The 1891 census of Tingewick, enumerated on the night of Sunday 5th April.

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I have also searched for, and added, all the people in other places who gave Tingewick as their birthplace on their census returns.

Folio 4a Sch. 1 Grove Hill (more than 5 rooms)
HAWESThomas(Head) M34(1857) MFarmerBKMWorminghall  
HAWESAmy H.(Wife) M32(1859) F BKMBrill  
HAWESEdmund F.(Son)  4(1887) M OXFWarsgrove?  
CADDLousia(Servant) U19(1872) FGeneral ServantBKMRadclive  
Folio 4a Sch. 2 Jack O Lantern ( 4 rooms)
STOKESThomas(Head) M41(1850) MFarm labourerBKMBarton Hartshorn  
STOKESJohn(Son) U20(1871) MFarm labourerBKMTingewick  
STOKESTom(Son) U9(1882) M BKMTingewick  
STOKESGeorge(Son) U7(1884) M BKMTingewick  
STOKESWilliam(Son) U4(1887) M BKMTingewick  
Folio 4a Sch. 2.1 [Jack O Lantern?] (more than 5 rooms)
Folio 4a Sch. 3 Mill Lane (more than 5 rooms)
POLLARDElizabeth D.(Mother) W65(1826) FMiller & FarmerNTH 
POLLARDBenjiman(Son) U30(1861) MMiller & FarmerBKMTingewick  
POLLARDJoseph(Son) U27(1864) MMiller & FarmerBKMTingewick  
POLLARDMartha E.(Daughter) U27(1864) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 4a Sch. 4 Manor Farm (more than 5 rooms)
ARNATTHenery(Head) U46(1845) MFarmerOXFEynsham  
MEADSarah A.(Servant) U19(1872) FGeneral ServantOXFMixbury  
Folio 4a Sch. 5 Church Lane ( 3 rooms)
STEEDENGeorge W.(Head) M38(1853) MLabourerBKMTingewick  
STEEDENElizabeth(Wife) M29(1862) F BKMTingewick  
STEEDENEmily B.(Daughter)  9(1882) F BKMTingewick
STEEDENLily(Daughter)  4(1887) F BKMTingewick  
STEEDENLeonard(Son)  3(1888) M BKMTingewick  
STEEDENShugborough N.(Son)  1(1890) M BKMTingewick  
Folio 4a Sch. 6 Church Lane ( 3 rooms)
ARISThomas(Head) M43(1848) MShephurdBKMTingewick  
ARISMary A.(Wife) M41(1850) F BKMTingewick  
ARISEmily(Daughter) U19(1872) F BKMTingewick  
ARISJoseph(Son) U18(1873) MLabourerBKMTingewick  
ARISFrederick(Son)  13(1878) M BKMTingewick  
ARISMinnie(Daughter)  10(1881) F BKMTingewick  
ARISBertha(Daughter)  6(1885) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 4b Sch. 6.1 1 Uninhabited (more than 5 rooms)
Folio 4b Sch. 7 Church Lane ( 3 rooms)
FREEMANJohn(Head) M59(1832) M BKMTingewick  
FREEMANMartha(Wife) M62(1829) F BKMWater Stratford  
Folio 4b Sch. 8 [Church Lane] ** ( 4 rooms)
DICKENSCharles(Head) M66(1825) MLabourerBKMTingewick  
DICKENSMaria(Wife) M74(1817) F OXFMixbury  
Folio 4b Sch. 9 [Church Lane] ** ( 4 rooms)
ADAMSThomas(Head) M48(1843) MLabourer?BKMTingewick  
ADAMSSarah A.(Wife) M43(1848) F BKMTingewick  
ADAMSThomas(Son) U21(1870) MLabourer?BKMTingewick  
ADAMSAlice(Daughter)  13(1878) F BKMTingewick  
ADAMSAnnie(Daughter) U10(1881) F BKMTingewick  
ADAMSFlorence(Daughter)  6(1885) F BKMTingewick  
ADAMSElsie(Daughter)  4(1887) F BKMTingewick  
ADAMSEmily(Daughter)  2(1889) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 4b Sch. 10 Rectory Lodge (more than 5 rooms)
ADAMSJonathan(Head) M57(1834) MGardnerOXFFritwell  
Folio 4b Sch. 11 The Rectory (more than 5 rooms)
COKERJohn(Head) M69(1822) MRector of TingewickGLSCheltenham
BLAKELouisa(Servant) U28(1863) FCook & Domestic Serv(More)OXFFringford  
BULLOCKCharlotte(Servant) U29(1862) FParlour MaidOXFWoodstock  
Folio 4b Sch. 12 [Church Lane?] (more than 5 rooms)
ALLCOCKArlent(Head) U66(1825) MFarmerNTHSyresham  
ALLCOCKHannah(Sister) U46(1845) F BKMThornborough  
CAPETLeis? M.(Servant)  18(1873) F BKMThornborough  
Folio 4b Sch. 13 [Church Lane?] ( 4 rooms)
DURRANTEmma(Wife) M69(1822) F OXFHorley  
Folio 4b Sch. 14 [Church Lane?] ( 4 rooms)
NEALEdmund(Head) M66(1825) MPedlarBKMTingewick  
NEALMaria(Wife) M65(1826) F ESSElmdon  
Folio 4b Sch. 15 [Church Lane?] ( 4 rooms)
GREAVESSarah(Mother) W66(1825) F BKMPreston Bissett  
AIRISLenord A.(Grandson)  3(1888) M BKMTingewick  
Folio 4b Sch. 16 [Church Lane?] ( 2 rooms)
DURRANTCatherine F.(Wife) M44(1847) F BKMTingewick  
DURRANTMary A.(Daughter) U14?(1877) FMother's HelpBKMTingewick  
DURRANTFrederick W.(Son)  13(1878) MFarm WorkBKMTingewick
DURRANTGertrude F.(Daughter)  10(1881) F BKMTingewick  
DURRANTOliver T.(Son)  8(1883) M BKMTingewick  
DURRANTLillie(Daughter)  5(1886) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 5a Sch.16.1 Main Street (more than 5 rooms)
Folio 5a Sch. 17 [Main Street] ( 4 rooms)
CLARKEmma(Mother) W62(1829) F BKMBarton Hartshorn  
CLARKEmma(Mother) W62(1829) F BKMBarton Hartshorn  
CLARKAlbert(Son) U21(1870) MLabourerBKMTingewick  
CLARKAlbert(Son) U21(1870) MLabourerBKMTingewick  
CLARKAmy(Daughter) U27(1864) F BKMTingewick  
CLARKAmy(Daughter) U27(1864) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 5a Sch. 18 [Main Street] (more than 5 rooms)
RIDGEWAYElizabeth(Head) W47(1844) F BKMTingewick  
RIDGEWAYFrederick N.(Son) U21(1870) MParish ClerkBKMTingewick  
RIDGEWAYWilliam G.(Son) U19(1872) MCoachmanBKMTingewick  
RIDGEWAYKate(Daughter)  11(1880) F BKMTingewick  
RIDGEWAYAlbert(Son)  5(1886) M BKMTingewick  
Folio 5a Sch. 19 [Main Street] ( 4 rooms)
ADAMSJames(Head) W39(1852) MLabourerBKMBarton Hartshorn  
ADAMSAnn(Mother) W72(1819) F BKMBarton Hartshorn  
ADAMSHenry G.(Son)  8(1883) M BKMBarton Hartshorn
ADAMSJames(Son)  5(1886) M BKMBarton Hartshorn  
Folio 5a Sch. 20 [Main Street] ( 4 rooms)
HOLLANDThomas(Head) W36(1855) MLabourer?OXFNewton Purcell  
HOLLANDFrederick W.(Son)  12?(1879) M BKMTingewick  
Folio 5a Sch. 21 [Main Street] ( 4 rooms)
CROSSGeorge(Head) M65(1826) MStone MasonBKMTingewick  
CROSSSarah(Wife) M57?(1834) F BKMTingewick  
HARRISJohn(Father) W82(1809) MN.B. father in law!BKMBenthill  
