The 1901 census of Tingewick, enumerated on the night of Sunday 31st March.

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I have also searched for, and added to the relevant Families, all the people in other places who gave Tingewick as their birthplace on their census returns.

Folio 5a Sch. 1 Grove Hill Farm (more than 5 rooms)
GARDNERJames(Head) M51(1850) M FarmerOXFAdderbury  
GARDNERHannah(Wife) M44(1857) F  NTHFarthinghoe  
GARDNERJames Greaves(Son) S21(1880) M farmer's sonBKMTingewick  
GARDNERPercy(Son) S16(1885) M farmer's sonOXFBroughton  
GARDNERCecil(Son) S12(1889) M  OXFBroughton  
GARDNERMaud(Daughter) S9(1892) F  OXFBroughton  
GARDNERArthur(Son) S5(1896) M  BKMTingewick  
GARDNERDorothy(Daughter) S3(1898) F  BKMTingewick  
TOMPKINSFanny(Servant) S17(1884) F General servant (domBKMLittle Tingewick  
ALGARMable(Servant) S13(1888) F General servant (domBKMThornborough  
LEWISWilliam(Shepherd) W65(1836) M Shepherd on farmOXFNorth Aston  
Folio 5a Sch. 2 Tingewick Mill (more than 5 rooms)
POLLARDBenjamin(Brother) S40(1861) M Miller and farmerBKMTingewick  
POLLARDJoseph(Brother) S39(1862) M Miller and farmerBKMTingewick  
ALLENSarah(Housekeeper) S61(1840) F Housekeeper (DomestiBKMTingewick  
RICHARDSNHARRISCharlotte(Servant) S14(1887) F General servant (domOXFFinmere  
Folio 5a Sch. 3 Manor House (more than 5 rooms)
ARNATTHenry(Head) M56(1845) M FarmerOXFEynsham  
ARNATTCecelia(Wife) M48(1853) F  BKMBuckingham  
HARRISONMarjorie(Niece) S6(1895) F  BKMBuckingham  
WHITEEllen(Servant) S24(1877) F Cook (domestic)BKMClaydon  
WRIGHTFlorence(Servant) S15(1886) F Housemaid (domestic)NTHSyresham  
Folio 5a Sch. 4 Church Lane ( 3 rooms)
TOMPKINSThomas(Head) W70(1831) M ordinary ag labOXFFinmere  
PAXTONEdward(Grandson) S11(1890) M  BKMTingewick  
Folio 5a Sch. 5 Church Lane ( 4 rooms)
LUCASWilliam(Head) M57(1844) M Cattleman on farmBKMTingewick  
LUCASHarriet(Wife) M50(1851) F  BKMTurweston  
LUCASDaniel(Son) S18(1883) M Journeyman bakerBKMTingewick  
LUCASFred(Son) S15(1886) M Page boy (domestic)BKMAkeley  
LUCASGeorge(Son) S12(1889) M Houseboy (domestic)BKMAkeley  
LUCASSeptimus(Son) S9(1892) M  BKMAkeley  
LUCASMary Ann(Daughter) S7(1894) F  BKMAkeley  
Folio 5b Sch. 6 Church Lane ( 4 rooms)
DICKENSCharles(Head) M76(1825) M  BKMTingewick  
DICKENSMaria(Wife) M84(1817) F  OXFMixbury  
GILESMary Ann(Nurse) W52(1849) F Sick nurseBKMBuckingham  
Folio 5b Sch. 7 Church Lane ( 4 rooms)
ADAMSThomas(Head) M31(1870) M Carter on farmBKMTingewick  
ADAMSEmily(Wife) M29(1872) F  BKMLittle Tingewick  
ADAMSFrederick(Son) S8(1893) M  BKMTingewick  
Folio 5b Sch. 8 Church Lane ( 4 rooms)
ARISThomas(Head) M53(1848) M Shepherd on farmOXFFinmere  
ARISMary Ann(Wife) M50(1851) F  BKMTingewick  
ARISFrederick Wm(Son) S23(1878) M Navvy on railwayBKMTingewick  
ARISBertha(Daughter) S16(1885) F Housemaid (domestic)BKMTingewick  
Folio 5b Sch. 9 Church Lane ( 2 rooms)
SIDEJohn(Head) S47(1854) M Ordinary ag labBKMTingewick  
Folio 5b Sch. 10 Church Lane (more than 5 rooms)
STEEDENGeorge Watkins(Head) M48(1853) M Ordinary ag labBKMTingewick  
STEEDENElizabeth(Wife) M39(1862) F  BKMTingewick  
STEEDENLily(Daughter) S14(1887) F General servant (domBKMTingewick  
STEEDENLeonard(Son) S13(1888) M Ag LabBKMTingewick  
STEEDENShugborough(Son) S10(1891) M  BKMTingewick  
Folio 5b Sch. 11 The Rectory (more than 5 rooms)
COKERJohn(Head) M79(1822) M Clergyman (C of E)GLSCheltenham  
COKERElizabeth Mary(Wife) M75(1826) F  WORWorcester  
FOXEllen(Servant) W38(1863) F Ladysmaid (domestic)OXFBicester  
JONESAgusta Emma(Servant) S61(1840) F Cook (domestic)WORTenbury  
ARISMinnie Maria(Servant) S20(1881) F Housemaid (domestic)BKMTingewick  
Folio 5b Sch. 12 Rectory Lodge (more than 5 rooms)
