1798 Posse Comitatus

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DEFENCE LISTS 1798 and 1803-04

Under the Defence of the Realm Act , lists known as "Posse Comitatus" lists and "Levee en Masse" lists were made in 1798 and 1803/04 respectively. These Defence Lists, despite their name, were not lists of those intended for military service. Their intention was to organise reserves of men not already serving in a military capacity for the defence of Britain against a French invasion. They would have been needed to evacuate the civilian population, remove livestock and crops from the path of the invaders, gather arms and equipment and deal with food supplies to the forces and civilian population.

The Posse Comitatus and Levee en Masse lists were comprehensive records of all able-bodied men not already serving in the forces and aged between 15 and 60, whilst occupations such as millers, bakers, wagoners, barge owners etc - anyone who could be useful in certain ways - were also noted.

For anyone interested in fuller details of the Defence Lists and other militia and muster rolls, you are recommended to obtain the excellent booklet 'Militia Lists and Musters 1757-1876' by Jeremy Gibson and Mervyn Medlycott, published by the Federation of Family History Societies and obtainable from www.familyhistorybooks.co.uk.


Clergyman Revd J Risley jnr
Farmers Joshua Caporn
William Corby
Charles Cross
Ambrose Durrant
William Kemp
Richard Pargiter
John Pollard snr
John Pollard jnr
William Scott
George Steeden
James Steeden
Thomas Steeden
George Stockley
John Stockley
William Stockley
Taylors William Allen
Joseph Petty
Gibbs Toppin
Weaver John Durrant disab
Shoemakers Thomas Cross
Joseph Harvey
Thomas Hearn
John Holton
Thomas Horwood jnr
John Spratley
Staymakers Ellis Bruerton
John Bruerton
Thomas Bruerton
Officer of Excise Richard Ackland
Higlers Richard Ellard
George Nelson disab
Pig Poker John Bedford deaf
Wheelwright William Allcock
William Bateman
Publicans Benjamin Davis
Thomas Grantham snr
Thomas Grantham jnr
William Side
Richard Williams
Carpenters Thomas Buckingham
Thomas Buckingham jnr
Thomas Harvey jnr
Watchmakers John Coare disab
John Packer snr
John Packer jnr
William Packer jnr
Gardeners William Henson
William Russell
Collarmakers John Stutchfield snr
John Stutchfield jnr
Masoner William Gun
Apprentices Thomas Bennett
Henry Churchill
John Painter
William Warr
Blacksmiths George Barett snr
John Gray
Breeches-Maker Thomas Eddins
Thomas Eddins snr
John King
William Smith
Bakers James Everard
William Fowler
William Sheers Baker's servant
Schoolmaster Richard Winmill
Calvemen Roger Adkins
John Peedle
Butcher Joseph Claydon
Miller John Low
Turnpikeman Thomas Tomson
Dealer Benjamin Heritage
Servants John Durrant
Henry Foxen lame
Thomas Holland
William Judd
John Markham
Thomas Newman
William Phipps
Josiah Reeves
John Seaton
John Sloakes
Labourers Thomas Adams
Benjamin lake
Joseph Bloxham jnr
Thomas Bowden
William Brian
John Buckingham
John Butcher
Richard Butcher
William Butcher
George Carr
William Carr
James Cherry lame
John Cherry
George Clifford
James Cross
Thomas Cross
Henry Denny
Thomas Green
Thomas Hale
Edward Harvey
Joseph Holton
William Holton
Thomas Horwood
Joseph Kemp
William Keys disab
John Kinch
John Lucas
James Markham
Nathaniel Maunders
William Moss
George Neal
James Neal
Thomas Norris one eye lost
William Perry
Joseph Powell
William Punch
William Savin
Moses Short one arm lost
Daniel Smith
Edward Smith
George Smith
Joseph Swift
James Terry
Joseph Terry
John Turner
Thomas Twitchen
Thomas Twitchen jnr
Thomas Winterbourne
Thomas Winterbourne jnr
John Woodford
Thomas Wyse


I think but am not now sure that the columns are for numbers of horses, wagons and carts.
John Bateman 1 - 1
Joshua Caporn 8 2 3
William Corby 1 - 1
C Cross 6 2 2
Ambrose Durrant 6 2 3
James Everard 3 1 1
Thomas Grantham 4 1 2
Thomas Holton 2 - 1
William Kemp 4 1 1
Richard Pargiter 2 - 1
John Pollard

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