)  6(1845) MScholarBKMTingewick  
MILLERGeorge(Son)  4(1847) MScholarBKMTingewick  
MILLERSophia(Daughter)  5 mo(1851) FAt HomeBKMTingewick  
Folio 364b Sch. 32 Tingewick
WORVILLEdmund(Head) M33(1818) MCordwainerBKMBuckingham  
WORVILLMary(Wife) M31(1820) F BKMTingewick  
WORVILLCaleb L?(Son)  6(1845) MScholarBKMTingewick  
WORVILLWilliam A.(Son)  3(1848) MAt HomeBKMTingewick  
WORVILLAmy(Daughter)  2mo?(1851) FAt HomeBKMTingewick  
Folio 364b Sch. 33 Tingewick
DENNEYJohn(Head) M66(1785) MAg LabBKMPadbury  
DENNEYAnn(Wife) M56(1795) F BKMQuainton  
Folio 365a Sch. 34 Tingewick
SMITHStephen(Head) M53(1798) MCordwainerBKMWestbury  
SMITHMary(Wife) M51(1800) F BKMWestbury  
SMITHMary Ann(Daughter) U2?7(1849) F BKMWestbury  
SMITHWilliam(Son) U2?4(1827) MCordwainerBKMWestbury  
SMITHHannah(Daughter) U22(1829) F BKMWestbury  
SMITHElisabeth(Daughter) U20(1831) F BKMWestbury  
ROBINSONAnn(Visitor) W63(1788) FAnnuitantBKMShalstone  
Folio 365a Sch. 35 Tingewick
PETTYMary(Head) M39(1812) FAg Lab's WifeBKMGawcott  
PETTYAnn(Visitor) W71(1780) F OXFDeddington  
Folio 365a Sch. 36 Tingewick
WIMBUSH?Thomas(Head) M33(1818) MGrocerOXFBourton  
WIMBUSH?Catharine(Wife) M39(1812) F BKMTingewick  
WIMBUSH?John(Son)  5(1846) MScholarBKMTingewick  
WIMBUSH?Rich'd Nelson(Son)  3(1848) MScholarBKMTingewick  
WIMBUSH?Ann Neal(Daughter)  1(1850) FAt HomeBKMTingewick
BUTCHERFanny(Mother) W68(1783) FRetired GrocerOXFHeath  
WIMBUSHJohn(Visitor) M29(1822) MCarpenterBKMTingewick  
WIMBUSHSarah(Visitor) M27(1824) F BKMTingewick  
WIMBUSHHenry(Nephew)  1(1850) M BKMThornborough  
BUCHERSarah(Servant) U17(1834) FHouse ServantOXFHanbury  
Folio 365b Sch. 37 Tingewick
PAINTERThomas(Head) U46(1805) MInnkeeper & MaltsterOXFSwalcliffe  
HATTENSarah(Housekeeper) W38(1813) FHouse KeeperOXFDunstew  
TURNERThomas(Servant) U20?(1831) MHouse ServantBKMBotolph Claydon
P?AINThomas(Servant) W45(1806) MMaltsterNTHGreens Norton  
Folio 365b Sch. 38 Tingewick
HAYWARD?Thomas(Head) M60(1791) MWor?king BrewerNTHKings Sutton
HAYWARD?Amelia(Wife) M39(1812) F NTHCharlton  
HAYWARD?John(Son)  13(1838) MAt HomeBKMTingewick  
HAYWARD?Mary Ann(Daughter)  11(1840) FScholarBKMTingewick  
HAYWARD?Amelia(Daughter)  5(1846) FAt HomeBKMTingewick  
Folio 365b Sch. 39 Tingewick
ALTONThomas(Head) M75(1776) MTailorKERTrel..  
ALTONSarah(Wife) M67(1784) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 365b Sch. 40 [**] (same house as previous schedule but separate household)
RIDGEWAYGeorge(Head) M35(1816) MAg LabBKMThornborough  
RIDGEWAYCatharine(Wife) M3?0(1821) F BKMTingewick  
RIDGEWAYJohn Alton(Son)  7(1844) MScholarBKMTingewick
RIDGEWAYWilliam(Son)  5(1846) MScholarBKMTingewick  
RIDGEWAYSarah Ann(Daughter)  3(1848) FAt HomeBKMTingewick
RIDGEWAYElizabeth(Daughter)  1(1850) FAt HomeBKMTingewick  
Folio 365b Sch. 41 Tingewick
BURNALLGeorge(Head) M42(1809) MAg LabBKMGawcott  
BURNALLAnn(Wife) M40(1811) F BKMPadbury  
BURNALLFanny(Daughter) U13(1838) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 366a Sch. 42 [**] (same house as previous schedule but separate household)
NAIRS?John(Head) U37(1814) MAg LabOXFIslip  
Folio 366a Sch. 43 Tingewick
HOLTONJames(Head) M67(1784) MButcherBKMTingewick  
HOLTONSarah(Wife) M6?3(1788) F BKMTingewick  
HOLTONBenjamin(Son) U22(1829) MButcherBKMTingewick  
HARVEYAnn(Visitor) U6?7(1784) FPauperBKMTingewick  
Folio 366a Sch. 44 Tingewick
LUCASWilliam(Head) M49(1802) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
LUCASFanny(Wife) M44(1807) F OXFMixbury  
LUCASEmma(Daughter) U15(1836) FScholarBKMTingewick  
LUCASMary Ann(Daughter)  10(1841) FScholarBKMTingewick  
LUCASWilliam(Son)  7(1844) MScholarBKMTingewick  
Folio 366a Sch. 45 Tingewick
MARKHAMJoseph(Head) M37(1814) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
MARKHAMCaroline(Wife) M40(1811) F OXFAlker?ton  
MARKHAMElizabeth(Daughter) U16(1835) FLace MakerOXFAlker?ton
MARKHAMSarah(Daughter) U12(1839) FLace MakerBKMTingewick  
MARKHAMJohn(Son)  11(1840) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
Folio 366a Sch. 46 [**] (same house as previous schedule but separate household)
HARVEYEdward(Head) W74(1777) MPauperBKMTingewick  
Folio 366a Sch.46.1 [Tingewick]
Folio 366a Sch. 47 Tingewick
HARVEYMartha(Head) W74(1777) FPauperOXFFinmere  
HARVEYMartha(Daughter) U33(1818) FLaundressBKMTingewick  
Folio 366b Sch. 48 Tingewick
CLARKNewman(Head) M23(1828) MRail LabourerBKMTingewick  
CLARKEmma(Wife) M22(1829) F BKMBarton Hartshorne  
CLARKWilliam(Son)  15mo(1850) M BKMTingewick  
Folio 366b Sch. 49 Tingewick
SEWELLMary(Head) M48(1803) FGovernessNTHSyresham  
SEWELLSarah(Sister) U46(1805) FGovernessNTHSyresham  
SEWELLElizabeth(Niece) U22(1829) FStrawbonnet&dressmakNTHSyresham  
SEWELLClara Maria(Niece)  5(1846) FScholarNTHBrackley
PAGEElizabeth(Scholar)  4(1847) FScholarBKMTurweston  
Folio 366b Sch. 50 Tingewick
BUTCHERRichard(Head) M33(1818) MGrocer & DraperBKMTingewick
BUTCHERKeziah(Wife) M28(1823) FGrocer's WifeOXFBalscott  
BUTCHERRichard(Son)  5(1846) MGrocer's SonBKMTingewick  
BUTCHERFrances Ann(Daughter)  3(1848) FGrocer's DaughterBKMTingewick
BUTCHERPhillip Henry(Son)  2(1849) MGrocer's SonBKMTingewick  
BUTCHERFrederick John(Son)  5 mo(1851) MGrocer's SonBKMTingewick
MILLERRichard(Visitor) U26(1825) MDraper's AssistantOXFBalscott  
MILLERZilpah(Visitor) U20(1831) FHouse MaidOXFBalscott  
MILLERSusannah(Visitor) U16(1835) FHouse MaidOXFBalscott  
TURNERHarriet(Servant) U16(1835) FHouse ServantOXFTadmartin  
Folio 367a Sch. 51 Tingewick
RIDGEWAYWilliam(Head) M36(1815) MAg LabBKMThornborough  
RIDGEWAYRebecca(Wife) M35(1816) F BKMTingewick  
RIDGEWAYAnn(Daughter) U14(1837) FScholarBKMTingewick  
RIDGEWAYHannah(Daughter)  10(1841) FScholarBKMTingewick  
RIDGEWAYCatharine(Daughter)  4(1847) FAt HomeBKMTingewick  
Folio 367a Sch.51.1 [Tingewick]
Folio 367a Sch. 52 Tingewick
HOLTONThomas(Head) M22(1829) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
HOLTONMary(Wife) M23(1828) F OXFFinmere  
Folio 367a Sch. 53 Tingewick
HOLTONGeorge(Head) M50?(1801) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
HOLTONElizabeth(Wife) M54(1797) F BKMChetwode  
Folio 367a Sch. 54 [**] (same house as previous schedule but separate household)
HOLTONWilliam(Lodger) U21(1830) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
Folio 367a Sch. 55 Tingewick
HARVEYJames(Head) M55(1796) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
HARVEYHannah(Wife) M53(1798) F OXFCassengton  
HARVEYEliza(Daughter) U28(1823) F BKMTingewick  
HARVEYEleanor(Daughter)  12(1839) FScholarBKMTingewick
HARVEYHannah(Daughter)  3?mo(1851) FAt HomeBKMTingewick  
Folio 367a Sch. 56 Tingewick
MARSHALLMichael(Head) M34(1817) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
MARSHALLLouisa(Wife) M31(1820) F BKMTingewick  
MARSHALLJames(Son) U11(1840) M BKMTingewick  
MARSHALLWilliam(Son)  3(1848) MScholarBKMTingewick  
MARSHALLAnn(Daughter)  4(1847) FScholarBKMTingewick  
MARSHALLEliza(Daughter)  3(1848) FAt HomeBKMTingewick
MARSHALLElizabeth(Daughter)  1(1850) FAt HomeBKMTingewick  
Folio 367b Sch. 57 Tingewick
MARKHAMJames(Head) M42(1809) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
MARKHAMSarah(Wife) M43(1808) F BKMTingewick  
MARKHAMJames(Son)  7(1844) MScholarBKMTingewick  
MARKHAMHannah(Daughter)  3(1848) FAt HomeBKMTingewick  
MARKHAMJane(Daughter)  3 mo(1851) FAt HomeBKMTingewick  
Folio 367b Sch. 58 [**] (same house as previous schedule but separate household)
SMITHHenry(Head) U83(1768) MBrick LayerMDXHook St Hollo...  
