John Stockley

( no email address - contact him via Roy Penney - )

is the great-grandson of:
William Thomas Stockley (bp. 1866 in Tingewick, d. aft 1891, prob. Cheshire)
who married (probably in Cheshire)
Catherine (b. abt 1869 - Disley, Cheshire)

and the 2g-g'son of:
John Stockley (b. 1840 in Tingewick, d. 1909 in Ashton, Lancashire)
who married (1864 in Tingewick)
Pleasant Oswell (b. 1834 in Radclive, Buckinghamshire, d. 1906 in Ashton, Lancashire)
(he shares these, and all his earlier ancestors, with his second cousin who is the partner of Annette Nicholson)

and the 3g-g'son of:
William Stockley (b. abt 1813 in Tingewick, bur. 1887 in Tingewick)
who married (1833 in Tingewick)
Frances Ford (b. 1801 or 1811 in Tingewick, bur 1860 in Tingewick)
John Oswell (b. bef. 1795, bur. 1856 at Buckingham)
who married
Susan Gibbs (b. abt. 1797/8 at Rousham, Oxfordshire, bur. 1871 at Tingewick)

and the 4g-g'son of:
George Robert Ford (b. abt 1775 in Buckingham, bur. 1857 in Tingewick)
who married (1800 in Buckingham)
Ann Giles (b. abt. 1777, bur. 1831 in Tingewick)
John Oswell
who married (1791 at Radclive, Buckinghamshire)
Mary George
William Gibbs