OWENEdwin C.(Nephew)  12?(1879) M BKMBuckingham  
Folio 5a Sch. 22 Grocer's Shop (more than 5 rooms)
RICHMONDHarry St Clare(Head) M32(1859) MGrocer & DraperMDXLondon  
RICHMONDMaud M.(Wife) M27(1864) FGrocerBRKStedenton  
RICHMONDAmelia(Mother) W62(1829) F BKMGawcott  
RICHMONDCharles B.(Son)  3(1888) M OXFWoodstock  
RICHMONDAlice L.(Daughter)  2(1889) F OXFWoodstock  
RICHMONDMaurice(Son)  4 mo(1891) M BKMTingewick  
Folio 5a Sch. 23 Butcher's Shop (more than 5 rooms)
READThomas(Head) M26(1865) MButcherBKMTingewick  
READLousia(Wife) M24(1867) F OXFFinmere  
Folio 5b Sch. 24 Main St (more than 5 rooms)
MARKHAMJohn(Head) M50(1841) M[Ag] LabourerBKMTingewick  
MARKHAMAnn(Wife) M48(1843) F NTHMiddleton Cheney  
MARKHAMEmma(Daughter)  13(1878) F BKMTingewick  
MARKHAMJoseph(Father) W76(1815) MAgric. LabourerBKMTingewick  
Folio 5b Sch. 25 Walfords Yard ( 2 rooms)
BLOXHAMElizabeth(Head) W66(1825) FCharwomanBKMGawcott  
Folio 5b Sch.25.1 [Walford's Yard?] (more than 5 rooms)
Folio 5b Sch. 26 Main St ( 4 rooms)
NEALEGeorge(Head) M38(1853) MMusicianBKMTingewick  
NEALEHannah(Wife) M40(1851) F BKMTingewick Deaf
NEALEWilliam A.(Nephew)  11(1880) MScholarBKMTingewick  
Folio 5b Sch. 27 [Main St] ( 4 rooms)
ARISJohn(Head) W52?(1839) M[Ag] LabourerBKMTingewick  
ARISCecilia(Daughter) U25(1866) F BKMTingewick  
ARISSarah A.(Daughter) U22(1869) F BKMTingewick  
ARISJames(Son) U16(1875) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
ARISAlbert J?(Son)  10(1881) MScholarBKMTingewick  
ARISWallace(Son)  6(1885) MScholarBKMTingewick  
AIRISRudolph(Grandson)  1(1890) M BKMBuckingham  
Folio 5b Sch. 28 [Main St] (more than 5 rooms)
SIDEThomas(Head) M47(1844) MAg LabourerBKMTingewick  
SIDEAnn(Wife)  40(1851) F BKMTingewick  
SIDEGeorge(Son) U18(1873) MGrocer's AssistantBKMTingewick  
SIDEJohn(Son) U16(1875) M[Agric] LabourerBKMTingewick  
SIDESarah(Daughter)  11(1880) FScholarBKMTingewick  
SIDEAda(Daughter)  6(1885) FScholarBKMTingewick  
SIDEThomas(Son)  2(1889) M BKMTingewick  
Folio 5b Sch. 29 [Main St] ( 4 rooms)
COATESWilliam(Head) W60(1831) MCarpenterNTHSyresham  
COATESMaria(Sister) U64(1827) F NTHSyresham  
COATESMary A.L?(Daughter) U40(1851) FShop KeeperNTHSyresham  
Folio 5b Sch. 30 [Main St] (more than 5 rooms)
WILLIAMSAnn(Head) W56(1835) FDressmakerBKMTingewick  
WILLIAMSArchibald R.(Son)  14(1877) M BKMTingewick  
Folio 5b Sch. 31 [Main St] (more than 5 rooms)
NUTTJoseph(Head) M38(1853) MCoach WheelerENGEngland  
NUTTRosa(Wife) M38(1853) F ENGEngland  
CARPENTERMary(Mother) W73(1818) F     
Folio 6a Sch. 32 Main St Eagle House (more than 5 rooms)
BARBERJohn E.(Head) M38(1853) MSerg Major 4th Hussa(More)NFKNorwich  
BARBERCatherine E.(Wife) M28(1863) F IRLCahir  
CURRANBernard J.(Nephew)  4(1887) M MLNEdinburgh  
PARISHLily F.(Visitor)  10(1881) F LNDSt George's E.  
Folio 6a Sch. 33 [Main St] (more than 5 rooms)
WALTONPhilip(Head) M70(1821) MRetired BakerBKMTwyford  
WALTONMary(Wife) M74(1817) F BKMGawcott  
Folio 6a Sch. 34 [Main St] (more than 5 rooms)
BLOXHAMStephen(Head) W71(1820) MRetired GardenerBKMTingewick
Folio 6a Sch. 35 The Laurels (more than 5 rooms)
BRADBURYThomas(Head) M40(1851) MSchool MasterBKMQuainton  
BRADBURYEmily(Wife) M30(1861) F BKMTingewick  
BRADBURYHartley(Son)  10(1881) M BKMTingewick  
BRADBURYEmily(Daughter)  8(1883) F BKMTingewick  
BRADBURYPercy(Son)  4(1887) M BKMTingewick  
DUDDYAda(Boarder) U26(1865) FSchool MistressOXFBanbury  
BURRETTEliza(Servant)  16(1875) FGeneral ServantBKMBuckingham  
Folio 6a Sch.35.1 [Main St] (more than 5 rooms)
Folio 6a Sch. 36 Blacksmith's Shop (more than 5 rooms)
BURRETTFrederic(Head) M24(1867) MBlacksmithBKMTingewick  
BURRETTElizabeth J.(Wife) M26(1865) F HRTWigginton Tring  
BURRETTAnnie J.(Daughter)  1(1890) F BKMTingewick
Folio 6a Sch. 37 Draper Shop (more than 5 rooms)
WOODMANSamuel(Head) M50(1841) MDraperHRTTring  
WOODMANElizabeth(Wife) M58(1833) F BKMMentmore  
WOODMANWalter C.(Son)  15(1876) M OXFBanbury  
Folio 6a Sch. 38 [Main St] ( 2 rooms)
STEEDENEliza(Head) W81(1810) F BDFWymington  
Folio 6a Sch. 39 [Main St] (more than 5 rooms)
WAINESarah(Head) W73(1818) FLiving on own meansOXFAmbrosden  
WAINERebecca(Daughter) U35(1856) FHousekeeperOXFBlackthorn
WAINEHarriet A.(Daughter) U30(1861) FLiving on own meansOXFBlackthorn  
Folio 6a Sch. 40 White Hart Inn (more than 5 rooms)
ALCOCKGeorge(Head) M45(1846) MPublicanNTHSyresham  
ALCOCKAmelia(Wife) M43(1848) F DEVOakford  
ALCOCKGeorge G.(Son)  12(1879) M NTHBrackley  
ALCOCKArthur H.(Son)  13(1878) M NTHBrackley  
ALCOCKEdath(Daughter)  10(1881) F NTHBrackley  
ALCOCKFrederick W.(Son)  6(1885) M BKMTingewick  
Folio 6b Sch. 41 Main St Boot Shop (more than 5 rooms)
JUDDEdwin(Head) M50(1841) MCordwainerOXFFringford  
JUDDAnn E.(Wife) M49(1842) F NTHCroughton  
JUDDAnnie T.(Daughter) U22(1869) FCookBKMTingewick  
JUDDEdwin A.(Son) U20(1871) MCordwainerBKMTingewick  
JUDDEmily M.(Daughter)  14(1877) FMothers HelpBKMTingewick  
JUDDRichard(Son)  13(1878) MScholarBKMTingewick  
JUDDKate E.(Daughter)  10(1881) FScholarBKMTingewick  
Folio 6b Sch. 42 [Main St] (more than 5 rooms)
LUCASJesse(Head) M56(1835) MChimney SweepBKMTingewick  
LUCASElizabeth(Wife) M56(1835) F[Sick] NurseBKMTingewick  
LUCASJames(Son) U30(1861) MArmy Reserve PensionBKMTingewick  
LUCASArthur(Son) U22(1869) MGardenerBKMTingewick  
LUCASDavid(Son)  16(1875) MButcherBKMTingewick  
LUCASEliza M.(Granddaughter)  5(1886) F BKMTingewick
LUCASHulet?(Grandson)  x!(1891) M BKMTingewick  
STUTCHFIELDElizabeth(Visitor) M20(1871) F BKMTingewick  
STUTCHFIELDJames A.(Visitor)  inf?(1891) M BKMOxford Lodgestone?  