SMITHIsaac(Lodger) U16(1835) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
Folio 367b Sch. 59 Tingewick
SMITHWilliam(Head) M42(1809) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
SMITHMary Ann(Wife) M43?(1808) FAg Lab's WifeBKMTingewick  
SMITHPleasant(Daughter) U15?(1836) FAg Lab's DauBKMTingewick  
Folio 367b Sch. 60 Tingewick
MARKHAMRichard(Head) M7?6(1775) MPauperBKMTingewick  
MARKHAMSusannah(Wife) M68(1783) F OXFKidlington  
Folio 367b Sch. 61 [**] (same house as previous schedule but separate household)
MANSFIELDJames(Head) M50(1801) MStone MasonOXFFringford  
MANSFIELDJohn(Son) U19(1832) MBaker's ServantBKMTingewick  
MANSFIELDJane(Daughter)  12(1839) FScholarBKMTingewick  
MANSFIELDGeorge(Son)  9(1842) MScholarBKMTingewick  
Folio 368a Sch. 62 Tingewick
READWilliam(Head) M21(1830) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
READElizabeth(Wife) M18(1833) F OXFFringford  
Folio 368a Sch. 63 Tingewick
DURRANTAmbrose(Head) M45(1806) MFarmer94acemploy5labBKMTingewick  
DURRANTMartha(Wife) M38(1813) FFarmer's WifeBKMTingewick  
DURRANTAmbrose(Son)  6(1845) MScholarBKMTingewick  
DURRANTFrederick W.(Son)  4(1847) MScholarBKMTingewick  
DURRANTMary Ann(Daughter)  1(1850) FAt HomeBKMTingewick
DURRANTMary(Mother) W76(1775) F NTHCulworth  
HOLTONSarah(Visitor) W37(1814) F BKMTingewick  
HOLTONVincent(Nephew)  4(1847) M BKMTingewick  
Folio 368a Sch. 64 Tingewick
REEDGeorge Varenne(Head) M36(1815) MCurate Of TingewickBKMLeckhampstead
REEDMary W.(Wife) M35(1816) F NTHNorthampton  
REEDGeorge D.(Son)  9(1842) MScholar At HomeBKMTingewick  
REEDMary F.(Daughter)  7(1844) FScholar At HomeBKMTingewick
REEDJohn L.(Son)  6(1845) MScholar At HomeBKMTingewick  
HOWARDMary(Servant)  2?4(1827) FHouse ServantNTHBrackley
BONHAMElizabeth(Servant)  2?4(1827) FHouse ServantNTHBrackley  
Folio 368a Sch. 65 Tingewick
CARRThomas(Head) M63(1788) MPauperBKMTingewick  
CARRSarah(Wife) M71(1780) F NTHRadstone  
Folio 368b Sch. 66 Tingewick
BLOXHAMJoseph(Head) M63(1788) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
BLOXHAMAnn(Wife) M60(1791) F BKMTingewick  
BLOXHAMSarah Ann(Daughter) U17(1834) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 368b Sch. 67 Tingewick
ARNATTJonathan(Head) M39(1812) MFarmer755acempl10labBKMTingewick
ARNATTLucinda Esther(Wife) M28?(1823) FFarmers WifeBKMBuckingham  
HORWOODCaroline(Servant) U19(1832) FHouse ServantBKMChetwode
GARDNEREliza(Servant) U16?(1835) FHouse ServantOXFTadmartin  
Folio 368b Sch. 68 Tingewick
SMITHJoseph(Head) M79(1772) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
SMITHEmma(Wife) M77(1774) FLace MakerBKMTingewick  
SMITHJames(Son)  7(1844) MScholarBKMTingewick  
SMITHMary Ann(Daughter)  4(1847) FScholarBKMTingewick
SMITHCaroline(Daughter)  1m(1851) FInfantBKMTingewick  
Folio 368b Sch. 69 Tingewick
Folio 368b Sch. 70 [**] (same house as previous schedule but separate household)
SHIRLEYSarah(Wife) M32(1819) F BKMTingewick  
SHIRLEYWilliam(Son)  9 mo(1851) MAt HomeBKMTingewick  
Folio 368b Sch. 71 Tingewick
GREAVESHannah(Head) W48(1803) FPauperNTHEvenley  
GREAVESCharles(Son) U23(1828) MAg LabNTHEvenley  
GREAVESIsabella(Daughter) U18(1833) F BKMWater Stratford  
Folio 369a Sch. 72 Tingewick
HARRISWilliam(Head) M35(1816) MAg LabBKMWater Stratford  
HARRISMartha(Wife) M36(1815) F BKMLillingston Dayrell  
HARRISMary(Daughter) U15(1836) FLace MakerBKMAkeley  
HARRISMartha(Daughter)  9(1842) FAt HomeBKMTingewick  
HARRISJane(Daughter)  4(1847) FAt HomeBKMTingewick  
HARRISWillouby(Son)  2(1849) MAt HomeBKMTingewick  
Folio 369a Sch. 73 Tingewick
CLARKMary(Head) W62(1789) FPauperBKMPreston Bissett  
CLARKAlfred(Son) U23(1828) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
Folio 369a Sch. 74 Tingewick
LUCASMartin(Head) M46(1805) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
LUCASSarah(Wife) M48(1803) F BKMTingewick  
LUCASJames(Son) U17(1834) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
LUCASElizabeth(Daughter)  15(1836) FLace MakerBKMTingewick  
LUCASEllen(Daughter)  11(1840) FAt HomeBKMTingewick  
LUCASCatharine(Daughter)  8(1843) FAt HomeBKMTingewick
LUCASMary Ann(Daughter)  6(1845) FAt HomeBKMTingewick  
LUCASJane Ann(Daughter)  3(1848) FAt HomeBKMTingewick
LUCASJohn(Son)  9 mo(1851) MAt HomeBKMTingewick  
Folio 369a Sch. 75 Tingewick
HARRISSJohn(Head) M42(1809) MAg LabBKMBintell?  