PRICEJonathan(Head) M68(1833) M Gardener - domesticOXFFritwell  
PRICEEmma(Wife) M70(1831) F  WORMalvern  
IBELLRuth Alice(Visitor) S25(1876) M  BKMChetwode  
Folio 5b Sch. 13 Church Lane (more than 5 rooms)
MARKHAMJohn(Head) M60(1841) M Ag LabBKMTingewick  
MARKHAMAnn(Wife) M58(1843) F LaundressOXFMiddleton Cheney  
LEWISAmos Henry(Boarder) M32(1869) M Coachman - domesticOXFNorth Aston  
LEWISEmma Jane(Daughter) M23(1878) F  BKMTingewick  
LEWISAnnie Markham(Granddaughter) S2(1899) F  BKMTingewick  
PALMERJohn Henry(Visitor) M27(1874) M Gardener - domesticSTSRowley Regis, Dudley  
PALMERSarah Ann(Visitor) M30(1871) F  BKMTingewick  
Folio 6a Sch. 14 Church Lane (more than 5 rooms)
COXGeorge(Head) M52(1849) M Ag LabBKMPreston Bissett  
COXRuth(Wife) M50(1851) F  BKMDrayton Parslow  
COXGeorge(Son) S15(1886) M Journeyman bakerBKMTingewick  
COXEmma(Daughter) S13(1888) F  BKMTingewick  
Folio 6a Sch. 15 Church Lane ( 4 rooms)
GREAVESSarah(Head) W77(1824) F  BKMPreston Bissett  
ARISLeonard(Grandson) S13(1888) M  BKMTingewick  
Folio 6a Sch. 16 Lower Street ( 4 rooms)
DURRANTMatilda(Head) W67(1834) F living on own meansBKMAkeley  
DURRANTAnnie(Niece) S22(1879) F  LNDSouth Newington  
Folio 6a Sch. 17 Lower Street ( 4 rooms)
BLAKESarah(Head) W70(1831) F Retired laundressSSXWashington  
BLAKEFrances Ellen(Grand-child) S6(1895) F  LNDBond Street  
Folio 6a Sch. 18 Lower Street ( 4 rooms)
RIDGEWAYFrederick(Head) M31(1870) M Parish Clerk Ag LabBKMTingewick  
RIDGEWAYAnnie Sophia(Wife) M30(1871) F  BKMTingewick  
RIDGEWAYElsie May(Daughter) S7(1894) F  BKMTingewick  
RIDGEWAYWilliam Thos(Son) S5(1896) M  BKMTingewick  
Folio 6a Sch. 19 Lower Street ( 4 rooms)
LUCASGeorge(Head) M64(1837) M Ordinary ag labBKMTingewick  
LUCASHannah(Wife) M55(1846) F  BKMPreston Bissett  
LUCASJohn Mills(Grandson) S7(1894) M  BKMTingewick  
FACES?Rose Hannah(Daughter) M24(1877) F  BKMTingewick  
FACES?Lillian(Grand-child) S3(1898) F  LNDWestminster  
Folio 6a Sch. 20 Lower Street ( 4 rooms)
LUCASAlfred(Head) M29(1872) M Platelayer on railwyBKMTingewick  
LUCASAgnes Emma(Wife) M28(1873) F  OXFWendlebury  
LUCASEmily(Daughter) S7(1894) F  BKMAkeley  
LUCASWilliam Hy.(Son) S6(1895) M  BKMAston Abbots  
LUCASAlice Maud(Daughter) S3(1898) F  BKMTingewick  
LUCASLily May(Daughter) S10 m(1900) F  BKMTingewick  
Folio 6a Sch. 21 Lower Street ( 4 rooms)
ARISJoseph(Head) M27(1874) M Platelayer on railwyBKMTingewick  
ARISRose(Wife) M23(1878) F  BKMGawcott  
ARISWilliam Thos(Son) S2(1899) M  BKMTingewick  
Folio 6a Sch. 22 Lower Street (more than 5 rooms)
RICHMONDHarry St C(Head) M42(1859) M Shopkeeper (grocer)LNDIslington  
RICHMONDMaria Maud(Wife) M37(1864) F  BRKStevenson  
RICHMONDCharles Bond?(Son) S13(1888) M  OXFWoodstock  
RICHMONDAlice Louisa(Daughter) S12(1889) F  OXFWoodstock  
RICHMONDMaurice G.(Son) S10(1891) M  BKMTingewick  
RICHMONDDonald Wallace(Son) S8(1893) M  BKMTingewick  
RICHMONDRalph(Son) S7(1894) M  BKMTingewick  
RICHMONDFrancis E.(Son) S4(1897) M  BKMTingewick  
ANGERPercy(Apprentice) S18(1883) M Grocer's apprenticeOXFCaulcett  
POLLARDElsie L.(Servant) S13(1888) F General servant (domBKMTingewick  
HERITAGEEdith G. R?(Servant) S15(1886) F general servant (domBKMBuckingham  
Folio 6b Sch. 23 Lower Street (more than 5 rooms)
STUCHFIELDGeorge(Head) M37(1864) M General labourerBKMTingewick  
STUCHFIELDElizabeth(Wife) M32(1869) F  BKMTingewick  
STUCHFIELDGertrude(Daughter) S14(1887) F  BKMTingewick  
STUCHFIELDJames(Son) S10(1891) M  BKMStowe  
STUCHFIELDHartley(Son) S8(1893) M  BKMTingewick  
STUCHFIELDEvaline(Daughter) S5(1896) F  BKMTingewick  
STUCHFIELDFanny J.(Daughter) S3(1898) F  BKMTingewick  
Folio 6b Sch. 24 Lower Street (more than 5 rooms)