Folio 6b Sch. 43 Butchers Shop ( 4 rooms)
CAVEJohn Dadley?(Head) W78(1813) MButcherBKMTingewick  
CAVERobert(Son) U38(1853) MButcher & DealerBKMTingewick  
CAVECatherine(Daughter)  25(1866) FHousekeeperBKMTingewick  
ROWAnnie(Visitor) U28(1863) F BKMBarton Hartshorn  
Folio 6b Sch.43.1 [Main St] (more than 5 rooms)
Folio 6b Sch. 44 Royal Oak Inn (more than 5 rooms)
READWilliam(Head) M53(1838) MInn KeeperBKMPreston Bissett  
READEmma(Wife) M52(1839) F BKMPreston Bissett  
READElizabeth(Daughter) U31(1860) F[Inn] AssistantBKMPreston Bissett  
READEmily(Daughter)  13(1878) F BKMTingewick  
CHANDLERAlfred W.(Grandson)  2(1889) M BKMTingewick  
Folio 6b Sch. 45 [Main St] ( 3 rooms)
JONESGeorge(Head) M36(1855) MGeneral LabourerBKMTingewick  
Folio 6b Sch.45.1 [Main St] (more than 5 rooms)
Folio 7a Sch. 46 [Main St] (more than 5 rooms)
MILLERJohn W.(Head) M23(1868) MCarpenterOXFDedington  
MILLEREmily(Wife) M28(1863) F OXFBicester  
Folio 7a Sch. 47 Boot Shop (more than 5 rooms)
JUDDAlbert A.(Head) M27(1864) MBoot MakerBKMTingewick  
JUDDPollie(Wife) M22(1869) F NTHBrackley  
Folio 7a Sch. 48 [Main St] ( 4 rooms)
WATSONFrederick(Head) M26(1865) MHouse painterESSWoodford  
WATSONAlice(Wife) M26(1865) F BDFLeighton Bussard  
WATSONWilliam A.(Son)  4(1887) M BKMWater Stratford  
WATSONPercy S.(Son)  2(1889) M BKMChackmore  
WATSONWalter F.(Son)  1(1890) M BKMChackmore  
ROWEEmily Clara(Sister) U21(1870) FGeneral Servant (DomBDFLeighton Buzzard  
Folio 7a Sch. 49 Tailor's Shop (more than 5 rooms)
STEVENSAlfred(Head) M51(1840) MTailorBKMWinslow  
STEVENSEliza A.(Wife) M49(1842) F HRTBushey Watford  
STEVENSMary(Cousin) U22(1869) FVisitorBKMSwanbourne  
Folio 7a Sch. 50 Baker's Shop (more than 5 rooms)
LUCASThomas(Head) M64(1827) MBakerBKMTingewick  
LUCASAnn(Wife) M69(1822) F CAMWillingham  
HICKMANGeorge(Servant) U19(1872) MJourneyman BakerOXFHethe  
BEDDINHannah(Servant)  14(1877) FGeneral Servant (DomBKMWestbury  
Folio 7a Sch. 51 [Main St] (more than 5 rooms)
HAWKESMartha(Head) W80(1811) FRetired GrocerHRTLondon Colney  
Folio 7a Sch. 52 [Main St] ( 3 rooms)
DAVIESWilliam(Head) M51(1840) MHay BinderOXFFinmere  
DAVIESElizabeth(Wife) M51(1840) F BKMTingewick  
DAVIESSarah A.(Daughter) U29(1862) F OXFHeithrop  
Folio 7a Sch. 53 [Main St] ( 3 rooms)
BARNESEdward(Head) M63?(1828) M OXFFinmere  
BARNESSilence(Wife) M62?(1829) F NTHBrackley  
BARNESThomas(Son) U24(1867) MLabourerBKMTingewick  
BARNESEliza H.(Granddaughter)  15?(1876) FServantBKMTingewick  
Folio 7a Sch. 54 [Main St] ( 3 rooms)
CLEAVERGiles(Head) M33(1858) MBrickmakerBDFLeighton Bussard
CLEAVERWilliam(Son)  9(1882) M NTHBrackley  
CLEAVERJames(Son)  8(1883) M BKMTurweston  
CLEAVERHerbert(Son)  4(1887) M BKMTurweston  
CLEAVERSarah J.(Daughter)  2(1889) F BKMTurweston  
Folio 7a Sch. 55 [Main St] ( 2 rooms)
STOKESHenry(Head) M52(1839) MGeneral LabourerBKMDadford  
Folio 7b Sch. 56 [Main St] (more than 5 rooms)
HOLTONBenjamin(Head) M63(1828) MButcherBKMTingewick  
HOLTONEliza(Wife) M58(1833) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 7b Sch. 57 [Main St] ( 4 rooms)
PAXTON?Henry(Head) M78(1813) MAgl LabourerOXFMixbury  
PAXTON?Lucy(Wife) M69(1822) F BKMMursley  
STEVENS?Elizabeth M.(Granddaughter)  12?(1879) FScholarBKMTingewick
Folio 7b Sch. 58 [Main St] ( 4 rooms)
TERRYRichard(Head) W67(1824) MAgl LabourerBKMTingewick  
TERRYRichard(Son) U36(1855) MEngine driverBKMTingewick  
Folio 7b Sch. 59 [Main St] ( 4 rooms)
HARVEYWilliam(Head) M60(1831) MAgl LabourerBKMTingewick  
HARVEYHarriet(Wife) M53(1838) F BKMPadbury  
HARVEYGeorge(Son) U28(1863) MAgl Labourer?BKMTingewick  
HARVEYJohn H.(Son)  15(1876) MAgricultural LaboureBKMTingewick  
Folio 7b Sch. 60 [Main St] ( 4 rooms)
SAVENS?Joseph(Head) M32(1859) MAgricultural LaboureBKMHulett?  
SAVENS?Emma R.(Wife) M32(1859) F OXFMixbury  
SAVENS?Jane L.(Daughter)  2(1889) FScholarBKMTingewick  
SAVENS?George H.(Son)  6(1885) MScholarBKMTingewick  
Folio 7b Sch. 61 Tailor Shop (more than 5 rooms)
IBELL?Benjamin(Head) M62(1829) MTailorBKMBarton Hartshorn  
IBELL?Ellen(Wife) M40(1851) F LANSaint Ellen's Liverp  
Folio 7b Sch. 62 [Main St] ( 4 rooms)
BUTCHERRichard(Head) W67(1824) MCarpenterBKMTingewick  
Folio 7b Sch. 63 [Main St] ( 3 rooms)
TOMPKINSJohn(Head) M57(1834) MLabourerOXFFinmere  
TOMPKINSEmma(Wife) M58(1833) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 7b Sch. 64 Beer House (more than 5 rooms)
COLLINGRIDGEJohn(Head) M53(1838) MThrashing Machine PrBKMTingewick  
COLLINGRIDGEAnn(Wife) M58(1833) F BKMWhaddon  
GREAVESMary Ann(Daughter) W27(1864) FDressmakerBKMTingewick  
COLLINGRIDGEJohn(Son) U22(1869) MThrashing machine prBKMTingewick  
Folio 7b Sch. 65 [Main St] (more than 5 rooms)
BARNESJohn(Head) M36(1855) MAg LabourerOXFFinmere  
BARNESEliza S.(Wife) M28(1863) F BKMBarton Hartshorn  
BARNESJohn A.(Nephew)  13(1878) M BKMBuckingham  
Folio 7b Sch. 66 [Main St] ( 4 rooms)
WOADElizabeth(Head) W76(1815) F BKMPreston Bissett  
STEEDENAmelia(Lodger) W70(1821) F BKMWestbury  
Folio 7b Sch. 67 Grocer's Shop ( 4 rooms)
KEYAnn(Head) W70(1821) FGrocerBKMPreston Bissett  
KEYJesse(Nephew) U23(1868) MAgl LabourerLANLiverpool  
Folio 8a Sch. 68 Fir Tree Cottage (more than 5 rooms)
RICHARDSONGeorge(Head) W72(1819) MRetired FarmerBKMBuckingham  
RICHARDSONSarah P.(Daughter) U38(1853) F BKMBuckingham
TANNERAnnette F?(Servant) U45(1846) FHousekeeperBKMPreston Bissett  
Folio 8a Sch. 69 [Main St] (more than 5 rooms)
LUCASWilliam(Head) M34(1857) MBakers AssistantLNDPoplar  
LUCASEllen(Wife) M36(1855) F WORBlackwell  
LUCASFrederick G.(Son)  11(1880) M BKMTingewick  
LUCASHerbert B.(Son)  7(1884) M BKMTingewick  
LUCASOlive? H.(Daughter)  1(1890) F BKMTingewick  
BROADWAYHarriett(Mother) W70?(1821) FLiving on own meansWORBlackwell  
Folio 8a Sch. 70 [Main St] ( 3 rooms)
READThomas(Head) M68(1823) MFarm ServantBKMTingewick  
READAnnah(Wife) M58(1833) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 8a Sch. 71 Grocer's Shop (more than 5 rooms)
COATESRichard(Head) M33(1858) MHouse DecoratorBKMTingewick  