HARRISSRebecca Bond(Wife) M41(1810) F BKMTingewick  
HARRISSHenry(Son) U19(1832) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
HARRISJohnbond Packer(Son)  5(1846) MAt HomeBKMBuckingham
Folio 369b Sch. 76 Tingewick
STEEDENDaniel(Head) M56(1795) MDealerOXFFinmere  
STEEDENElizabeth(Wife) M51(1800) FDealers WifeOXFFinmere  
STEEDENRichard(Son) U18(1833) MDealers SonBKMTingewick  
STEEDENShugborough(Son)  13(1838) MScholarBKMTingewick
STEEDENEliza Ann(Daughter)  10(1841) FScholarBKMTingewick  
STEEDENAmelia(Daughter)  6(1845) FScholarBKMTingewick  
STEEDENFrancis(Son)  6(1845) MScholarBKMTingewick  
EVERETTElizabeth(Visitor) M27(1824) FVisitorBKMTingewick  
EVERETTAmy(Niece)  3(1848) FScholarBKMTingewick  
Folio 369b Sch. 77 Tingewick
WHEELEREdward(Head) M32(1819) MAg LabBKMLillingstone Dayrell  
WHEELERMary Ann(Wife)  39(1812) F BKMTingewick  
WHEELERElizabeth(Daughter)  5(1846) F BKMTingewick  
WHEELERCharles(Son)  2(1849) MAt HomeBKMTingewick  
Folio 369b Sch. 78 Tingewick
NEALWilliam(Head) M30(1821) MAg LabOXFSouldern  
NEALCatharine(Wife) M36?(1815) F BKMTingewick  
NEALAnn(Daughter)  7(1844) FAt HomeBKMTingewick  
NEALJohn(Son)  1(1850) MAt HomeBKMTingewick  
Folio 369b Sch. 79 Tingewick
MOSSGeorge(Head) M60(1791) MAg LabBKMWater Stratford  
MOSSMartha(Wife) M48(1803) F BKMTingewick  
MOSSJohn(Son)  8(1843) MScholarBKMTingewick  
Folio 370a Sch. 80 [**] (same house as previous schedule but separate household)
KEYThomas(Head) M43(1808) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
KEYMary(Wife) M45(1806) F BKMBuckingham  
KEYSarah(Daughter) U17(1834) F BKMTingewick  
KEYAnn(Daughter) U15(1836) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 370a Sch. 81 Tingewick
PETTYCharles(Head) M34(1817) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
PETTYRhoda(Wife) M34(1817) F BKMTingewick  
PETTYPhillip(Son)  10(1841) MScholarBKMTingewick  
PETTYElizabeth(Daughter)  8(1843) FScholarBKMTingewick  
PETTYMary Ann(Daughter)  4(1847) FScholarBKMTingewick  
PETTYEliza(Daughter)  5(1846) FScholarBKMTingewick  
Folio 370a Sch. 82 [**] (same house as previous schedule but separate household)
CARRHannah(Head) W63(1788) FPauperOXFMixbury  
Folio 370a Sch. 83 Tingewick
HALLJohn(Head) M51(1800) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
HALLAnn(Wife) M42?(1809) F BKMShirenham?  
Folio 370a Sch. 84 Tingewick
NEALRobert(Head) M27(1824) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
NEALMary(Wife)  21(1830) FAg Lab's WifeOXFFinmere  
NEALThomas(Son)  2?(1849) MAt HomeOXFFinmere  
NEALWilliam(Son)  2?mo(1851) MAt HomeBKMTingewick  
Folio 370a Sch. 85 Tingewick
HOLTONThomas(Head) M57(1794) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
HOLTONSusannah(Wife) M57(1794) FAg Lab's WifeBKMTingewick  
Folio 370b Sch. 86 Tingewick
NEALWilliam(Head) M50(1801) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
NEALSusannah(Wife) M48(1803) F NTHWhitfield  
NEALJessey(Son) U20?(1831) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
NEALThomas(Son) U19(1832) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
NEALHarriet(Daughter) U17(1834) F BKMTingewick  
NEALWilliam(Son)  15(1836) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
NEALMary(Daughter)  13(1838) FScholarBKMTingewick  
NEALDavid(Son)  11(1840) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
Folio 370b Sch. 87 Tingewick
ADAMSThomas(Head) M45(1806) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
ADAMSSarah(Wife) M45(1806) F BKMPadbury  
HERITAGEJoseph(Sister/Son in law) U18(1833) MAg LabBKMTingewick
ADAMSMary(Daughter)  13(1838) FScholarBKMTingewick  
ADAMSThomas(Son)  8(1843) MScholarBKMTingewick  
Folio 370b Sch. 88 Tingewick
BUCKINGHAMGeorge(Head) M70(1781) MPauperBKMTingewick  
BUCKINGHAMSarah(Wife) M71(1780) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 370b Sch. 89 Tingewick
ADAMSThomas(Head) M27(1824) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
ADAMSMary(Wife) M24?(1827) F BKMWater Stratford  
ADAMSLucy Jane(Daughter)  1(1850) F BKMRadcliffecumchackmor  
Folio 371a Sch. 90 Tingewick
HOLTONJames(Head) M54(1797) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
HOLTONMaria(Wife) M51?(1800) F OXFFinmere  
HOLTONJames(Son) U18(1833) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
HOLTONEmma(Daughter) U15(1836) FAt HomeBKMTingewick  
HOLTONElizabeth(Daughter)  11(1840) FAt HomeBKMTingewick  
Folio 371a Sch.90.1 [Tingewick]
Folio 371a Sch. 91 Tingewick
ADAMSWilliam(Head) M51(1800) MPensionerBKMTingewick D?
ADAMSFanny(Wife) M80?(1771) F BKMTingewick  
ADAMSAnn(See Occupation Colu) U15(1836) F[*=relative]BKMTingewick  
Folio 371a Sch. 92 Tingewick
NEALJoseph(Head) M26(1825) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
NEALElizabeth(Wife) M26(1825) F BKMPreston Bissett  
NEALHarriet(Daughter)  4(1847) FAt HomeBKMBuckingham Union  
Folio 371a Sch. 93 [**] (same house as previous schedule but separate household)
HORWOODHannah(Lodger) U21(1830) FLace MakerOXFFinmere  
Folio 371a Sch. 94 [**] (same house as previous schedule but separate household)
SHORTJohn(Lodger) U17(1834) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
NEALEdward(Lodger) U23(1828) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
Folio 371a Sch. 95 Tingewick
ADAMSKnighton(Head) M52(1799) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
ADAMSAnn(Wife) M38?(1813) F BKMTingewick  
ADAMSWilliam(Son)  8(1843) MAt HomeBKMTingewick  
ADAMSMary(Daughter)  5(1846) FAt HomeBKMTingewick  
ADAMSJohn(Son)  3(1848) MAt HomeBKMTingewick  
ADAMSJames(Son)  10mo(1851) MAt HomeBKMTingewick  
Folio 371b Sch. 96 Tingewick
JESSOPWilliam(Head) M88(1763) MRetired FarmerBKMWater Stratford  
JESSOPElizabeth(Wife) M73(1778) F WARHutten?  