NEALEAlfred(Head) M34(1867) M Groom - domesticBKMTingewick  
NEALEFlorence(Wife) M29(1872) F  BKMWestbury  
NEALESarah A.(Daughter) S9(1892) F  BKMWestbury  
NEALEFlorence(Daughter) S6(1895) F  BKMTingewick  
Folio 6b Sch. 25 Lower Street (more than 5 rooms)
LUCASElizabeth(Head) W66(1835) F Monthly NurseBKMTingewick  
LUCASJames(Son) S40(1861) M General labourerBKMTingewick  
LUCASElsie M.(Granddaughter) S15(1886) F General servant (domBKMTingewick  
NORRISJohn(Lodger) W81(1820) M  OXFIslip  
Folio 6b Sch. 26 Lower Street ( 4 rooms)
COATESMary Ann(Head) S49(1852) F Pillow LacemakerNTHSyresham  
Folio 6b Sch. 27 Lower Street (more than 5 rooms)
WILLIAMSAnn(Head) W66(1835) F DressmakerBKMTingewick  
WILLIAMSArchibald R.(Son) S24(1877) M Journeyman carpenterBKMTingewick  
Folio 6b Sch. 28 Lower Street ( 4 rooms)
TASKERFrank(Head) M30(1871) M General labourerBKMPreston Bissett  
TASKERCecilia(Wife) M34(1867) F  BKMTingewick  
TASKERFrank(Son) S6(1895) M  BKMTingewick  
TASKEREthel(Daughter) S3(1898) F  BKMTingewick  
ARISJohn(Father) W62(1839) M General LabourerBKMTingewick  
ARISWallace(Brother) S16(1885) M  BKMTingewick  
Folio 7a Sch. 29 Eagle House (more than 5 rooms)
TOEGeorge(Head) M52(1849) M farmerBKMDrayton Parslow  
TOEEmma(Wife) M48(1853) F  WARBirmingham  
TOEAlice Anna(Daughter) S25(1876) F  BKMAdstock  
MUNDAYHannah(Mother) W80(1821) F living on own meansBKMAdstock  
KINGJulia Ellen(Visitor) S23(1878) F  HRTHitchin  
Folio 7a Sch. 30 Lower Street (more than 5 rooms)
ROBINSONMatthew B.(Head) M57(1844) M Journeyman bakerOXFDeddington  
ROBINSONSarah A.(Wife) M45(1856) F  BKMGawcott  
Folio 7a Sch. 31 Lower Street ( 4 rooms)
EVERETTSarah(Head) M75(1826) F Living on own meansBKMBuckingham  
Folio 7a Sch. 32 Lower Street (more than 5 rooms)
GREAVESHannah(Head) W65(1836) F Living on own meansOXFBroughton  
JAKEMANMary Ann(Servant) S47(1854) F Cook (domestic)OXFShutford  
LYDIATEDeborah(Servant) S18(1883) F Housemaid (domestic)OXFShutford  
Folio 7a Sch. 33 Lower Street (more than 5 rooms)
POLLARDEbenezer(Head) M45(1856) M ShoemakerBKMTingewick  
POLLARDRebecca(Wife) M45(1856) F  BKMTingewick  
POLLARDMartha(Daughter) S21(1880) F Housemaid (domestic_BKMTingewick  
POLLARDJames(Son) S19(1882) M Plumber's apprenticeBKMTingewick  
POLLARDAda(Daughter) S15(1886) F  BKMTingewick  
POLLARDFlorence(Daughter) S11(1890) F  BKMTingewick  
POLLARDWilliam(Son) S9(1892) M  BKMTingewick  
POLLARDFrederick(Son) S7(1894) M  BKMTingewick  
POLLARDThomas(Son) S5(1896) M  BKMTingewick  
POLLARDCecil(Grandson) S1(1900) M  BKMTingewick  
Folio 7a Sch. 34 Lower Street (more than 5 rooms)
BARRETTFrederick(Head) M34(1867) M BlacksmithBKMTingewick  
BARRETTElizabeth J.(Wife) M36(1865) F  HRTWiganson  
BARRETTAnnie J.(Daughter) S11(1890) F  BKMTingewick  
BARRETTDorothy M.(Daughter) S9(1892) F  BKMTingewick  
BARRETTChristine L.(Daughter) S7(1894) F  BKMTingewick  
Folio 7a Sch. 35 Lower Street (more than 5 rooms)
WOODMANSamuel(Head) M60(1841) M DraperHRTTring  
WOODMANElizabeth(Wife) M68(1833) F  BKMLedburn  
WOODMANWilliam E.(Son) S30(1871) M Draper's assistantOXFBanbury  
Folio 7b Sch. 36 Lower Street (more than 5 rooms)
STANLEYWilliam(Head) M34(1867) M HeadMaster Board SchBKMStantonbury  
STANLEYAmelia M.(Wife) M30(1871) F AssistantMistress do(More)HRTAbbot's Langley  
STANLEYWilliam E.(Son) S8mo(1901) M  BKMTingewick  
GOMMEMabel C.(Sister/Son in law) S24(1877) F  HRTAbbot's Langley  
Folio 7b Sch. 37 Lower Street (more than 5 rooms)
TIMMSWilloughby(Head) M49(1852) M PublicanNTHWootton  
TIMMSCharlotte(Wife) M45(1856) F  NTHWootton  
TIMMSCharlotte S.(Daughter) S25(1876) F  NTHWootton  
TIMMSBertha(Daughter) S17(1884) F  NTHWootton  
Folio 7b Sch. 38 Lower Street (more than 5 rooms)