COATESHarritt(Wife) M34(1857) FShop KeeperBKMTingewick  
COATESWilliam(Son)  10(1881) MScholarBKMTingewick  
COATESCatherine(Daughter)  9(1882) FScholarBKMTingewick  
COATESAlice(Daughter)  5(1886) FScholarBKMTingewick  
COATESJohn(Son)  1(1890) M BKMTingewick  
Folio 8a Sch. 72 Post Office ( 4 rooms)
BARNESJohn T.(Head) M35(1856) MPost Master & GrocerBKMTingewick
BARNESMartha J.(Wife) M33(1858) FGrocerBKMTingewick  
BARNESWalter J.(Son)  9(1882) M BKMTingewick  
BARNESFlorence M.(Daughter)  7(1884) F BKMTingewick
Folio 8a Sch. 73 [Main St] (more than 5 rooms)
BARNESWilliam(Head) M59(1832) MAgl LabourerOXFFinmere  
BARNESSarah(Wife) M58(1833) F BKMTingewick  
ADAMSThomas(Boarder) W85(1806) M BKMTingewick  
BANDYGeorge(Boarder)  13(1878) M BKMPadbury  
Folio 8a Sch. 74 Butcher's Shop (more than 5 rooms)
FARLEYGeorge(Head) M62(1829) MButcherBRKWallingford  
FARLEYThersa?(Wife) M52(1839) F OXFRoke Marsh  
FARLEYElirrie?(Daughter) U28(1863) F BKMBrill  
FARLEYGeorge F.(Son) U24(1867) MButcherBKMTingewick  
FARLEYHarry(Son) U22(1869) MButcherBKMTingewick  
FARLEYAmelia(Daughter)  16(1875) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 8b Sch. 75 Shoe Shop ( 4 rooms)
POLLARDEbenezer(Head) M35(1856) MShoe MakerBKMTingewick  
POLLARDRebecca(Wife) M35(1856) F BKMTingewick  
POLLARDEbenezer(Son)  15(1876) MShoe MakerBKMTingewick
POLLARDElizabeth E.(Daughter)  13(1878) FScholarBKMTingewick  
POLLARDMartha M.(Daughter)  11(1880) FScholarBKMTingewick  
POLLARDJames(Son)  9(1882) MScholarBKMTingewick  
POLLARDAllice H.(Daughter)  8(1883) FScholarBKMTingewick  
POLLARDAda(Daughter)  5(1886) FScholarBKMTingewick  
POLLARDElsie(Daughter)  3(1888) FScholarBKMTingewick  
POLLARDFlorence E.(Daughter)  1(1890) FScholarBKMTingewick  
Folio 8b Sch. 76 [Main St] (more than 5 rooms)
LEPPERWilliam(Head) M51(1840) MDealerOXFFinmere  
LEPPEREmily(Wife) M41(1850) F OXFMerton  
LEPPERWilliam(Son) U21(1870) M OXFFinmere  
LEPPERFrederick(Son) U19(1872) M OXFFinmere  
LEPPERLousia(Daughter) U18(1873) F OXFFinmere  
LEPPERHarry(Son)  14(1877) M OXFFinmere D&D*
LEPPERGeorge(Son)  10(1881) M OXFFinmere  
Folio 8b Sch. 77 [Main St] (more than 5 rooms)
CROSSMary Ann(Wife) M28(1863) F OXFFinmere  
CROSSJoseph H.(Son)  1(1890) M OXFFinmere  
DURRANTAmbrose(Lodger) M46(1845) M OXFFinmere  
DURRANTAmbrose(Lodger) U17(1874) M OXFFinmere  
DURRANTAlbert G.J.(Lodger)  12(1879) M OXFFinmere  
Folio 8b Sch. 78 [Main St] (more than 5 rooms)
MORGANCharles(Head) M47(1844) MPolice ConstableGLSAmberly  
MORGANEmma(Wife) M42(1849) F BKMAmersham  
MORGANAlice K.(Daughter) U17(1874) F BKMLavendon  
MORGANThomas H.(Son)  14(1877) M BKMWoughton on Green  
MORGANPercival G.(Son)  4(1887) M BKMTingewick  
Folio 8b Sch. 79 [Main St] ( 3 rooms)
HOLLANDWilliam(Head) M28(1863) MGeneral DealerBKMBuckingham  
HOLLANDSarah(Wife) M26(1865) F BKMTingewick  
HOLLANDSarah J.(Daughter)  5(1886) F BKMTingewick
HOLLANDFred W?(Son)  1(1890) M BKMTingewick  
GUNTHORPEMaria(Mother) W63(1828) F BKMDadford  
HOLTONWilliam(Boarder) U28(1863) M BKMTingewick  
Folio 9a Sch. 80 [Main St] ( 4 rooms)
STEEDENCharles(Head) M73(1818) MMasonBKMTingewick  
STEEDENElizabeth(Wife) M74(1817) F BKMShalstone  
STEEDENWilliam(Son) U33(1858) MTailorBKMTingewick  
Folio 9a Sch. 81 [Main St] (more than 5 rooms)
LOVELLDavid(Head) M63(1828) MCordwainerBKMTingewick  
LOVELLFrances(Wife) M70(1821) F OXFSunley Coal Harbour  
WORVILLWilliam A.(Lodger) U43(1848) MOrganistBKMTingewick  
WORVILLAllen E.(Lodger)  13(1878) MHorse? BoyBKMTingewick  
Folio 9a Sch. 82 [Main St] (more than 5 rooms)
LONGFrederic C.T?(Head) M35(1856) MClark in Holy OrdersMERBala  
LONGAmelia A(Wife) M41(1850) F NFKRidlington  
LONGHelen A.H.(Daughter)  8(1883) F OXFBicester  
LONGLawrence(Son)  5(1886) M OXFBicester  
LONGJohn A.(Son)  7?m(1891) M BKMTingewick  
FRANKLINHarritt(Servant) U18(1873) FGeneral Servant (dom    
Folio 9a Sch. 83 [Main St] ( 3 rooms)
MILLERJohn(Head) M81(1810) MRetired CarpenterBDFMarston  
MILLERMary(Wife) M64(1827) F OXFFinmere  
Folio 9a Sch. 84 [Main St] (more than 5 rooms)
ROBINSONMathew B.(Head) M47(1844) MBakerOXFDedington  
ROBINSONSarah A.(Wife) M35(1856) F BKMGawcott  
ROBINSONSarah(Mother) W85(1806) F OXFDedington  
Folio 9a Sch. 85 [Main St] (more than 5 rooms)
HADLANDJohn T?(Head) M49(1842) MPublicanBKMTingewick  
HADLANDMary(Wife) M49(1842) F WARWalsgrove on Soere?  
HADLANDFrederick C.(Son)  17(1874) M BKMTingewick
HADLANDFrederick(Brother) U46(1845) MCo PartnerBKMTingewick  
Folio 9a Sch. 86 [Main St] ( 4 rooms)
HERITAGEWilliam G.(Son) U19(1872) MTeacher (Board schooBKMTingewick
HERITAGEJames E.(Grandson)  7(1884) M BKMTingewick  
Folio 9a Sch. 87 [Main St] ( 4 rooms)
RIDGWAYGeorge(Head) M75(1816) MAgl LabourerBKMThornbourough
RIDGWAYKate(Wife) M68(1823) F BKMTingewick  
RIDGWAYJohn(Son) U47(1844) MAgl LabourerBKMTingewick  
RIDGWAYEarnest(Grandson)  18(1873) MScholarBKMTingewick  
NORMANAda(Granddaughter)  9(1882) FScholarLNDUpper Clapton  
GILESFrederick(Lodger) M30(1861) MShoe makerBKMBuckingham  
GILESElizabeth(Wife) M41(1850) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 9b Sch. 88 [Main St] ( 3 rooms)
Folio 9b Sch. 89 Grocer's Shop (more than 5 rooms)
ALLENMary(Head) W88(1803) FShop KeeperNTHSyresham  
ALLENSarah(Daughter) U51(1840) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 9b Sch. 90 [Main St] (more than 5 rooms)
STEEDENAmelia(Head) W45(1846) FLiving on own meansBKMAkeley  
STEEDENLily M.(Daughter)  11(1880) FScholarBKMWater Stratford
PULLEYAnn(Aunt) W76(1815) FLiving on own meansOXFBodicott  
HARWOODHannah(Servant) M42(1849) FGeneral Servant DomeOXFFinmere  
Folio 9b Sch. 91 [Main St] (more than 5 rooms)
SMITHThomas(Head) M51(1840) MBaskett MakerBKMSherington  
SMITHJane(Wife) M42(1849) F BKMSherington  
SMITHWalter E.(Son)  6(1885) MScholarBKMTingewick  
SMITHReginald(Son)  4(1887) MScholarBKMTingewick  
Folio 9b Sch.91.1 [Main St] (more than 5 rooms)
Folio 9b Sch. 92 [Main St] (more than 5 rooms)
BOWDENSarah(Head) U62(1829) FLiving on own meansBKMTingewick  
Folio 9b Sch. 93 [Main St] (more than 5 rooms)