Folio 371b Sch. 97 Tingewick
LUCASJames(Head) M41?(1810) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
LUCASMartha(Wife) M41(1810) F BKMGawcott  
LUCASJohn(Son) U19(1832) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
LUCASJessy(Son) U16(1835) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
LUCASGeorge(Son) U14(1837) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
Folio 371b Sch. 98 [**] (same house as previous schedule but separate household)
BOWDENJohn(Head) W71(1780) MPauperBKMTingewick  
Folio 371b Sch. 99 Tingewick
HOLLANDThomas(Head) M68(1783) MPauperBKMTingewick  
HOLLANDSarah(Wife) M60?(1791) F BKMTingewick  
HOLLANDWilliam(Son) U23(1828) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
TERRYJames(Grandson) U16(1835) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
Folio 371b Sch.99.1 [Tingewick]
Folio 371b Sch. 100 Tingewick
CROSSThomas(Head) M55(1796) MBuilderBKMTingewick  
CROSSGeorge(Son) U25(1826) MBricklayerBKMTingewick  
CROSSKity(Daughter) U18(1833) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 371b Sch. 101 Tingewick
STOCKLEYGeorge(Head) M44(1807) MSmall FarmerBKMTingewick  
STOCKLEYCatharine(Wife) M42(1809) F NTHHelmdon  
Folio 371b Sch. 102 Tingewick
MARKHAMJohn(Head) M70(1781) MPauperBKMTingewick  
MARKHAMAnn(Wife) M68(1783) FPauperBKMTingewick  
Folio 372a Sch. 103 Tingewick
STEEDENWilliam(Head) M56(1795) MWheelwrightBKMTingewick  
STEEDENSophia(Wife) M49(1802) FWheelwrights WifeNTHRavenstone
STEEDENMaria(Daughter) U21(1830) FWheelwrights DauOXFBicester  
STEEDENLucy(Daughter)  11(1840) FWheelwrights DauBKMTingewick
STEEDENMary Ann(Granddaughter)  7 mo(1851) FServants Daur???BKMTingewick  
Folio 372a Sch. 104 Tingewick
TERRYJoseph(Head) M53(1798) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
TERRYElizabeth(Wife) M52(1799) F WARStretton  
TERRYSarah(Daughter) U22(1829) F BKMTingewick  
TERRYEliza(Daughter) U14(1837) FScholarBKMTingewick  
TERRYElizabeth(Daughter)  17(1834) FScholarBKMTingewick  
TERRYJohn(Son)  1(1850) MAt HomeBKMTingewick  
Folio 372a Sch. 105 Tingewick
BLOXHAMThomas Henry(Head) M26(1825) MAg LabBKMDeansanger  
BLOXHAMElizabeth(Wife) M24(1827) F BKMGawcott  
BLOXHAMJohn(Son)  7(1844) MScholarBKMGawcott  
BLOXHAMMary(Daughter)  4(1847) FScholarBKMTingewick  
BLOXHAMAnthony(Son)  2(1849) MAt HomeBKMTingewick  
Folio 372a Sch. 106 Tingewick
CROSSRichard(Head) M37(1814) MStone MasonBKMMursley  
CROSSSusannah(Wife) M39(1812) F OXFMixbury  
CROSSJohn Tho'(Son)  13(1838) M BKMTingewick  
CROSSWilliam Edward(Son) U11(1840) M BKMTingewick  
CROSSGeorge(Son)  9(1842) M BKMTingewick  
CROSSRichard(Son)  6(1845) M BKMTingewick  
CROSSJames(Son)  4(1847) M BKMTingewick  
Folio 372b Sch. 107 Tingewick
STOCKLEYWilliam(Head) M37(1814) MSmall FarmerBKMTingewick  
STOCKLEYFrances(Wife) M40(1811) F BKMTingewick  
STOCKLEYJohn(Son)  10(1841) MScholarBKMTingewick  
STOCKLEYMary(Daughter)  9(1842) FScholarBKMTingewick  
Folio 372b Sch. 108 [**] (same house as previous schedule but separate household)
F?EIDGeorge(Lodger) W76(1775) MPauperBKMBuckingham  
Folio 372b Sch. 109 Tingewick
NEALFrancis(Head) M41(1810) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
NEALRosehannah(Wife) M35?(1816) F OXFBloxham  
NEALMary Ann(Daughter)  17(1834) F OXFBloxham  
Folio 372b Sch. 110 Tingewick
FOWLERJohn(Head) M48(1803) MBakerBKMTingewick  
FOWLERSarah(Daughter) U20(1831) F BKMTingewick  
FOWLERMary Ann(Daughter) U16(1835) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 372b Sch. 111 Tingewick
ARCHERJames(Head) M34(1817) MSchool MasterNTHBrackley  
ARCHERElizabeth(Wife) M38?(1813) F NTHBrackley  
ARCHERMary Ann(Daughter)  5(1846) FScholarBKMTingewick
ARCHERJane Martha(Daughter)  3(1848) FAt HomeBKMTingewick  
ARCHERGeorge James(Son)  4 mo(1851) M BKMTingewick  
Folio 373a Sch. 112 Tingewick
BERRYWilliam(Head) M39(1812) MDealerOXFHeath  
BERRYElizabeth(Wife) M40(1811) F NTHHinton  
BERRYEdward(Son)  1(1850) M BKMTingewick  
Folio 373a Sch. 113 Tingewick
BAKERSophia(Visitor) U7?6(1775) F MDXStanmore  
HILLBenjamin(Cousin)  8(1843) M BKMWooton  
BODILYSusan(Servant) U29(1822) FHouse ServantNTHKings Sutton  
HEALAnn(Servant) U15?(1836) FHouse ServantNTHBradden  
Folio 373a Sch. 114 Tingewick
HOLTONBenjamin(Head) M38(1813) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
HOLTONJane(Wife) M39(1812) F  Not Known  
HOLTONAnn(Daughter) U15(1836) FScholarBKMTingewick  
HOLTONEliza(Daughter)  12(1839) FScholarBKMTingewick  
HOLTONGeorge(Son)  10(1841) MScholarBKMTingewick  
HOLTONJohn(Son)  6(1845) MScholarBKMTingewick  
Folio 373a Sch. 115 Tingewick
CROSSThomas(Head) M68(1783) MPauperBKMTingewick  
CROSSElizabeth(Wife) M59(1792) FPauperBKMPadbury  
Folio 373a Sch. 116 Tingewick
WINTERBURNGeorge(Head) M56(1795) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
WINTERBURNAnn(Wife) M50?(1801) F OXFFringford  
WINTERBURNPhillis(Daughter) U29(1822) F BKMTingewick  
WINTERBURNWilliam(Son) U14(1837) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
WINTERBURNAlfred(Son)  10(1841) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
Folio 373b Sch. 117 Tingewick
HOLTONJoseph(Head) M34(1817) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
HOLTONEliza(Wife) M59(1792) F BKMGawcott  
HOLTONCaroline(Daughter)  12(1839) FScholarBKMTingewick
HOLTONAmy(Daughter)  10(1841) FScholarBKMTingewick  
HOLTONSarah(Daughter)  7(1844) FScholarBKMTingewick  
Folio 373b Sch. 118 Tingewick
POLLARDJohn(Head) M72(1779) MCooperOXFFinmere  
POLLARDCaroline(Daughter) U47(1804) F BKMThornborough  
POLLARDFrederick(Son) U17(1834) MPostmanBKMTingewick  
MEEAnn(Daughter) M32(1819) F BKMTingewick  
MEEElizabeth(Daughter)  10(1841) F BKMBuckingham  
Folio 373b Sch. 119 Tingewick
SMITHEdward(Head) M33(1818) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
SMITHLetisha(Wife) M40(1811) F BKMTingewick  
SMITHAnn(Daughter) U19(1832) F BKMTingewick  
SMITHDieanna(Daughter)  14(1837) F BKMTingewick  
SMITHRichard(Son)  9(1842) MScholarBKMTingewick  
SMITHElizabeth(Daughter)  7(1844) FScholarBKMTingewick  
SMITHGeorge(Son)  3(1848) MInfantBKMTingewick  
Folio 373b Sch. 120 Tingewick
STEEDENRichard(Head) M49(1802) MGardenerBKMTingewick  
STEEDENSarah(Wife) M54(1797) FGardeners WifeOXFMerton?  