JUDDEdwin(Head) M60(1841) M Boot & shoe makerOXFFringford  
JUDDAnn Eliz'th(Wife) M59(1842) F  NTHCroughton  
JUDDEdwin A.(Son) S30(1871) M LocalCarrier(withVanBKMTingewick  
JUDDRichard Thos(Son) S23(1878) M ElementaryTeacherBKMTingewick  
Folio 7b Sch. 39 Lower Street (more than 5 rooms)
DUDLEYJohn(Head) W82(1819) M butcherBKMTingewick  
DUDLEYRobert(Son) S42(1859) M ButcherBKMTingewick  
JONESCatherine(Sister/Son in law) W76(1825) F Housekeeper (DomestiOXFFritwell  
Folio 7b Sch. 40 Lower Street (more than 5 rooms)
DANIELLSEliza(Head) S58(1843) F Retired housekeeperHEFHereford  
Folio 7b Sch. 41 Lower Street (more than 5 rooms)
KINGHAMJoseph(Head) M46(1855) M InnkeeperBKMNorth Marston  
KINGHAMCharlotte(Wife) M54(1847) F  BKMElesbrough  
KINGHAMFrederick J.(Son) S21(1880) M PlatelayerOnRailwayBKMDoddershall  
KINGHAMJoseph(Father) W82(1819) M  BKMDinton  
Folio 7b Sch. 42 Lower Street (more than 5 rooms)
TERRYJames(Head) M53(1848) M Ordinary ag labBKMTingewick  
TERRYAnn(Wife) M54(1847) F  WORNorton  
TERRYJoseph(Son) S14(1887) M General labourerBKMTingewick  
TERRYLaura(Daughter) S13(1888) F  BKMTingewick  
HIERONSJames W(Visitor) S2(1899) M  LNDBlackfriars  
Folio 7b Sch. 43 Lower Street (more than 5 rooms)
COXSarah Ann(Head) W57(1844) F LaundressLINWhoplode  
COXGeorge Wm(Son) S25(1876) M Gardener (domestic)WORWick  
COXJames Edward(Son) S24(1877) M Gardener (domestic)WORWick  
COXMillicent A.(Daughter) S15(1886) F  WOREchington  
COXMaud M(Daughter) S14(1887) F  BKMChetwode  
Folio 8a Sch. 44 Lower Street (more than 5 rooms)
JUDDHerbert O.(Head) M37(1864) M BootmakerBKMTingewick  
JUDDPolly(Wife) M32(1869) F  NTHBrackley  
JUDDHarry Wm(Son) S9(1892) M  BKMTingewick  
JUDDWinifred M.(Daughter) S7(1894) F  BKMTingewick  
JUDDDorris E.(Daughter) S4(1897) F  BKMTingewick  
Folio 8a Sch. 45 Lower Street (more than 5 rooms)
JACKSONWilliam(Head) M85(1816) M Retired carpenterOXFNewton Purcell  
JACKSONMary E.(Wife) M75(1826) F  ***on the water  
MAYOEleanor M(Daughter) M31(1870) F DressmakerBKMTingewick  
JACKSONEdwin B.(Grandson) S12(1889) M Ag labNTTNottingham  
Folio 8a Sch. 46 Lower Street (more than 5 rooms)
LUCYCatherine B.(Sister) W63(1838) F Living on own meansLNDSouthwark  
MONKWilliam K.(Brother) S61(1840) M living on own meansLNDSouthwark  
Folio 8a Sch. 47 Lower Street (more than 5 rooms)
PAXTONEbenezer P.(Head) M25(1876) M Boot & shoe makerBKMTingewick  
PAXTONEmily M(Wife) M24(1877) F  BKMTingewick  
Folio 8a Sch. 48 Lower Street (more than 5 rooms)
LUCASWilliam(Head) M44(1857) M BakerLNDPoplar  
LUCASEllen(Wife) M47(1854) F  WORBlackmore  
BROADWAYHarriett(Mother in law) W82(1819) F living on own meansWORBlackmore  
LUCASOlive E.(Daughter) S11(1890) F  BKMTingewick  
Folio 8a Sch. 49 Lower Street (more than 5 rooms)
DAVISWilliam(Head) W61(1840) M ThatcherOXFFinmere  
DAVISAlice(Daughter) S26(1875) F Housekeeper (domest)BKMTingewick  
Folio 8a Sch. 50 Lower Street ( 3 rooms)
TOMPKINSJohn(Head) M66(1835) M Carter on farmOXFFinmere  
TOMPKINSEmma(Wife) M67(1834) F  BKMTingewick  
Folio 8a Sch. 51 Lower Street ( 2 rooms)
BARNESSilence(Head) W78(1823) F  NTHBrackley  
Folio 8a Sch. 52 Lower Street ( 3 rooms)
DIXEYWilliam(Head) M51(1850) M Umbrella repairerBRKWantich  
DIXEYElizabeth(Wife) M45(1856) F Pillow Lace MakerBKMTingewick  
DIXEYMary(Daughter) S11(1890) F  BKMFleet Marston  
Folio 8a Sch. 53 Lower Street (more than 5 rooms)
STOKESMary(Head) M69(1832) F Monthly nurseBKMWestbury  
CLEAVERWilliam(Grandson) S19(1882) M Carpenter & JoinerNTHBrackley  
Folio 8b Sch. 54 Lower Street ( 4 rooms)
WINTERBURNEElizabeth(Head) S74(1827) F living on own meansBKMTingewick  
Folio 8b Sch. 55 Lower Street ( 4 rooms)
TERRYRichard(Head) S45(1856) M Ag labBKMTingewick  