HOLTONSarah(Head) W36(1855) FNo occupationBKMTingewick  
HOLTONAbi H.(Daughter)  11(1880) F MDXHammersmith  
HOLTONAnnie E.(Daughter)  5(1886) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 9b Sch. 94 [Main St] (more than 5 rooms)
BEALCharles(Head)  34(1857) MCoachmanLNDSt John's Wood  
BEALElizabeth(Wife)  29(1862) FDress MakerBKMTingewick  
BEALErnest(Son)  3(1888) M BKMTingewick  
Folio 9b Sch. 95 [Main St] (more than 5 rooms)
STEEDENElizabeth(Head) W60(1831) FLaundressNTHBrackley  
Folio 9b Sch.95.1 Turnpike House (more than 5 rooms)
Folio 9b Sch.95.2 Gawcott Lane (more than 5 rooms)
Folio 9b Sch. 96 Gorall Lane ( 3 rooms)
HORWOODJames(Head)  50(1841) MAgl LabourerBKMBarton Hartshorn
HORWOODRose(Daughter)  15(1876) F BKMBarton Hartshorn  
HORWOODAnnie(Daughter)  13(1878) F OXFFinmere  
HORWOODJane(Daughter)  11(1880) F OXFBuckingham  
HORWOODMary(Daughter)  11(1880) F OXFBuckingham  
Folio 9b Sch.96.1 [Gorall Lane] (more than 5 rooms)
Folio 10a Sch. 97 [Gorall Lane] ( 3 rooms)
CLIFFORDJohn(Head) M31(1860) FAgl LabourerOXFFinmere  
CLIFFORDElizabeth(Wife) M27(1864) F BKMWinslow  
CLIFFORDMary A.(Daughter)  2(1889) F BKMTingewick  
CLIFFORDWilliam G.(Son)  4(1887) M BKMTingewick  
CLIFFORDJane(Daughter)  2(1889) F BKMTingewick  
CLIFFORDRichard(Son)  3 mo(1891) M BKMTingewick  
Folio 10a Sch. 98 [Gorall Lane] ( 4 rooms)
MILLERGeorge(Head) M44(1847) MCarpenterBKMTingewick  
MILLERAnn M.(Wife) M43(1848) F BKMHillesden  
MILLERThomas G.(Son)  16(1875) MAgl LabourerBKMTingewick
MILLEREdwin(Son)  11(1880) MPlough BoyBKMTingewick  
MILLERHarry(Son)  9(1882) MScholarBKMTingewick  
MILLERSophia(Daughter)  6(1885) FScholarBKMTingewick  
MILLERFrederick(Son)  4(1887) MScholarBKMTingewick  
MILLERHarriett(Daughter)  1(1890) FScholarBKMTingewick
Folio 10a Sch.98.1 [Gorall Lane] (more than 5 rooms)
Folio 10a Sch.98.2 [Gorall Lane] (more than 5 rooms)
Folio 10a Sch. 99 [Gorall Lane] ( 4 rooms)
NEALGeorge(Head) M35(1856) M BKMTingewick  
NEALLousia(Wife) M29(1862) F OXFBicester  
NEALNellie Lucas(Daughter)  5(1886) F BKMTingewick  
NEALFrederic(Son)  2(1889) M BKMTingewick  
NEALEsther(Mother) W77(1814) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 10a Sch. 100 [Gorall Lane] ( 4 rooms)
BARNESJoseph(Head) M39(1852) MAgl LabourerOXFFinmere  
BARNESMary A.(Wife) M29(1862) F WARWest Brom  
BARNESEmily(Daughter)  10(1881) F WARWest Brom  
BARNESThomas(Son)  8(1883) M BKMTingewick  
BARNESRobert(Son)  7(1884) M BKMTingewick  
BARNESElizabeth(Daughter)  1(1890) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 10a Sch. 101 Stockley's Lane ( 3 rooms)
STEEDENJames(Head) M45(1846) M BKMTingewick  
STEEDENJane(Wife) M44(1847) F OXFMixbury  
STEEDENMinnie L.C.(Daughter)  8(1883) F BKMTingewick
STEEDENReginald E.(Son)  6(1885) M BKMTingewick  
STEEDENAlice R.(Daughter)  4(1887) F BKMTingewick
STEEDENDan M.(Son)  2(1889) M BKMTingewick  
STEEDENAmelia A.(Daughter)  9 mo(1891) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 10b Sch. 102 [Stockley's Lane] ( 4 rooms)
HORWOODWilliam(Head) M50(1841) M BKMTingewick  
HORWOODMaranda(Wife) M44(1847) F BKMTingewick  
HORWOODMartha(Daughter)  9(1882) F BKMTingewick  
HORWOODWilliam J.(Son)  5(1886) M BKMTingewick  
Folio 10b Sch. 103 [Stockley's Lane] ( 2 rooms)
NEALWilliam(Head) W68(1823) M OXFSouldren  
NEALJohn(Son) U41(1850) M BKMTingewick  
Folio 10b Sch. 104 [Stockley's Lane] ( 4 rooms)
PAXTONThomas(Head) M59(1832) MGeneral LabourerOXFFinmere  
PAXTONEliza(Wife) M55(1836) F BKMTingewick  
PAXTONEdward(Grandson)  1(1890) M BKMTingewick  
HOLTONBenjamin(Boarder) W79(1812) M OXFFinmere  
AIRISThomas(Boarder) W79(1812) M BKMTingewick  
Folio 10b Sch. 105 Bakers Shop Cross Lane (more than 5 rooms)
LUCASMartin(Head) M57(1834) MBakerBKMTingewick  
LUCASHannah(Wife) M56(1835) F OXFFinmere  
SHEIER?William E.(Boarder) U32(1859) MPorterUSAPenesylvania  
Folio 10b Sch. 106 [Cross Lane] (more than 5 rooms)
HOLTONGeorge(Head) M50(1841) MAgl LabourerBKMTingewick  
HOLTONElizabeth(Wife) M48(1843) F BKMGawcott  
HOLTONAnnie(Daughter)  16(1875) F BKMGawcott  
HOLTONGeorge(Son)  11(1880) M BKMTingewick  
HOLTONEvda?(Daughter)  4(1887) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 10b Sch. 107 [Cross Lane] (more than 5 rooms)
LINFORDWilliam(Head) M56(1835) M OXFFinmere  
LINFORDElizabeth(Wife) M52?(1839) F BKMTingewick  
HOLTONEmily M.(Daughter) U19(1872) F BKMTingewick  
HOLTONJames T.(Son) U19(1872) M BKMTingewick  
HOLTONJoseph(Son) U17(1874) M BKMTingewick  
HOLTONDaniel(Son)  16(1875) M BKMTingewick  
HOLTONCaroline(Daughter)  15(1876) F BKMTingewick  
LINFORDElizabeth(Daughter)  7(1884) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 11a Sch. 108 [Cross Lane] ( 4 rooms)
FINCHCharles(Head) M51(1840) MShephurdOXFMixbury  
FINCHAnn(Wife) M57(1834) F BKMTingewick  
COATESEllen(Granddaughter)  6(1885) FScholarBKMTingewick  
Folio 11a Sch.08.1 Back St (more than 5 rooms)
Folio 11a Sch. 109 [Back St] ( 4 rooms)
HEARNSarah(Head) W82(1809) F BKMBuckingham  
HEARNMary(Daughter) U38(1853) F WILMelksham  
HUMPHRIESEllen(Granddaughter)  15(1876) F BKMOlney
HEARNEllen E.(Granddaughter)  14?(1877) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 11a Sch. 110 [Back St] ( 4 rooms)
PARAGREENGeorge(Head) M28(1863) MShoemakerBKMTingewick  
PARAGREENEllen(Wife) M26(1865) F BKMTingewick  
PARAGREENSusan(Daughter)  2(1889) F BKMTingewick
PARAGREENFlorence M.(Daughter)  11m(1891) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 11a Sch. 111 [Back St] (more than 5 rooms)
MARKHAMRichard(Head) M30(1861) MHay Tyer & ThatcherBKMTingewick
MARKHAMEmma(Wife) M32?(1859) F BKMDadford  
MARKHAMGeorge(Son)  6?(1885) M BKMTingewick  
MARKHAMElsie(Daughter)  3(1888) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 11a Sch. 112 [Back St] (more than 5 rooms)
RIDGEWAYThomas(Head) M35(1856) MGamekeeper & WoodmanBKMTingewick  
RIDGEWAYMary A.(Wife) M30(1861) F BKMBuckingham  
RIDGEWAYWilliam(Son)  5(1886) M BKMBuckingham  
RIDGEWAYFrederick(Son)  4(1887) M BKMBuckingham  