STEEDENHarriet(Daughter) U23(1828) FGardeners DauBKMTingewick
Folio 374a Sch. 121 Tingewick
PARKINSJames(Head) M68(1783) MClerk Of The ParishBKMTingewick  
PARKINSElizabeth(Daughter) U31(1820) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 374a Sch. 122 Tingewick
COURSEGeorge(Head) M29(1822) MMillerBKMRatcliffe  
COURSEEliza(Wife) M21(1830) FMillers WifeOXFFringford  
COURSEGeorge(Son)  1(1850) MMillers SonBKMBuckingham  
Folio 374a Sch. 123 Tingewick
STEEDENDaniel(Head) M30(1821) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
STEEDENAnn(Wife) M27(1824) F BKMPreston Bissett  
STEEDENAnthony(Son)  7(1844) MScholarBKMTingewick  
STEEDENSelina(Daughter)  5(1846) FScholarBKMTingewick  
STEEDENThomas(Son)  4(1847) MScholarBKMTingewick  
STEEDENEmily(Daughter)  1(1850) FAt HomeBKMTingewick  
Folio 374a Sch. 124 Tingewick
WATSONWilliam(Head) M48(1803) MSawyerOXFNewton Purcell  
WATSONJane(Wife) M46(1805) F OXFNewton Purcell  
YOUNGSarah(Visitor) U19(1832) F NTHHardwick  
Folio 374a Sch. 125 Tingewick
SAVENMary(Head) W59(1792) FPauperBKMTingewick  
SAVENAlice(Daughter) U28(1823) F BKMTingewick  
SAVENRichard(Son)  9 mo(1851) MInfantBKMTingewick  
Folio 374a Sch. 126 {not a separate occupier} (same house as previous schedule but separate household)
HOG?Martha(Lodger) U19?(1832) FPauperBKMTingewick  
Folio 374b Sch. 127 Tingewick
KINGRichard(Head) M41(1810) MRelieving OfficerBKMAkeley  
KINGMatilda(Wife) M41?(1810) F OXFBletchington  
KINGMatilda(Daughter) U17(1834) F BKMAkeley  
KINGEllen(Daughter) U14(1837) F BKMAkeley  
KINGGolby(Son)  12(1839) M BKMAkeley  
KINGEsther(Daughter)  9(1842) F BKMAkeley  
KINGAmelia(Daughter)  7(1844) F BKMAkeley  
KINGThomas(Son)  4(1847) M BKMAkeley  
Folio 374b Sch. 128 Tingewick
FRANKLINWilliam(Head) M42(1809) MAg LabNTHPotters Pury  
FRANKLINEliza(Wife) M37(1814) F BKMChackmore  
FRANKLINAgnes(Daughter) U13(1838) F BKMTingewick  
FRANKLINHarriet(Daughter)  5(1846) F BKMTingewick  
FRANKLINEdwin(Son)  2(1849) M BKMTingewick  
Folio 374b Sch. 129 Tingewick
HEARNJohn(Head) M52(1799) MCordwainerBKMTingewick  
HEARNSarah(Wife) M42(1809) F BKMBuckingham  
HEARNJames(Son) U12(1839) M BKMTingewick  
HEARNEleanor(Daughter)  9(1842) FAt HomeBKMTingewick  
HEARNWilliam(Son)  7(1844) MAt HomeBKMTingewick  
HEARNHannah(Daughter)  5(1846) FAt HomeBKMTingewick  
HEARNSarah(Daughter)  2(1849) FAt HomeBKMTingewick  
Folio 375a Sch. 130 Tingewick
M?ITLEYJoseph(Head) M57(1794) MFarmer150acempl4labsOXFMilcomb
M?ITLEYMary(Wife) M56?(1795) FFarmers WifeOXFHeyford  
COOKSarah(Niece) U26(1825) FFarmers NeiceOXFHeyford  
NORTONAlice(Servant) U28?(1823) FHouse ServantBKMTingewick  
Folio 375a Sch. 131 Tingewick
STEEDENJohn(Head) M24(1827) MDealerBKMTingewick  
STEEDENAmelia(Wife) M29(1822) F BKMWestbury  
STEEDENSarah Ann(Daughter)  4(1847) FAt HomeBKMTingewick  
STEEDENShugboroughnewi(Son)  14mo(1850) MAt HomeBKMTingewick  
Folio 375a Sch. 132 Tingewick
HITCHCOCKJohn(Head) M46(1805) MFarmer160acempl8labsBKMLugershall  
HITCHCOCKSarah(Wife) M48?(1803) FFarmer's WifeSFKLayham  
HITCHCOCKElizabeth(Daughter)  11?(1840) FFarmer's DauBKMTingewick  
HITCHCOCKJane(Daughter)  7 mo(1851) FFarmer's DauBKMTingewick
BOWDENHannah(Servant) U20(1831) FHouse ServantBKMTingewick  
STREATHenry(Visitor) W58(1793) M BRKShrivenham  
Folio 375a Sch. 133 Tingewick
RIDGEWAYBenjamin(Head) M31(1820) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
RIDGEWAYEliza(Wife) M27(1824) FLace MakerBKMTingewick  
RIDGEWAYRobert(Son)  7(1844) MScholarBKMTingewick  
RIDGEWAYBenj'm(Son)  5(1846) MScholarBKMTingewick  
RIDGEWAYMary Ann(Daughter)  1(1850) FInfantBKMTingewick  
Folio 375a Sch. 134 {not a separate occupier} (same house as previous schedule but separate household)
SMITHAnn(Lodger) *77(1774) F{*=maiden??} PauperBKMTingewick  
Folio 375b Sch. 135 Tingewick
SMITHGeorge(Head) M72(1779) MPauperBKMTingewick  
SMITHHannah(Wife) M59(1792) FLace MakerBKMTingewick  
SMITHEdmund(Son) U3?6(1815) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
Folio 375b Sch. 136 Tingewick
HULEWilliam(Head) M45(1806) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
HULEElizabeth(Wife) M44(1807) F OXFDeddington  
Folio 375b Sch. 137 Tingewick
STONEHenry(Head) M27(1824) MRail LabourerBKMGawcott  
STONESarah(Wife) M31?(1820) F BKMLillingstone Lovell  
STONEGeorge(Son)  10(1841) MAg LabOXFLillingstone Dayrell
STONEHenry(Son)  6(1845) MScholarBKMBuckingham  
STONEWilliam(Son)  2(1849) MAt HomeBKMTingewick  
STONESarah(Daughter)  8 mo(1851) FAt HomeBKMTingewick  
Folio 375b Sch. 138 Tingewick
BUTCHERWilliam(Head) M37(1814) MSawyer?BKMSlapham?  
BUTCHERRachel(Wife) M35(1816) F BKMTingewick  
BUTCHERSarah Ann(Daughter) U12(1839) FScholarBKMTingewick  
BUTCHERFanny(Daughter)  11(1840) FScholarBKMTingewick  
BUTCHERJane(Daughter)  9(1842) FScholarBKMTingewick  
BUTCHEREliza Ann(Daughter)  7(1844) FAt HomeBKMTingewick
BUTCHERWilliam(Son)  4(1847) MAt HomeBKMTingewick  
BUTCHERThomas(Son)  1?(1850) MAt HomeBKMTingewick  
Folio 376a Sch. 139 Tingewick
D?RINANThomas(Head) M67(1784) MPauperOXFSteeple Aston  
D?RINANSarah(Wife) M65(1786) F OXFSteeple Aston  
Folio 376a Sch. 140 Tingewick
RIDGEWAYAnn(Head) W63?(1788) FRetired FarmerWARH?eddingt...  
Folio 376a Sch. 141 [**] (same house as previous schedule but separate household)
JONESAaron(Head) M78(1773) MCarpenterOXFFinmere  
JONESMartha(Wife) M36(1815) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 376a Sch. 142 Tingewick
HENSONSarah(Head) W70(1781) FPauperBKMTingewick  
Folio 376a Sch. 143 Tingewick
CROSSJohn(Head) M67(1784) MWheelwrightBKMTingewick  
CROSSAnn(Wife) M63(1788) F NTHEverdon  
Folio 376a Sch. 144 Tingewick
JACKSONWilliam(Head) M35(1816) MCarpenterOXFNewton Morrell?  
JACKSONEliz'th Mary(Wife) M33(1818) FCarpenters Wife On Water  
JACKSONMary Elizabeth(Daughter)  4?mo(1851) FCarpenters
Folio 376a Sch. 145 Tingewick
SHAKESPEARJoseph(Head) M50(1801) MAg LabNTHWhitfield  
SHAKESPEAREliza(Wife) M4?6(1805) F BKMLillingston  
SHAKESPEAREdmund(Son) U24(1827) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
SHAKESPEARAnn(Daughter)  6(1845) FScholarBKMTingewick  
Folio 376a Sch. 146 {not a separate occupier} (same house as previous schedule but separate household)
TAYLORWilliam(Lodger) U28(1823) MGroom & HousebreakerESSGospeld  
Folio 376a Sch. 147 Tingewick
CAVEThomas(Head) W54(1797) MButcherNTHCharlton  
HOUSEJane(Servant) M20(1831) FHouse ServantNTHTutor?  
Folio 376a Sch. 148 Tingewick
HULEThomas(Head) M39(1812) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
HULEEmma(Daughter) U13?(1838) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 376b Sch. 149 Tingewick
STEEDENCharles(Head) M33(1818) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
STEEDENElizabeth(Wife) M2?5(1826) F BKMShalstone  
STEEDENLouisa(Daughter) U7(1844) FScholarBKMTingewick  
STEEDENCharles(Son)  5(1846) MScholarBKMTingewick  
STEEDENSarah(Daughter)  3(1848) FAt HomeBKMTingewick  
STUCHFIELDCharlote(Visitor) M48?(1803) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 376b Sch. 150 Tingewick
HULEWilliam(Head) M53(1798) MFarmer 23 Acres LandBKMTingewick  
HULEMary(Wife) M58?(1793) FSchool MistressOXFChesterton  
HULEJonathan(Son) U19(1832) MFarmer's SonBKMTingewick  
HULEGeorge(Son)  8(1843) MScholarBKMTingewick  
Folio 376b Sch. 151 Tingewick
COLESDaniel(Head) M66?(1785) MAg LabOXFFinmere  
COLESElizabeth(Wife) M51?(1800) F BKMPadbury  
COLESJohn(Son) U25(1826) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
COLESThomas(Son) U23(1828) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
COLESFanny(Daughter) U19(1832) F BKMTingewick  
COLESGeorge(Son)  10(1841) M BKMTingewick  
COLESDavid(Son)  6(1845) MAt HomeBKMTingewick  
Folio 376b Sch. 152 Tingewick
B?ILLIN?Henry(Head) M25(1826) MAg LabNTHWhitfield  
B?ILLIN?Mary(Wife) M18(1833) F BKMShalstone  
Folio 377a Sch. 153 Tingewick
STEEDENGeorge(Head) M47(1804) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
STEEDENEliza(Wife) M41?(1810) F BDFL?ymmington  
STEEDENEli(Son) U15(1836) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
STEEDENGeorge(Son)  14(1837) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
STEEDENRebecca(Daughter)  12(1839) FScholarBKMTingewick  
STEEDENMichael(Son)  10(1841) MScholarBKMTingewick  
STEEDENMaria(Daughter)  7(1844) FScholarBKMTingewick  
STEEDENJames(Son)  5(1846) MScholarBKMTingewick  
STEEDENElizabeth(Daughter)  3(1848) FAt HomeBKMTingewick
STEEDENMary(Daughter)  8 mo(1851) FAt HomeBKMTingewick  
Folio 377a Sch. 154 Tingewick
CARPENTERGeorge(Head) M31(1820) MFarmer80acempl11labsOXFCharlbury
CARPENTERMary(Wife) M31(1820) FFarmers WifeOXFLittle Tew  
CARPENTERGeorge Tho's(Son)  5(1846) MScholarOXFCharlbury
FRANKLINElizabeth(Servant) U15(1836) FHouse ServantBKMTingewick  
Folio 377a Sch. 155 Tingewick
BUTCHERJohn(Head) M34(1817) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
BUTCHERElizabeth(Wife) M23(1828) F BKMTingewick  
DAVISWilliam(Visitor)  6(1845) MScholarBKMTingewick  
Folio 377a Sch. 156 Tingewick
NEALJohn(Head) W47(1804) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
HILLIERRobert(Nephew)  12(1839) MAg LabNTHAynhoe  
PALMERWilliam(Visitor) W40(1811) MAg LabBRKBirtell?  