TERRYRichard(Father) W79(1822) M  BKMTingewick  
Folio 8b Sch. 56 Lower Street ( 4 rooms)
HARVEYGeorge(Head) S38(1863) M Ag LabBKMTingewick  
HARVEYHarriett(Mother) W63(1838) F  BKMPadbury  
HARVEYJohn H.(Brother) S25(1876) M Railway platelayerBKMTingewick  
Folio 8b Sch. 57 Lower Street (more than 5 rooms)
IBELLBenjamin(Head) M74(1827) M TailorBKMBarton Hartshorne  
IBELLEllen(Wife) M47(1854) F  LANLiverpool  
Folio 8b Sch. 58 Lower Street ( 4 rooms)
BUTCHERRichard(Head) W79(1822) M Retired carpenterBKMTingewick  
Folio 8b Sch. 59 Lower Street ( 2 rooms)
COLESJoseph(Head) W64(1837) M WatchmakerBKMBuckingham  
Folio 8b Sch. 60 Lower Street (more than 5 rooms)
BORTONMatthew W.(Head) M37(1864) M JourneymanBakerInnke(More)NTHAynho  
BORTONEllen(Wife) M36(1865) F  NTHAynho  
BORTONLaura C.(Daughter) S12(1889) F  NTHAynho  
BORTONFrederick W.(Son) S10(1891) M  NTHAynho  
BORTONFrank(Son) S9(1892) M  NTHAynho  
BORTONWalter R.(Son) S5(1896) M  BKMTingewick  
BORTONBertha M.(Daughter) S2(1899) F  BKMTingewick  
Folio 8b Sch. 61 Lower Street ( 3 rooms)
HOLLANDWilliam(Head) M38(1863) M DealerBKMBuckingham  
HOLLANDSarah(Wife) M38(1863) F Pillow Lace MakerBKMTingewick  
HOLLANDFred(Son) S11(1890) M  BKMTingewick  
Folio 8b Sch. 62 Stratford Lane ( 4 rooms)
HARRISGeorge(Head) M60(1841) M Ag LabOXFMixbury  
HARRISMary(Wife) M52(1849) F  OXFFinmere  
HARRISJoseph T(Son) S11(1890) M  BKMTingewick  
NEALThomas W.(Nephew) S9(1892) M  STSBurton-on-Trent  
Folio 8b Sch. 63 Stratford Lane ( 4 rooms)
BARNESThomas(Head) M31(1870) M PlatelayerBKMTingewick  
BARNESRuth(Wife) M28(1873) F  BKMWater Stratford  
BARNESGeorge E.(Son) S7(1894) M  BKMTingewick  
BARNESLaura R,(Daughter) S3(1898) F  BKMTingewick  
BARNESFrederick J.(Son) S8 mo(1901) M  BKMTingewick  
Folio 8b Sch. 64 Stratford Lane ( 4 rooms)
NEALEThomas H.(Head) M42(1859) M Ordinary ag labBKMTingewick  
NEALEElizabeth(Wife) M42(1859) F  OXFMixbury  
NEALERhoda A.(Daughter) S11(1890) F  BKMTingewick  
NEALELilly(Daughter) S8(1893) F  OXFFinmere  
PAXTONLucy(Mother in law) W78(1823) F  BKMMursley  
Folio 9a Sch. 65 Stratford Lane ( 4 rooms)
HORWOODWilliam(Head) M60(1841) M Ordinary ag labBKMWater Stratford  
HORWOODMaranda(Wife) M54(1847) F Lacemaker (Pillow)BKMTingewick  
Folio 9a Sch. 66 Stratford Lane ( 4 rooms)
LUCASWilliam(Head) M24(1877) M PlatelayerBKMTingewick  
LUCASAda(Wife) M26(1875) F  BKMBuckingham  
Folio 9a Sch. 67 Finmere Road (more than 5 rooms)
LEVERJoseph B.(Head) M62(1839) M Hay agent etcNTHFinedon  
LEVERMary(Wife) M61(1840) F MistressPrvtMixdSchlBKMBeaconsfield  
Folio 9a Sch. 68 Finmere Road ( 4 rooms)
FARLEYHarry(Head) M32(1869) M ButcherBKMTingewick  
FARLEYAnnie(Wife) M34(1867) F  BKMTingewick  
FARLEYFlorence L.(Daughter) S4 mo(1901) F  BKMTingewick  
Folio 9a Sch. 69 Finmere Road ( 2 rooms)
NEALEMaria(Head) M76(1825) M Retired hawkerESSHelmdon  
Folio 9a Sch. 70 Finmere Road ( 4 rooms)
HORWOODJames(Head) M73(1828) M Ordinary ag labOXFFinmere  
HORWOODSus(Wife) M68(1833) F Pillow lace makerBKMPreston Bissett  
Folio 9a Sch. 71 Finmere Road (more than 5 rooms)
FINCHCharles(Head) M61(1840) M Shepherd on farmOXFMixbury  
FINCHAnn(Wife) M67(1834) F  BKMTingewick  
WHITEEthel(Boarder) S9(1892) M  BKMClaydon  
Folio 9a Sch. 72 Sandpit Hill (more than 5 rooms)
KINGHAMWilliam(Head) M23(1878) M Photogr'er&CycleDealBKMDoddershall  
KINGHAMFanny A.(Wife) M25(1876) F  BKMTingewick  
KINGHAMEvelyn F.(Daughter) S2(1899) F  BKMTingewick  
KINGHAMCyril W.(Son) S6 mo(1901) M  BKMTingewick  
BORTON?Elsie F.(Servant) S13(1888) F General servant (domOXFAynho  
Folio 9a Sch. 73 Sandpit Hill (more than 5 rooms)
HARVEYElizabeth(Head) W73(1828) F  OXFStratton Audley  
HARVEYGeorge(Son) S38(1863) M Bricklayer's laboureBKMTingewick  