RIDGEWAYThomas(Son)  2(1889) M BKMBuckingham  
RIDGEWAYKate(Daughter)  9 mo(1891) F BKMBuckingham  
Folio 11a Sch. 113 [Back St] (more than 5 rooms)
RICHARDSONThomas(Head) M48(1843) MGardenerBKMAkeley  
RICHARDSONLousia E.(Wife) M42?(1849) F OXFBanbury  
RICHARDSONJohn E.(Son)  12(1879) M OXFBanbury  
RICHARDSONWilliam F.(Son)  10(1881) M BKMBuckingham  
RICHARDSONJames S.(Son)  9(1882) M BKMBuckingham
RICHARDSONFrank A.(Son)  5(1886) M BKMTingewick  
RICHARDSONMable A.(Daughter)  3(1888) F BKMTingewick  
RICHARDSONGeorge A.(Son)  7 mo(1891) M BKMTingewick
Folio 11b Sch. 114 [Back St] (more than 5 rooms)
WORVILLEAnn(Head) W66(1825) FLiving on own MeansBKMTingewick  
WORVILLEJulia(Daughter) U29(1862) FDressmaker & MillineBKMTingewick
Folio 11b Sch. 115 [Back St] ( 4 rooms)
BANISTEREdmind(Head) M51(1840) MAgl LabourerOXFMixbury  
BANISTEREllen(Wife) M54(1837) F BKMTingewick  
BANISTERMary S.(Daughter) U26?(1865) F BKMTingewick  
BANISTERGeorge A.(Son) U20(1871) MButcherBKMTingewick  
BANISTEREdith H.(Daughter) U18(1873) F BKMTingewick  
BANISTERJulia(Daughter)  14(1877) F BKMTingewick  
WEBBJessie L.D.(Boarder)  3(1888) F BKMTingewick
Folio 11b Sch.15.1 The Mount (more than 5 rooms)
Folio 11b Sch. 116 [Back St] ( 4 rooms)
COXGeorge(Head) M40(1851) MAgl LabourerBKMPreston Bissett  
COXRuth(Wife) M41(1850) F BKMDrayton Parslow  
COXWilliam(Son)  13(1878) M BKMTingewick  
COXSarah(Daughter)  12(1879) F BKMTingewick  
COXGeorge(Son)  5(1886) M BKMTingewick  
COXElizabeth(Daughter)  3(1888) F BKMTingewick  
COXHannah(Daughter)  1(1890) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 11b Sch.16.1 [Back St] (more than 5 rooms)
Folio 11b Sch. 117 [Back St] ( 4 rooms)
LUCASGeorge(Head) M54(1837) MAgl LabourerBKMTingewick  
LUCASHannah(Wife) M45(1846) F BKMPreston Bissett  
LUCASRachel(Daughter)  12(1879) F BKMTingewick  
LUCASMartha(Daughter)  9(1882) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 11b Sch. 118 [Back St] ( 4 rooms)
TASKERDaniel(Head) M58(1833) MAgl LabourerBKMPreston Bissett  
TASKERHannah(Wife) M49(1842) F BKMChetwoode  
TASKERAda(Daughter) U23(1868) F BKMPreston Bissett  
TASKERFrank T.(Son) U20(1871) M BKMPreston Bissett  
TASKERMary A.(Daughter)  16(1875) F BKMPreston Bissett  
TASKERCharles W.(Son)  14(1877) M BKMPreston Bissett  
TASKERSarah A.(Daughter)  8(1883) F BKMPreston Bissett
TASKERJulia E.(Daughter)  6(1885) F BKMPreston Bissett  
KEENChole J.(Granddaughter)  8 mo(1891) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 12a Sch. 119 [Back St] ( 4 rooms)
HOLTONJoseph(Head) W74(1817) M BKMTingewick  
HOLTONAmy(Daughter) U50(1841) F BKMTingewick  
MOSSSarah(Visitor) M47?(1844) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 12a Sch. 120 [Back St] (more than 5 rooms)
RIDGWAYGeorge(Head) M65(1826) MGardenerBKMAkeley  
RIDGWAYAmelia(Wife) M79(1812) F BKMMaids Moreton  
Folio 12a Sch. 121 Tingewick House (more than 5 rooms)
SHUTTLEWORTHJane(Servant) U50(1841) FHousemaid (Domestic)WARBirmingham
MARCHANTEliza?(Servant) U40(1851) FCookBRKFarringdon  
Folio 12a Sch. 122 [Back St] (more than 5 rooms)
JONESAdron(Head) M68(1823) MCarpenterOXFFinmere  
JONESMartha(Wife) M66(1825) F BKMTingewick  
JONESElizabeth A.(Daughter) U28(1863) F BKMTingewick  
SIDEJohn(Lodger) U37(1854) MAgl LabourerBKMTingewick  
Folio 12a Sch. 123 [Back St] ( 4 rooms)
HORWOODJames(Head) M63(1828) MAgl LabourerOXFFinmere  
HORWOODSarah(Wife) M49(1842) F BKMLeckhumstead  
PEARSONElizabeth(Daughter) W27(1864) F BKMTingewick  
PEARSONJoseph H.(Grandson)  3(1888) M BKMTingewick  
Folio 12a Sch. 124 [Back St] (more than 5 rooms)
CROSSGeorge(Head) M49(1842) MBricklayerBKMTingewick  
CROSSJane(Wife) M49(1842) F BKMTingewick  
CROSSFred(Son) U24(1867) MBakerBKMTingewick  
CROSSRichard(Son)  13(1878) M BKMTingewick  
CROSSWallace(Son)  7(1884) M BKMTingewick  
CROSSJames(Lodger) M44(1847) M BKMTingewick  
Folio 12a Sch. 125 [Back St] (more than 5 rooms)
MARSHALLJames(Head) M49(1842) MFarmer & Coal DealerBKMTingewick  
MARSHALLLucy(Wife) M50(1841) F BKMTingewick  
MARSHALLWilliam(Son) U13(1878) M BKMTingewick  
MARSHALLAnnie(Daughter)  14(1877) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 12a Sch. 126 Rose Cottage (more than 5 rooms)
THOMPSONCecil(Head) U25(1866) FLiving on own meansNTHGrimsby  
THOMPSONAnnie M(Sister) U23(1868) FLiving on own meansOXFSteeple Aston  
TIMMSMable E.(Cousin)  7(1884) F MDXTotenham London
TIMMSAda A.(Cousin)  16(1875) FDressmakers AprenticSRYWandsworth  
Folio 12a Sch. 127 [Back St] ( 3 rooms)
PAXTONJames(Head) M69(1822) M OXFFinmere  
PAXTONRuth(Wife) M70(1821) F BKMTingewick  
WINDSORWalter J.(Nephew)  6(1885) M LNDPart not known
COLESElizabeth(Lodger) W91(1800) F BKMPadbury  
Folio 12b Sch. 128 [Back St] ( 2 rooms)
ROADSThomas W.(Head) W75(1816) MLiving on own meansBKMBrill
ROADSAlfred H.(Grandson) U18(1873) MPainter & House DecoBKMQuainton  
Folio 12b Sch. 129 [Back St] (more than 5 rooms)
CLARKAmelia H.(Daughter) U27(1864) F OXFFringford  
Folio 12b Sch. 130 Wheelwrights Shop ( 4 rooms)
STEEDENShugborough N.(Head) M39(1852) MWheelwrightBKMTingewick  
STEEDENEliza(Wife) M39(1852) F BKMChetwoode  
STEEDENFanny E.(Daughter)  15(1876) F BKMTingewick
Folio 12b Sch. 131 Rectory Farm House (more than 5 rooms)
NELSONGeorge T.(Head) M55(1836) MFarmerBKMPadbury  
NELSONMary A.(Daughter) U25(1866) F BKMPadbury  
NELSONHenry(Son) U23(1868) M BKMPadbury  
BULLCatherine E.T.(Visitor) U21(1870) F BKMPadbury  
Folio 12b Sch. 132 [Back St] ( 2 rooms)
HANCOCKWilliam J.B.(Lodger) U38(1853) MClerk in Holy OrdersMDXBrompton  
Folio 12b Sch. 133 [Back St] ( 4 rooms)
RIDGWAYBenjamin(Head) M71(1820) MLiving on own meansBKMThornborough
RIDGWAYElizabeth(Wife) M67(1824) F WILBradford  
Folio 12b Sch. 134 [Back St] ( 4 rooms)
LINFORDGeorge(Head) M28(1863) MAgl LabourerOXFFinmere  
LINFORDEliza(Wife) M23(1868) F OXFFinmere  
LINFORDThomas M(Son)  7 mo(1891) M BKMTingewick  
Folio 12b Sch. 135 [Back St] ( 3 rooms)
PETTYJoseph(Head) W55(1836) MAgl LabourerBKMTingewick  
Folio 12b Sch. 136 [Back St] ( 4 rooms)
TERRYJames(Head) M43(1848) MAgl LabourerBKMTingewick  