Folio 377b Sch. 157 Tingewick
BRADFORDMoss?(Head) M67(1784) MAg Lab Not Known  
BRADFORDMartha(Wife) M58(1793) F OXFLeu?  
BRADFORDJane(Daughter) U26?(1825) F BKMTingewick  
HILLIERSusannah(Visitor) U43(1808) F NTHAynhoe  
Folio 377b Sch. 158 Tingewick
SIDEJames(Head) M51(1800) MCarpenterBKMTingewick  
SIDEWilliam(Son) U27(1824) MCarpenterBKMTingewick  
SIDEEliz'th(Daughter) U26(1825) FAt HomeBKMTingewick  
SIDEJames(Son) U25(1826) MCarpenterBKMTingewick  
SIDESarah Ann(Daughter) U22?(1829) FAt HomeBKMTingewick  
SIDEJohn(Son) U20(1831) MCarpenters SonBKMTingewick  
SIDEIsaac(Son) U13(1838) MCarpenters SonBKMTingewick  
Folio 377b Sch. 159 Tingewick
BUCKINGHAMFrances(Head) W49(1802) MPauperBKMTingewick  
Folio 377b Sch.59.1
Folio 377b Sch. 160 Tingewick
NORTONAnn(Head) W48(1803) MFarrierBKMTingewick  
NORTONHenry(Son) U23(1828) MFarrierBKMTingewick  
NORTONEliza(Daughter)  12(1839) FScholarBKMTingewick  
NORTONMary(Daughter)  6(1845) FScholarBKMTingewick  
Folio 377b Sch. 161 Tingewick
LAINCHBURYGeorge(Head) M35(1816) MAg LabBRKBuscot  
LAINCHBURYEliza(Wife) M31(1820) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 378a Sch. 162 Tingewick
MARSHALLRichard(Head) M64(1787) MAg LabNTHAstrop  
MARKHAMGeorge(Grandson) U15(1836) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
Folio 378a Sch. 163 Tingewick
KEYJoseph(Head) M67(1784) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
KEYMary(Wife) M67(1784) FAg Lab's WifeOXFFinmere  
KEYEsau(Son) U19(1832) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
KEYHenry(Grandson) U16(1835) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
Folio 378a Sch. 164 Tingewick
REEDMaria?(Head) W42(1809) FPauperNTHPauls Perry  
REEDAnn(Daughter) U14(1837) FScholarBKMTingewick  
REEDAndrew(Son)  12(1839) MScholarBKMTingewick  
REEDGeorge(Son)  9(1842) MScholarBKMTingewick  
REEDMartha(Daughter)  5(1846) FAt HomeBKMTingewick  
Folio 378a Sch. 165 Tingewick
HARRISCharles(Head) W39(1812) MAg LabWARStoneleigh  
Folio 378a Sch. 166 [**] (same house as previous schedule but separate household)
TERRYAmbrose(Head) M26(1825) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
TERRYAnn(Wife) M22(1829) FAg Lab's WifeNTHU?pper? Wee..  
TERRYJoseph(Son)  12 m(1850) MAt HomeBKMTingewick  
Folio 378a Sch. 167 Tingewick
BARNESEdmund(Head) M24(1827) MRail LabourerOXFFinmere  
BARNESSilence(Wife) M21(1830) F NTHBrackley  
BARNESJoseph(Son)  2(1849) M OXFFinmere  
BARNESSusannah(Daughter)  6 mo(1851) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 378b Sch. 168 Tingewick
TERRYJames(Head) M61(1790) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
TERRYHannah(Wife) M60(1791) FAg Lab's WifeBKMTingewick  
TERRYJames(Son) U36(1815) MAg Lab's SonBKMTingewick  
Folio 378b Sch. 169 Tingewick
HUNTJohn(Head) ?3?8(1813) MAg LabOXFFinmere  
Folio 378b Sch. 170 [**] (same house as previous schedule but separate household)
HUNTWilliam(Head) M28(1823) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
HUNTElizabeth(Wife) M35(1816) F BKMTingewick  
HUNTCatharine(Daughter)  5(1846) FScholarBKMBuckingham Union  
HUNTElizabeth(Daughter)  3(1848) FAt HomeBKMTingewick  
HUNTJohn(Son)  1(1850) MAt HomeBKMTingewick  
Folio 378b Sch. 171 Tingewick
COLESWilliam(Head) M44(1807) MAg LabOXFFinmere  
COLESAnn(Wife) M48?(1803) F BKMShalstone  
COLESElizabeth(Daughter)  7(1844) FAt HomeBKMTingewick  
Folio 378b Sch. 172 Tingewick
DICKENSCharles(Head) M26(1825) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
DICKENSMaria(Wife) M34(1817) F OXFMixbury  
DICKENSCharles(Son)  10(1841) M OXFMixbury  
DICKENSSarah Ann(Daughter)  5(1846) FScholarBKMTingewick  
DICKENSSusannah(Daughter)  5 mo(1851) FAt HomeBKMTingewick  
Folio 378b Sch. 173 Tingewick
HERITAGEElizabeth(Head) U48(1803) FPlain SewerBKMTingewick  
HERITAGESarah(Daughter) U31(1820) FPlain SewerBKMTingewick  
Folio 379a Sch. 174 Tingewick
HUNTWilliam(Head) M46(1805) MBrick MakerOXFFinmere  
HUNTMary(Wife) M38?(1813) F NTHYardley Gobion  
HUNTGeorge(Son) U18(1833) M NTHPotters Pury  
HUNTFanny(Daughter)  8(1843) FAt HomeOXFFinmere  
HUNTJames(Son)  6(1845) MScholarOXFFinmere  
Folio 379a Sch. 175 Tingewick
BUTCHERJohn(Head) M35(1816) MBeer SellerBKMTingewick  
BUTCHERHannah(Wife) M33(1818) FBeer Seller's WifeBKMPreston Bissett  
BUTCHERElizabeth May(Daughter) U5(1846) FScholarBKMTingewick
BUTCHERJohn(Son)  4(1847) MScholarBKMTingewick  
BUTCHERClara(Daughter)  2(1849) FAt HomeBKMTingewick  
SANDWELLThomas(Mother in law) U46(1805) FVisitor[wifes MotherBKMPreston Bissett  
COLESMatilda(Servant) U15(1836) FHouse ServantBKMTingewick
HILLESDENJohn(Boarder)  10(1841) M BKMTingewick  
MEEThomas(Visitor) M30(1821) MHair DresserNTHGoddington  
Folio 379a Sch. 176 Tingewick
TANNERGeorge(Head) M27(1824) MBakerBKMPreston Bissett  
TANNEREdward(Father) M8?8(1763) MFormerly BakerOXFStoke  
TANNERAnn(Mother) M64(1787) FFormer Baker's WifeNTHHelmdon  
Folio 379a Sch. 177 Tingewick
STOKESWilliam(Head) U37(1814) MRail LabourerBKMBarton Hartshorn  
STOKESSarah(Housekeeper) U32(1819) F[hk=housekeeper]BKMTingewick
STOKESJames(Son)  12(1839) MAt HomeBKMTingewick  
Folio 379b Sch. 178 Tingewick
BUTCHERRichard(Head) M25(1826) MRail LabourerBKMTingewick  
BUTCHERSusannah(Wife) M3?0(1821) F OXFLaunton  
BUTCHERGeorge(Son)  4(1847) MScholarBKMTingewick  
BUTCHERJane(Daughter)  2?mo(1851) FAt HomeBKMTingewick  
Folio 379b Sch. 179 Tingewick
PAXTONJames(Head) M6?9(1782) MRail LabourerOXFFinmere  
PAXTONRuth(Wife) M70(1781) F BKMTingewick  
PAXTONAnn(Daughter)  6(1845) FScholarBKMTingewick  
PAXTONMerander(Daughter)  4?(1847) FScholarBKMTingewick  
Folio 379b Sch. 180 Tingewick
STEEDENHannah(Head) W6?4(1787) FPauperWARW?armington  
Folio 379b Sch. 181 [**] (same house as previous schedule but separate household)
HARTLEYMary Ann(Head) U72?(1779) F BKMTingewick  
HARTLEYSarah(Daughter)  46(1805) FAt HomeBKMTingewick  
Folio 379b Sch. 182 Tingewick
BURMAN?Thomas(Head) M31(1820) MCordwainerBKMShalston  
BURMAN?Mary Ann(Wife) M34?(1817) FDressmakerBKMTurweston  