Folio 9a Sch. 74 Sandpit Hill ( 4 rooms)
PAXTONHenry(Head) W72(1829) M Ag LabOXFFinmere  
PAXTONJoseph(Son) S48(1853) M Cattleman on farmBKMTingewick  
PAXTONHarry(Grandson) S13(1888) M  BKMAkeley  
MILLERSophia(Housekeeper) S50(1851) F Housekeeper (domest)BKMTingewick  
Folio 9a Sch. 75 Sandpit Hill (more than 5 rooms)
PETTYJoseph(Head) W65(1836) M Ag LabBKMTingewick  
PETTYFanny(Daughter) S34(1867) F  BKMTingewick  
BUTCHERThomas(Brother in law) W50(1851) M RetiredPoliceInspectBKMTingewick  
Folio 9b Sch. 76 Chapel Lane ( 3 rooms)
HOLTONJohn(Head) M38(1863) M EngineDriver(Thresh)BKMTingewick  
HOLTONSarah(Wife) M37(1864) F  OXFDunstew  
HOLTONHarry(Son) S10(1891) M  BKMTingewick  
HOLTONFrederick(Son) S8(1893) M  BKMTingewick  
HOLTONRobert(Son) S2(1899) M  BKMTingewick  
Folio 9b Sch. 77 Chapel Lane ( 4 rooms)
COLLINGRIDGECharles W.(Head) M40(1861) M General dealerBKMTingewick  
COLLINGRIDGEAmelia E.(Wife) M35(1866) F  BKMTingewick  
COLLINGRIDGEElizabeth A.(Daughter) S10(1891) F  BKMBarton Hartshorne  
COLLINGRIDGEAlfred T?(Son) S7(1894) M  BKMFenny Stratford  
COLLINGRIDGEHerbert C.(Son) S1(1900) M  BKMTingewick  
Folio 9b Sch. 78 Lower Street (more than 5 rooms)
READThomas S.(Head) M37(1864) M Butcher & GrocerBKMTingewick  
READLouisa(Wife) M34(1867) F  OXFFinmere  
READDora G.(Daughter) S8(1893) F  BKMTingewick  
READFrances L.(Daughter) S3(1898) F  BKMTingewick  
DAVISEliza(Niece) S17(1884) F  LANDindleton  
Folio 9b Sch. 79 Lower Street (more than 5 rooms)
STEVENSCharles(Head) M54(1847) M Living on own meansBKMWinslow  
STEVENSSarah P.(Wife) M48(1853) F  BKMLenborough  
Folio 9b Sch. 80 Lower Street ( 2 rooms)
STEEDENElizabeth(Head) W70(1831) F Retired laundressNTHBrackley  
BARNESAda(Visitor) S18(1883) F General servant (domBKMTingewick  
Folio 9b Sch. 81 Lower Street (more than 5 rooms)
COATESRichard(Head) M43(1858) M House decoratorBKMTingewick  
COATESHarriet(Wife) M44(1857) F  BKMTingewick  
COATESWilliam(Son) S20(1881) M House decoratorBKMTingewick  
COATESCatherine(Daughter) S18(1883) F DressmakerBKMTingewick  
COATESEllen(Daughter) S16(1885) F  BKMTingewick  
COATESAlice(Daughter) S15(1886) F  BKMTingewick  
COATESJohn(Son) S11(1890) M  BKMTingewick  
COATESMabel(Daughter) S8(1893) F  BKMTingewick  
Folio 9b Sch. 82 Lower Street (more than 5 rooms)
BARNESWilliam(Head) W69(1832) M OccupierLivingOnOwnMOXFFinmere  
Folio 9b Sch. 83 Lower Street (more than 5 rooms)
BARNESJohn Thos(Head) M45(1856) M GrocrrStationrPostmsBKMTingewick  
BARNESMartha J(Wife) M43(1858) F  BKMTingewick  
Folio 10a Sch. 84 Lower Street (more than 5 rooms)
FARLEYTeresa(Head) W68(1833) F ButcherCAMRoke Marsh  
FARLEYLizzie(Daughter) S38(1863) F  BKMBrill  
Folio 10a Sch. 85 Lower Street ( 4 rooms)
DURRANTAmbrose(Head) M56(1845) M Assurance agentBKMTingewick  
DURRANTCatharine(Wife) M54(1847) F  BKMTingewick  
DURRANTAmbrose(Son) S27(1874) M Ordinary ag labBKMTingewick  
DURRANTLily(Daughter) S15(1886) F BoardSchoolMonitressBKMTingewick  
Folio 10a Sch. 86 Lower Street (more than 5 rooms)
STEPHENSLaura M.(Head) M26(1875) M  BKMTingewick  
STEPHENSEthel M.(Daughter) S3(1898) F  ESSColchester  
STEPHENSGertrude E.(Daughter) S1(1900) F  WARLedbury  
Folio 10a Sch. 87 Lower Street (more than 5 rooms)
CROSSEdwin(Head) M48(1853) M BricklayerBKMTingewick  
CROSSMary Ann(Wife) M45(1856) F  OXFFinmere  
CROSSEdwin J.(Son) S17(1884) M Farm labourerOXFFinmere  
CROSSRichard A.(Son) S16(1885) M Farm labourerOXFFinmere  
CROSSJohn D.(Son) S14(1887) M Farm labourerOXFFinmere  
CROSSSarah E.(Daughter) S13(1888) F  OXFFinmere  
CROSSWilliam J.D.(Son) S12(1889) M  OXFFinmere  
CROSSHorace P.(Son) S7(1894) M  BKMTingewick  
CROSSAnna L.(Daughter) S5(1896) F  BKMTingewick  