TERRYAnn(Wife) M44(1847) F WORLower Norton  
TERRYElizabeth A.(Daughter)  12(1879) FScholarBKMTingewick
TERRYJames W.(Son)  9(1882) MScholarBKMTingewick  
TERRYEllen(Daughter)  7(1884) FScholarBKMTingewick  
TERRYJoseph(Son)  4(1887) MScholarBKMTingewick  
TERRYLaura(Daughter)  3(1888) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 12b Sch. 137 [Back St] ( 4 rooms)
JARMAN?Catherine(Head) W43(1848) F BKMBuckingham  
JARMAN?Edward(Son) U20(1871) MBricklayer's LaboureBKMGawcott  
Folio 12b Sch.37.1 [Back St] (more than 5 rooms)
Folio 12b Sch. 138 [Back St] (more than 5 rooms)
MILLERWilliam(Head) M46(1845) MBuilderBKMTingewick  
MILLERSarah A.(Wife) M47(1844) F OXFHook Norton  
MILLERMiriam B.(Daughter) U21(1870) FDressmakerBKMTingewick  
MILLERLaura M(Daughter) U16(1875) FScholarBKMTingewick  
MILLERJeffery W.(Son)  14(1877) MScholarBKMTingewick  
MILLERGertrude S.(Daughter)  11(1880) FScholarBKMTingewick
MILLEREthel M.(Daughter)  6(1885) FScholarBKMTingewick  
Folio 13a Sch. 139 [Back St] (more than 5 rooms)
IBELLGeorge(Head) M67(1824) MGardnerBKMPreston Bissett  
IBELLEliza(Wife) M59(1832) F OXFNewton Pursell  
IBELLRuth A.(Daughter)  15(1876) F BKMChetwoode  
Folio 13a Sch. 140 [Back St] ( 4 rooms)
MARKHAMJohn(Head) M57(1834) MGeneral LabourerBKMTingewick  
MARKHAMAnn(Wife) M60(1831) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 13a Sch. 141 [Back St] ( 4 rooms)
TOMPKINSDaniel(Head) M36(1855) MAgl LabourerOXFFinmere  
TOMPKINSJane(Wife) M36(1855) F BKMGawcott  
TOMPKINSLousia J.(Daughter)  13(1878) F BKMTingewick
TOMPKINSFrancis G.(Son)  8(1883) M BKMTingewick  
TOMPKINSMable W.(Daughter)  5(1886) F BKMTingewick
TOMPKINSLason?(Son)  2(1889) M BKMTingewick  
TOMPKINSInfant(Son)  1 mo(1891) M BKMTingewick  
BATTAMSMary A.(Mother) W71(1820) F OXFBlackthorn  
Folio 13a Sch. 142 Farm House ( 4 rooms)
POLLARDGeorge(Head) M40(1851) MMiller & FarmerBKMTingewick  
POLLARDSarah A.(Wife) M52(1839) F BKMSony Stratford  
POLLARDEdith M.(Daughter)  14(1877) FMonitrssInInfantSchoBKMTingewick  
POLLARDHannah C.(Daughter)  13(1878) FScholarBKMTingewick
POLLARDJohn H.(Son)  10(1881) MScholarBKMTingewick  
Folio 13a Sch. 143 Crow Corner ( 4 rooms)
COXSarah A.(Head) W47(1844) F LINWhaplow  
COXGeorge W.(Son) U16(1875) M WORWick  
COXFlorence E.(Daughter)  13(1878) F BKMCookham  
COXGertrude(Daughter)  10(1881) F GLSSyreinsister  
COXAmelia A.(Daughter)  6(1885) F WOREkington  
COXMordie(Daughter)  4(1887) F BKMChetwoode  
Folio 13a Sch. 144 [Crow Corner] ( 4 rooms)
GRAYGeorge(Head) U56(1835) M BKMTingewick  
GRAYElizabeth(Sister) U70(1821) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 13b Sch. 145 [Crow Corner] ( 4 rooms)
SIRETTEdward(Head) M55(1836) MFarm LabourerBKMAdstock  
SIRETTElizabeth(Wife) M56(1835) F BKMAdstock  
SIRETTGavus?(Son) U17(1874) MUnder GardenerBKMAdstock  
Folio 13b Sch. 146 [Crow Corner] ( 4 rooms)
MORRISJohn(Head) W72(1819) MAgl LabourerOXFIslip  
MORRISMary A.(Daughter) U32(1859) FGeneral ServantBKMTingewick  
Folio 13b Sch. 147 [Crow Corner] (more than 5 rooms)
JONESHenry(Head) M33(1858) MAgl LabourerBKMTingewick  
JONESAmy(Wife) M39(1852) F BKMTingewick  
OWENFrederick(Stepson)  14(1877) MAgl LabourerBKMBuckingham  
JONESHenry(Son)  12(1879) MAgl LabourerBKMTingewick  
JONESMartha(Daughter)  10(1881) FScholarBKMTingewick  
JONESAmy(Daughter)  3(1888) F BKMTingewick  
JONESPercy(Son)  3 mo(1891) M BKMTingewick  
Folio 13b Sch.47.1 [Crow Corner] (more than 5 rooms)
Folio 13b Sch. 148 Farm House (more than 5 rooms)
TOEGeorge(Head) M42(1849) MFarmerBKMDrayton Parslow  
TOEEmma(Wife) M39(1852) F WARBirmingham  
TOEAlice A.(Daughter)  15(1876) FMilliner's ApprenticBKMAdstock  
Folio 13b Sch. 149 Stranger's Lane ( 4 rooms)
HARRISGeorge A.(Head) M50(1841) MAgl LabourerOXFMixbury  
HARRISMary(Wife) M42(1849) F OXFFinmere  
HARRISWilliam H.(Son)  15(1876) MAgl LabourerBKMTingewick  
HARRISJulia R.(Daughter)  10(1881) F BKMTingewick
HARRISLaura A.(Daughter)  6(1885) F BKMTingewick  
HARRISSharlott(Daughter)  4(1887) F OXFFinmere  
HARRISJoseph T?(Son)  1(1890) M BKMTingewick  
Folio 13b Sch. 150 [Stranger's Lane] ( 2 rooms)
STUCHFIELDMary A.(Head) W62(1829) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 13b Sch. 151 Stratford Lane ( 3 rooms)
GOUGHSarah(Head) W64(1827) F BKMAkeley  
Folio 13b Sch.51.1 [Stratford Lane] (more than 5 rooms)
Folio 13b Sch. 152 [Stratford Lane] ( 4 rooms)
LINFORDJohn(Head) M27(1864) MAgl LabourerOXFFinmere  
LINFORDSarah A.(Wife) M24(1867) F BKMWinslow  
LINFORDWilliam T.(Son)  5(1886) M BKMTingewick  
LINFORDAda M.(Daughter)  3(1888) F BKMTingewick  
LINFORDHarry(Son)  11mo(1891) M BKMTingewick  
Folio 14a Sch.52.1 [Stratford Lane] (more than 5 rooms)
Folio 14a Sch. 153 [Stratford Lane] ( 4 rooms)
NEALThomas H.(Head) M32(1859) MAgl LabourerBKMTingewick  
NEALElizabeth(Wife) M32(1859) F OXFMixbury  
NEALLucy(Daughter)  3(1888) F BKMTingewick  
NEALRhoda(Daughter)  1(1890) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 14a Sch. 154 [Stratford Lane] ( 4 rooms)
WATSONHerbert(Head) M24(1867) MCarpenter & JoinerBKMWater Stratford
WATSONKate(Wife) M24(1867) F NTTGiddling  
WATSONIvy(Daughter)  1(1890) F NTTGidling  
WATSONOliver(Son)  3 mo(1891) M BKMTingewick  
Folio 14a Sch. 155 [Stratford Lane] ( 4 rooms)
BARNESWilliam(Head) M30(1861) MAgl LabourerBKMTingewick  
BARNESMirella(Wife) M29(1862) F BKMBuckingham  
BARNESEdith(Daughter)  9(1882) F BKMTingewick  
BARNESWilliam(Son)  6(1885) M BKMTingewick  
BARNESHenry(Son)  4(1887) M BKMTingewick  
BARNESLousia(Daughter)  8(1883) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 14a Sch.55.1 Beershaba (more than 5 rooms)
Folio 14a Sch. 156 Sand Pit Hill ( 2 rooms)
SMITHElizabeth(Head) W35(1856) FCharwomanBKMTingewick  
SMITHFlorrie(Daughter)  5(1886) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 14a Sch. 157 [Sand Pit Hill] ( 4 rooms)
JACKSONWilliam(Head) M75(1816) MCarpenterOXFNewton Purssell  
JACKSONMary E.(Wife) M65(1826) F  On the Sea  
JACKSONEleanor M.(Daughter) U21(1870) F BKMTingewick  
