Rob Rockall in Sydney, Australia

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(1) Rob Rockall is the 9-g-g'son of
(2192) John Markhamwho married (2193) Ann ??

and the 8g-g'son of
(1096) John Markham bp 1663 at Tingewick who married [unknown]

and the 7g-g'son of
(548) Henry Markham bp 1689 who married (549) Sarah

and the 6g-g'son of
(274) Thomas Markham (bp 1716, bur 1769 at Tingewick) and (275) Catherine Poulton (bur 1752 at Tingewick) who married 1740 at Buckingham
He shares these ancestors & earlier generations with Jayne McHugh and David Empson & Barbara Dixon who are therefore his 7th cousins

and the 5g-g'son of
(136) James Steeden (1847-1782+) "of Charleton" and (137) Sara Markham (1741-1790) who married at Tingewick on Christmas Day 1770
He shares these ancestors and all previous generations with Hatty Floyd who is thus his 6th cousin

and the 4g-g'son of
(68) George Steeden (1780-bef.1841) and (69) Hannah Cleaver (1787-1851+) who married at Tingewick in December 1807

and the 3g-g'son of
(34) George Steeden (1809-1885) and (35) Eliza Coleman (1810-1881+) who married at Tingewick in October 1834
He shares thes ancestors and all previous generations with Jane Munro who is his father's 3rd cousin.

and the 2g-g'son of
(17) Rebecca Steeden (1839-1881+) and (16) Benjamin Rockall(b. 1835 at Watlington - d aft. 1881) who married at Tingewick in July 1859

After their marriage, Benjamin and Rebecca moved to Bampton in Devon where their first four children were born (1860-65). They then went to Elmstead in Kent (1868-70) and Bromley, Kent (1872-81)
After this, the family remained in and around London for three generations until Rob emigrated to Australia in 1970

Other surnames being researched

Collings pre- 1881 - London (Wandsworth), England
Northcott pre-1830 - ?Oxfordshire
Rockallpre-1800 - London, England
Rockall 1800-1850 at Watlington, Oxfordshire
Tavendale pre-1910 London, England
West pre-1800 London, England