Folio 10a Sch. 88 Lower Street (more than 5 rooms)
CLIFFORDAlfred(Head) M43(1858) M Police constableBKMGt Missenden  
CLIFFORDEsther(Wife) M40(1861) F  BKMChesham  
CLIFFORDLeonard J.(Son) S15(1886) M  BKMOving  
CLIFFORDWilliam V?(Son) S13(1888) M Gardeners labourerBKMOving  
CLIFFORDArnold S.(Son) S9(1892) M  BKMWestbury  
CLIFFORDMary R.(Daughter) S3(1898) F  BKMWestbury  
Folio 10a Sch. 89 Lower Street ( 3 rooms)
LINFORDJohn(Head) M38(1863) M Ag LabOXFFinmere  
LINFORDSarah A.(Wife) M38(1863) F  BKMWinslow  
LINFORDWilliam T.(Son) S15(1886) M Ag LabBKMTingewick  
LINFORDHarry(Son) S10(1891) M  BKMTingewick  
LINFORDRose L.(Daughter) S3(1898) F  BKMTingewick  
Folio 10b Sch. 90 Lower Street ( 4 rooms)
NEALEGeorge(Head) M47(1854) M MechanicBKMTingewick  
NEALEHannah(Wife) M49(1852) F LaundressBKMTingewick deaf fr childhd
NEALEWilliam(Nephew) S21(1880) M ShoemakerBKMTingewick  
Folio 10b Sch. 91 Lower Street ( 4 rooms)
WORVILLEWilliam(Head) M53(1848) M Cordwainer&GenLabBKMTingewick  
Folio 10b Sch. 92 Lower Street (more than 5 rooms)
GREENThomas(Head) M61(1840) M Harness makerBDFBedford  
GREENFanny(Wife) M61(1840) F  BKMTingewick  
Folio 10b Sch. 93 Lower Street (more than 5 rooms)
HADLANDJohn T.(Head) M58(1843) M Publican & butcherBKMTingewick  
HADLANDMary(Wife) M58(1843) F  WARWalsgrove on Sour  
HADLANDFrederick(Brother) S56(1845) M PublicanBKMTingewick  
Folio 10b Sch. 94 Lower Street (more than 5 rooms)
RIDGWAYJohn Alton(Head) S58(1843) M General labourerBKMTingewick  
NEALEJohn(Lodger) S51(1850) M  BKMTingewick  
GILESFrederick(Brother in law) M40(1861) M bootmakerBKMBuckingham  
GILESElizabeth(Sister) M49(1852) F CharwomanBKMTingewick  
Folio 10b Sch. 95 Lower Street (more than 5 rooms)
RIDGWAYThomas(Head) M44(1857) M Gamekeeper & WoodmanBKMTingewick  
RIDGWAYMary A.(Wife) M39(1862) F  BKMBuckingham  
RIDGWAYWilliam(Son) S15(1886) M ApprenticeToCarpenteBKMTingewick  
RIDGWAYFrederick(Son) S14(1887) M PloughboyBKMTingewick  
RIDGWAYThomas(Son) S12(1889) M  BKMTingewick  
RIDGWAYKate(Daughter) S10(1891) F  BKMTingewick  
RIDGWAYAnnie(Daughter) S9(1892) F  BKMTingewick  
RIDGWAYJames(Son) S6(1895) M  BKMTingewick  
RIDGWAYAlbert(Son) S5(1896) M  BKMTingewick  
RIDGWAYLucy R.(Daughter) S3(1898) F  BKMTingewick  
RIDGWAYGeorge(Son) S2(1899) M  BKMTingewick  
RIDGWAYRichard(Son) S1(1900) M  BKMTingewick  
Folio 10b Sch. 96 Lower Street (more than 5 rooms)
SMITHThomas(Head) M61(1840) M Draper etcBKMSherrington  
SMITHJane(Wife) M48(1853) F  BKMSherrington  
SMITHWalter E.(Son) S16(1885) M Apprent'cToCarpenterBKMTingewick  
SMITHReginald C.(Son) S14(1887) M  BKMTingewick  
Folio 11a Sch. 97 Lower Street (more than 5 rooms)
BAINESFrederick J.(Head) M55(1846) M FarmerOXFSouldern  
BAINESMartha(Wife) M53(1848) F  NTHSulgrave  
BAINESJames(Son) S20(1881) M Farmer's sonOXFCottisford  
BAINESAgnes W.(Daughter) S16(1885) F  OXFCottisford  
BAINESBernard(Son) S14(1887) M ApprentToConfectionrOXFFinmere  
BAINESHarold(Son) S12(1889) M  OXFFinmere  
BAINESMontague(Son) S10(1891) M  OXFFinmere  
Folio 11a Sch. 98 Lower Street (more than 5 rooms)
BOWDENSarah(Head) S70(1831) F living on own meansBKMTingewick  
Folio 11a Sch. 99 Lower Street (more than 5 rooms)
HERITAGEWilliam G.(Head) M29(1872) M AsstOverseerCollectrBKMTingewick  
HERITAGEIda(Wife) M29(1872) F  LND   
HERITAGEWilfred G.(Son) S3 mo(1901) M  BKMTingewick  
HERITAGESarah(Mother) W72(1829) F  BKMTingewick  
HERITAGEJames E.(Nephew) S17(1884) M Journeyman butcherBKMBuckingham  
Folio 11a Sch. 100 Lower Street (more than 5 rooms)
BANNISTEREdmund(Head) M61(1840) M Ordinary ag labOXFMixbury  
BANNISTEREllen(Wife) M63(1838) F  BKMTingewick  
BANNISTERMary A.(Daughter) S34(1867) F  BKMTingewick  