WHITEHEADCharity D?(Granddaughter)  13(1878) F BKMDeanshanger  
JACKSONEdwin B.(Grandson)  2(1889) M NTTNottingham  
Folio 14a Sch. 158 [Sand Pit Hill] (more than 5 rooms)
HOLTONJames(Head) M35(1856) MSheppardBKMTingewick  
HOLTONSusan(Wife) M24(1867) F NTHCharlton by Newbottl
HOLTONWilliam J.(Son)  2(1889) M BKMTingewick  
Folio 14a Sch. 159 [Sand Pit Hill] (more than 5 rooms)
LEVERJoseph B.(Head) M52(1839) MDealerNTHFinedon  
LEVERMary(Wife) M52(1839) FPrivate SchoolmistreBKMBeaconsfield  
LEVERJoseph(Son) U23(1868) M BRKBinfield  
LEVERMillicent(Daughter) U19(1872) F BRKMaidenhead  
Folio 14b Sch. 160 [Sand Pit Hill] (more than 5 rooms)
HARVEYThomas B.(Head) M67(1824) MBuilderBKMTingewick  
HARVEYElizabeth(Wife) M65(1826) F OXFStratton Audley  
HARVEYGeorge(Son) U28(1863) MBuilder's LabourerBKMTingewick  
Folio 14b Sch. 161 [Sand Pit Hill] (more than 5 rooms)
WATSONAmos(Head) M46(1845) MAgl LabourerBKMWater Stratford
WATSONEmily(Wife) M44(1847) F SSX   
WATSONFrancis(Son) U22(1869) M BKMWater Stratford  
WATSONThomas(Son)  15(1876) M BKMWater Stratford
WATSONEdward(Son)  13(1878) M BKMWater Stratford  
WATSONCharles(Son)  10(1881) M BKMWater Stratford
WATSONHorice(Son)  8(1883) M BKMTingewick  
WATSONGeorge(Son)  5(1886) M BKMTingewick  
WATSONAlfred(Son)  3(1888) M BKMTingewick  
Folio 14b Sch. 162 [Sand Pit Hill] (more than 5 rooms)
PAXTONHenry(Head) M63(1828) MRailway LabourerOXFFinmere  
PAXTONEliza(Wife) M60(1831) F BKMTingewick  
PAXTONJoseph(Son) U37(1854) MAgl LabourerBKMTingewick  
MILLERSophia(Lodger) U40(1851) FDressmakerBKMTingewick  
Folio 14b Sch.62.1 Little Tingewick (more than 5 rooms)
Folio 14b Sch.62.2 Pembroke Villa (more than 5 rooms)
Folio 14b Sch. 163 [Little Tingewick] ( 4 rooms)
HOLTONJohn(Head) M27(1864) MGroomBKMTingewick  
Folio 14b Sch. 164 [Little Tingewick] (more than 5 rooms)
KINGSCOTE?John B.(Head) M40(1851) MLand AgentGLSKingscote  
KINGSCOTE?Harriett(Wife) M26(1865) F N.BEdinburgh  
KINGSCOTE?John(Son)  5(1886) M LND44 Hawes Place
KINGSCOTE?Caroline H.(Daughter)  4(1887) F BKMTingewick  
PALMERCharles(Servant) U28(1863) MGroomDomesticServantSFKIpswich
DOGGETTGeorge(Servant) U23(1868) MButlerBDFClophill  
(M)CAUSLANDAnna (M)(Servant) U40(1851) FNurseDomesticServantIRLRathangan? Co Kildar  
PRATTMinnie E.(Servant) U16(1875) FNurse Maid &cNTHCroughton
GARDNERKate(Servant) U25(1866) FCook Domestic ServanLNDStrand  
CHILVERSSarah(Servant) U40(1851) FHousemaid domestic sSFKReandlesham?
HOLTONEllen(Servant) U18(1873) FKitchen Maid domestiBKMTingewick  
Folio 15a Sch. 165 [Little Tingewick] (more than 5 rooms)
WADEPhilip(Head) M48(1843) MGardener Domestic seSFKCampsra Asha
WADEMary(Wife) M41(1850) F SFKDremsington?  
WADEGracer(Daughter)  13(1878) F SFKCampsra Asha  
WADELydia(Daughter)  11(1880) F SFKCampsra Asha  
WADEJohn(Son)  8(1883) M SFKCampsra Asha  
WADEHuldah(Daughter)  7(1884) F SFKCampsra Asha  
Folio 15a Sch. 166 [Little Tingewick] ( 3 rooms)
TOMPKINSEdward(Head) M68(1823) MRailway LabourerOXFFinmere  
TOMPKINSHollen(Wife) M48(1843) F OXFFinmere  
TOMPKINSEdward A.(Son) U21(1870) MAgl LabourerOXFFinmere  
TOMPKINSEdmund(Son) U16(1875) MAgl LabourerOXFFinmere  
TOMPKINSWilliam H.(Son)  12(1879) M BKMTingewick  
TOMPKINSMary J.(Daughter)  9(1882) F BKMTingewick
TOMPKINSFanny(Daughter)  6(1885) F BKMTingewick  
TOMPKINSLousia(Daughter)  4(1887) F BKMTingewick  
TOMPKINSAlice(Daughter)  6 mo(1891) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 15a Sch. 167 [Little Tingewick] ( 3 rooms)
PETTYMartha(Head) W67(1824) F BKMTingewick  
PETTYHarry(Son)  18(1873) M BKMTingewick  
PETTYFrederick(Grandson)  3(1888) M NTTSandyacer  
Folio 15a Sch. 168 Farm House (more than 5 rooms)
HIGGINSJohn(Head) M35(1856) MTraction Engine PropBKMHanslope
HIGGINSLousia(Wife) M41(1850) F BKMRavenstone  
THOMPKINSLouisa(Servant) U53(1838) F NTHFinedon  
Folio 15a Sch. 169 Grocer's Shop (more than 5 rooms)
PRICEDavid(Head) M36(1855) MGrocerNTHPotterspury  
PRICEElizabeth(Wife) M37(1854) F BDFLeighton Buzzard  
PRICEEdith J.(Daughter)  13(1878) FScholarBKMDrayton Parslow
PRICEWilliam C.(Son)  12(1879) MScholarBKMDrayton Parslow  
PRICEAnnie L.(Daughter)  9(1882) FScholarBKMTingewick
PRICEGertrude T.(Daughter)  7(1884) FScholarBKMTingewick  
PRICEEmily H.(Daughter)  4(1887) FScholarBKMTingewick
PRICEFlorence M.(Daughter)  2(1889) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 15b Sch. 170 Red Lion Inn (more than 5 rooms)
BARRETTJames T.(Head) M35(1856) MBaker & PublicanBKMTingewick  
BARRETTFlorence L.(Wife) M29(1862) F MDXIslington  
BARRETTAgustus H.(Son)  6(1885) M OXFFinmere  
BARRETTFlorence F.(Daughter)  2(1889) F BKMTingewick
CLIFFORDEleanor(Servant)  15(1876) FGeneral Servant DomeOXFFinmere  
JOHNSONHenry(Servant)  15(1876) MGeneral Serv & HelpeBKMWater Stratford  
Folio 15b Sch. 171 Sand Pit Hill (more than 5 rooms)
GREAVESEdwin(Head) M39(1852) MAgl LabourerBKMWater Stratford  
GREAVESHannah(Wife) M38(1853) F BKMPadbury  
GREAVESEliza(Daughter) U16(1875) F BKMWater Stratford  
GREAVESHellen(Daughter)  14(1877) F BKMBeersheba  
GREAVESPhilip S.(Son)  11?(1880) M OXFBacon's Wood House
GREAVESFrederick G.(Son)  10(1881) M OXFBacon's Wood House  
GREAVESArthur H.(Son)  6(1885) M OXFBacon's Wood House
GREAVESLaura V.(Daughter)  3(1888) F OXFBacon's Wood House  
GREAVESOliver C.(Son)  1(1890) M     
Folio 15b Sch. 172 Fig Tree Cottage (more than 5 rooms)
SIDEJames(Head) W65(1826) M BKMTingewick  
FURNACEElizabeth(Sister) W66(1825) F BKMTingewick  
SIDEWilliam(Son) U27(1864) M BKMTingewick  
SIDEAnnia(Daughter) U25(1866) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 15b Sch. 173 [Fig Tree Cottage?] (more than 5 rooms)
JONESCatherine(Head) W66(1825) F OXFFritwell  
Folio 15b Sch. 174 Wood Farm (more than 5 rooms)
FLOYDWilliam(Head) M60(1831) MFarmerBKMFrindell  
FLOYDSophia(Wife) M60(1831) F BKMLacey Green  
FLOYDJohn(Son) U30(1861) M BKMStokenchurch  
FLOYDDan(Son) U26(1865) M OXFStokinchurch  
FLOYDFrank(Son) U19(1872) M BKMPadbury  
PERKINSThomas G.(Grandson)  8(1883) M BKMPadbury