BURMAN?Martha E.(Daughter)  10(1841) FAt HomeBKMTurweston  
BURMAN?Jacob(Son)  7(1844) MAt HomeBKMTurweston  
Folio 379b Sch. 183 Tingewick
WATSONJacob(Head) M33(1818) MAg LabBKMWater Stratford  
Folio 379b Sch. 184 Tingewick
READThomas(Head) M67(1784) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
READJane(Wife) M68(1783) FAg Lab's WifeBKMBarton Hartshorn
READCatherine(Granddaughter) U12?(1839) FLace MakerBKMTingewick  
Folio 380a Sch. 185 Tingewick
PACKERWilliam(Head) M37(1814) MWatch MakerBKMTingewick  
PACKERAnn(Wife) M31(1820) F OXFAddington  
PACKERJohn(Son)  1?(1850) M BKMTingewick  
PACKERAnn Tredwell(Daughter)  4?mo(1851) F BKMTingewick  
ROESarah(Servant) U16?(1835) FHouse ServantNTHBrackley  
Folio 380a Sch. 186 Tingewick
HOLTONWilliam(Head) W51(1800) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
Folio 380a Sch. 187 Tingewick
SHURMAN?James(Head) M40(1811) MFarmer Empl 2 LabsWARShotwell
SHURMAN?Hannah(Wife) M40(1811) F OXFGreat Bourton  
SHURMAN?Mark(Son)  9(1842) MScholarWARShotwell  
Folio 380a Sch. 188 Tingewick
GOUGHBenjamin(Head) U45(1806) MBaker Empl 1 ManBKMPreston Bissett
CAPRONEliz'th(Visitor) W79(1772) F NTHTowcester  
CAUSE?Rebecca(Assistant) U50(1801) F[as=?assistant?]NTHPulls Pury
GOUGHBenjamin(Servant) U19(1832) MBakerBKMPreston Bissett  
Folio 380a Sch. 189 Tingewick
HIRONSAnthony(Head) M36(1815) MCattle DealerWARLong Compton
HIRONSHannah(Wife) M35(1816) F OXFNorth Aston  
HIRONSCatharine East(Daughter)  1(1850) F BKMPreston Bissett
STILGOEJohn(Servant) U12(1839) MHouse ServantBKMTingewick  
Folio 380a Sch. 190 Tingewick
HO?LTONJohn(Head) M2?4(1827) MSaddlerBKMGawcott  
HO?LTONMary Ann(Wife) M23(1828) F BKMGawcott  
Folio 380b Sch. 191 Tingewick
CARRPenelope Mary(Head) W54(1797) FAnnuitantBKMTingewick  
CARRAnn(Visitor)  10?(1841) FScholarBKMTingewick  
BARRETTEliz'th Hellen(Visitor)  4(1847) FScholarBKMPadbury  
EMERTONSarah(Servant) U18(1833) FHouse ServantBKMBuckingham
Folio 380b Sch. 192 Tingewick
HADLANDRobert(Head) M53(1798) MButcherBKMBuckingham  
HADLANDMary(Wife) M46(1805) FButcher's WifeBKMTingewick  
HADLANDElizabeth(Daughter) U21?(1830) FButcher's DauBKMBuckingham  
HADLANDWilliam(Son) U19(1832) MButcher's SonBKMBuckingham  
HADLANDAnn(Daughter) U16(1835) F BKMTingewick  
HADLANDMary Jane(Daughter)  14(1837) F BKMTingewick  
HADLANDSusannah(Daughter)  12(1839) F BKMTingewick
HADLANDJohn Toppin(Son)  9(1842) M BKMTingewick  
HADLANDFrederick(Son)  7(1844) M BKMTingewick  
Folio 380b Sch. 193 Tingewick
BEVIN?William(Head) M47(1804) MTailorBKMStony Stratford  
BEVIN?Ann(Wife) M45(1806) F BKMBarton Hartshorn  
COLESCatharine(Servant) U15(1836) FHouse ServantBKMTingewick  
Folio 380b Sch. 194 {not a separate occupier} (same house as previous schedule but separate household)
CORBETTWilliam(Lodger) W61(1790) MHatter?BKMAdstock  
Folio 381a Sch. 195 Tingewick
GREAVESWilliam(Head) M44(1807) MBakerOXFFinmere  
GREAVESSarah(Wife) M37(1814) F OXFSouth Newington  
GREAVESCharlote(Daughter) U12?(1839) F OXFFinmere  
GREAVESSarah(Daughter)  10(1841) F OXFFinmere  
GREAVESCaroline(Daughter)  8(1843) FScholarOXFFinmere  
GREAVESKate(Daughter)  7(1844) FScholarOXFFinmere  
GREAVESFanny(Daughter)  5(1846) FScholarOXFFinmere  
GREAVESWilliam(Son)  4(1847) MScholarOXFFinmere  
GREAVESRichard(Son)  2(1849) MScholarOXFFinmere  
Folio 381a Sch. 196 Tingewick
MARKHAMRichard(Head) M38(1813) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
MARKHAMHarriet(Wife) M40?(1811) F BKMTingewick  
MARKHAMJohn(Son) U17(1834) M BKMTingewick  
MARKHAMElizabeth(Daughter)  10(1841) F BKMTingewick
MARKHAMMary Ann(Daughter)  8(1843) FScholarBKMTingewick  
MARKHAMAnn(Daughter)  4(1847) FScholarBKMTingewick  
Folio 381a Sch. 197 Tingewick
READRobert(Head) M20(1831) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
READSarah(Wife) M28(1823) F BKMTingewick  
READElizabeth(Daughter)  2(1849) FAt HomeBKMTingewick
READAnn(Daughter)  3 mo(1851) FAt HomeBKMTingewick  
Folio 381b Sch. 198 Tingewick
SAVINBenjamin(Head) M24(1827) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
SAVINFanny(Wife) M22(1829) F GLSMorton In The M[arsh  
Folio 381b Sch. 199 Tingewick
KEYJohn(Head) M35(1816) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
KEYAnn(Wife) M35?(1816) F BKMPreston Bissett  
Folio 381b Sch.99.1
Folio 381b Sch. 200 Tingewick
TERRYMichael(Head) M28?(1823) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
TERRYMary(Wife) M27(1824) F OXFFinmere  
TERRYJames(Son)  3(1848) MScholarBKMTingewick  
TERRYSarah(Daughter)  1(1850) FAt HomeBKMTingewick  
Folio 381b Sch. 201 {not a separate occupier} (same house as previous schedule but separate household)
SAVINJames(Head) W51(1800) MPensionerOXFFinmere  
Folio 381b Sch. 202 Tingewick
BUTCHERJames(Head) M49(1802) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
BUTCHERSarah(Wife) M49(1802) F OXFCassenton  
BUTCHERBenjamin(Son) M21(1830) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
BUTCHERSarah(Daughter) U12(1839) FScholarBKMTingewick  
BUTCHEREliza(Daughter)  10(1841) FScholarBKMTingewick  
Folio 381b Sch. 203 Tingewick
HARVEYJohn(Head) M42(1809) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
HARVEYHarriet(Wife) M52(1799) F BKMTingewick  
HARVEYJoseph(Son) U22(1829) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
HARVEYWilliam(Son) U20(1831) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
Folio 381b Sch. 204 Tingewick
STUCHFIELDJames(Head) W51(1800) MSaddlerBKMTingewick  
STUCHFIELDAnn(Daughter) U2?4(1827) FLace MakerBKMTingewick  
Folio 382a Sch. 205 Tingewick
STUCHFIELDJohn(Son) U19(1832) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
STUCHFIELDGeorge(Son)  14(1837) MAg LabLNDPortle.. Town  
STUCHFIELDEllen(Daughter)  9(1842) FScholarBKMTingewick
STUCHFIELDJane(Daughter)  7(1844) FScholarBKMTingewick  
Folio 382a Sch. 206 Tingewick
TOPPINWilliam(Head) M40(1811) MBuilder?OXFFringford  
TOPPINElizabeth(Wife) M48?(1803) F GLSHeb?ington  
HA?LLElizabeth(Mother in law) W74?(1777) FRetired Farmers WifeWARStretha.pon Fa.s..  
Folio 382a Sch. 207 Tingewick
COLLINGRIDGECharles(Head) M59(1792) MPauperOXFFinmere  
COLLINGRIDGEMary(Wife) M4?6(1805) F BKMMarsh Gibbon  
COLLINGRIDGEJames(Son) U17(1834) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
COLLINGRIDGEJohn(Son)  15(1836) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
COLLINGRIDGEHenry(Son)  9(1842) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
COLLINGRIDGEEllen(Daughter)  3(1848) FAt HomeBKMTingewick  
Folio 382a Sch. 208 Tingewick
HUNTJohn(Head) M52(1799) MAg LabOXFFinmere  
HUNTKeziah(Wife) M55?(1796) FAg Labs WifeOXFDeddington  
SIMONSWilliam(Visitor) W65(1786) MAg Lab Not Known  
Folio 382a Sch. 209 Tingewick
COLEMANCorbett(Head) M65(1786) MFamily? InnkeeperNTHBlakesley  
COLEMANJane(Wife) M60(1791) F NTHBlakesley  
COLEMANEmma(Daughter)  23(1828) FSchool MistressBKMTingewick
Folio 382b Sch. 210 Tingewick
DAGLEYHarriet(Head) W50?(1801) FAnnuitantLNDSt Georges Southwark  
DAGLEYFrancis(Son) U28(1823) MFarmer190acempl12labOXFFinmere
DAGLEYThomas(Son) U23(1828) MFarmer190acempl12labBKMTingewick  
CREEDElizabeth(Visitor) W60(1791) FAnnuitantSRYClapham  
HOGSTONSarah(Servant) U19(1832) FHouse ServantBKMDunton  
Folio 382b Sch. 211 Tingewick
NORRISPaul(Head) M75(1776) MChelsea PensionerOXFFinmere  
NORRISMartha(Daughter) U26(1825) FLace MakerBKMTingewick  
Folio 382b Sch. 212 Tingewick
NORRISHenry(Head) M34(1817) MAg LabOXFIslip  
NORRISJustinia(Wife) M27(1824) F OXFMixbury  
NORRISThomas(Son)  7(1844) MScholarBKMTingewick  
NORRISGeorge(Son)  4(1847) MScholarBKMTingewick  
Folio 382b Sch. 213 Tingewick
BERRYThomas(Head) M33(1818) MInn KeeperBKMTingewick  
BERRYMary(Wife) M33(1818) F BKMEdgcott  
BERRYJoseph H?utler(Son)  4(1847) MScholarBKMTingewick  
BERRYJohn(Son)  2(1849) MScholarBKMTingewick  
BERRYWilliam(Son)  4 mo(1851) MAt HomeBKMTingewick  
ADAMSSarah(Servant) U17(1834) FHouse ServantBKMTingewick  
HOLTONRichard(Lodger) M31(1820) MHawkerBKMGrendon Underwood
HOLTONHarriet(Lodger) M31(1820) F OXFEnsom  
Folio 383a Sch. 214 [**] (same house as previous schedule but separate household)
CLEAVERAnn(Wife) M29(1822) FCarters WifeWARSheldon  
CLEAVERJohn(Son)  5(1846) M WARSheldon  
CLEAVERGeorge(Son)  4(1847) M WARSheldon  
CLEAVERWilliam(Son)  1(1850) M OXFBicester  
CLEAVERAnn(Visitor) M60?(1791) F WARSheldon  
Folio 383a Sch. 215 Tingewick
TREDWELLMary Ann(Head) U58(1793) FFarmer30acempl1labouOXFArncott  
TREDWELLSarah(Sister) U51(1800) F OXFCottiesford  
MASSEYFanny(Servant) U18(1833) FHouse ServantOXFArncott  
Folio 383a Sch. 216 Tingewick
PACKERRichard(Head) M47(1804) MButcher?BKMBuckinghm  
PACKERSusannah(Wife) M50(1801) F OXFStanton Harcourt?  
Folio 383a Sch. 217 Tingewick
PACKERCharles(Head) M52(1799) M BKMBuckingham  
PACKERSarah(Wife) M53(1798) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 383a Sch. 218 Tingewick
YATESSarah(Head) U47(1804) F OXFFinmere  
Folio 383a Sch. 219 Tingewick
PARKINSWilliam(Head) M45(1806) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
PARKINSDiana(Wife) M34(1817) FSchool MistressBKMTingewick  
DICKENSAnn(Visitor) U24(1827) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 383a Sch. 220 Tingewick
HOLTONJohn(Head) M26(1825) MAg LabBKMHillesden  
Folio 383a Sch. 221 Tingewick
ADAMSHenry(Head) M23(1828) MAg LabOXFBarton Hartsh[orne]  
ADAMSSusannah(Wife) M25(1826) F BKMPreston Bissett  
Folio 383b Sch. 222 Tingewick
DOLTONHenry(Head) M58(1793) MWoodwardOXFMixbury  
DOLTONPenelope(Wife) M57(1794) F BKMBuckingham  
BOWDENSarah(Servant) U25(1826) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 383b Sch. 223 Tingewick
ALLENDavid(Head) M54(1797) MTailorBKMTingewick  
ALLENHannah(Wife) M45(1806) FTailors WifeLINLincoln  
ALLENRebecca(Daughter) U9(1842) FTailors DaurBKMTingewick  
ROWEElizabeth(Servant) U29(1822) FTailors ServantNTHBrackley  
Folio 383b Sch. 224 Tingewick
RISLEYJohn(Head) M73(1778) MRector Of ThorntonBKMTingewick
KINGAmelia(Servant) U39(1812) FHouse ServantBKMMaids Moreton  
RAINBOWJoanna(Servant) U35(1816) FHouse ServantNTHAbthorpe  
RIDGEWAYGeorge(Servant) U25(1826) MHouse ServantBKMAkeley  
Folio 383b Sch. 225 Tingewick
KIRSE?Sarah(Head) W71(1780) FLand ProprietorBKMChetwode  
KIRSE?Sarah(Daughter) U37(1814) F BKMPreston Bissett  
THORPEElizabeth(Servant) U14(1837) FHouse ServantBKMPreston Bissett  
PETTYJoseph(Servant) M46(1805) MHouse ServantBKMTingewick  
Folio 383b Sch. 226 [**] (same house as previous schedule but separate household)
NIBBSNathan(Lodger) U2?1(1830) MAg Lab Not Known  
Folio 383b Sch. 227 Tingewick
BARRETTJohn(Head) M36(1815) MFarmer Of 14 AcresOXFMixbury  
BARRETTMary(Wife) M44(1807) FFarmer's WifeOXFMixbury  
Folio 384a Sch. 228 Tingewick
GREAVESSelina(Head) W54(1797) FFarmer170acemplo8menWARAlanstone?
GREAVESRichard(Son) U28(1823) MFarmers SonOXFFinmere  
GREAVESEleanor(Daughter) U25(1826) FFarmers DaurBKMRatcliff  
GREAVESSelina(Daughter) U18?(1833) FFarmers DaurBKMRatcliff
GREAVESAnn(Visitor) U34(1817) FFarmers DaurOXFSwalclife  
GARDNERMary(Granddaughter)  3(1848) FFarmers DaurOXFAdderbury
ELYHannah(Servant) U31(1820) FHouse ServantBKMPreston Bissett  
WINTERSFelix(Servant) U18(1833) MHouse ServantBKMTingewick  
Folio 384a Sch. 229 Tingewick
POLLARDWilliam(Head) M29(1822) MMillerBKMTingewick  
POLLARDElizabethdurham(Wife) M25(1826) FMillers WifeNTHTowcester  
POLLARDGeorge(Son)  10mo(1851) MMillers SonBKMTingewick  
TOMPKINSBetsey(Servant) U7?6(1775) FHouse ServantBKMBuckingham
NEALAlfred(Servant) U21(1830) MHouse ServantBKMTingewick