BANNISTERJulia A.(Daughter) S23(1878) F DressmakerBKMTingewick  
Folio 11a Sch. 101 Lower Street (more than 5 rooms)
COOPERAbel(Head) M47(1854) M Carter on farmOXFChipping Norton  
COOPERJemima(Wife) M37(1864) F  OXFChipping Norton  
COOPERFrederick(Son) S17(1884) M Carter on farmOXFChipping Norton  
COOPERMary(Daughter) S13(1888) F  CON   
COOPERMinnie(Daughter) S10(1891) F  LNDEuston  
COOPERDaisy(Daughter) S4(1897) F  BKMTingewick  
COOPERArthur(Son) S1 mo(1901) M  BKMTingewick  
Folio 11a Sch. 102 Lower Street ( 3 rooms)
BLACKWELLElizabeth(Wife) M46(1855) F  BKMLillingstone Lovell  
BLACKWELLTom(Son) S18(1883) M General labourerBKMAkeley  
BLACKWELLGeorge(Son) S16(1885) M General labourerBKMAkeley  
BLACKWELLFred(Son) S13(1888) M General labourerBKMAkeley  
BLACKWELLElsie(Daughter) S9(1892) F  BKMTingewick  
BLACKWELLFlorrie(Daughter) S7(1894) F  BKMTingewick  
Folio 11b Sch. 103 Lower Street ( 4 rooms)
DILLOWThomas(Head) M58(1843) M General labourerBKMThornborough  
DILLOWHarriet(Wife) M52(1849) F  BKMNash  
DILLOWWilliam T.(Son) S20(1881) M General labourerBKMThornborough  
DILLOWEdward J.(Son) S17(1884) M General labourerBKMThornborough  
DILLOWJohn(Son) S10(1891) M  BKMThornborough  
Folio 11b Sch. 104 Gorrell Lane (more than 5 rooms)
MILLERGeorge(Head) M56(1845) M CarpenterBKMTingewick  
MILLERAnn Mary(Wife) M55(1846) F  BKMHillesden  
MILLERHarry(Son) S19(1882) M  BKMTingewick  
MILLERFrederick(Son) S15(1886) M  BKMTingewick  
MILLERHarriet(Daughter) S11(1890) F  BKMTingewick  
MILLERWinifred L.(Granddaughter) S9(1892) F  BKMTingewick  
MILLERMary(Mother in law) W74(1827) F  OXFFinmere  
Folio 11b Sch. 105 Gorrell Lane (more than 5 rooms)
NEALEGeorge(Head) M57(1844) M Ordinary ag labBKMTingewick  
NEALELouisa(Wife) M39(1862) F  OXFBicester  
NEALEEllen(Daughter) S15(1886) F  BKMTingewick  
NEALEFred(Son) S12(1889) M  BKMTingewick  
NEALEElizabeth S.(Daughter) S9(1892) F  BKMTingewick  
NEALEEsther(Daughter) S7(1894) F  BKMTingewick  
NEALEAlice(Daughter) S4(1897) F  BKMTingewick  
NEALEAlfred(Son) S2(1899) M  BKMTingewick  
Folio 11b Sch. 106 Gorrell Lane ( 4 rooms)
SMITHWilliam(Head) M46(1855) M HurdleMaker&CarpentrBKMBuckingham  
SMITHElizabeth(Wife) M46(1855) F  BKMTingewick  
SMITHJohn(Nephew) S16(1885) M Ag LabBKMTingewick  
Folio 11b Sch. 107 Stockley's Lane ( 4 rooms)
MARSHALLWilliam J.(Head) M28(1873) M Platelayer on railwyBKMTingewick  
MARSHALLOrpah(Wife) M29(1872) F  HRTLong Marston  
MARSHALLMay(Daughter) S3(1898) F  BKMTingewick  
MARSHALLWilliam J.(Son) S1(1900) M  NTHFarthinghoe  
WOOLEYRuth(Niece) S9(1892) F  HRTLong Marston  
Folio 11b Sch. 108 Stockley's Lane ( 4 rooms)
SIDEThomas(Head) M57(1844) M Ag labBKMTingewick  
SIDEAnn(Wife) M50(1851) F  BKMTingewick  
SIDEGeorge(Son) S28(1873) M General labourerBKMTingewick  
SIDEJohn(Son) S26(1875) M Ordinary ag labBKMTingewick  
SIDEThomas(Son) S12(1889) M  BKMTingewick  
SIDEEdwin R.(Son) S9(1892) M  BKMTingewick  
SIDEEdith(Daughter) S6(1895) F  BKMTingewick  
Folio 12a Sch. 109 Stockley's Lane (more than 5 rooms)
LUCASMartin(Head) M67(1834) M Retired bakerBKMTingewick  
BRYANTMartin(Grandson) S13(1888) M  BKMFoscott  
Folio 12a Sch. 110 Back Street (more than 5 rooms)
HEARNMary(Head) S48(1853) F Boarding orphansBKMTingewick  
HUMPHRIESRose(Niece) S28(1873) F  WILForest Milksham  
OAKESLois B.(Boarder) S7(1894) F   Orphan cannot tell  
MILLERLouisa(Boarder) S1(1900) M  BKMPadbury  
Folio 12a Sch. 111 Back Street (more than 5 rooms)
MARKHAMRichard(Head) M40(1861) M Thatcher & Hay TyerBKMTingewick  
MARKHAMEmma(Wife) M42(1859) F  BKMStowe  
MARKHAMGeorge(Son) S16(1885) M PupilTeacherBoardSchBKMTingewick  
HARRISJohn(Nephew) S12(1889) M  SRYGuildford  
Folio 12a Sch. 112 Back Street ( 4 rooms)
HOLTONGeorge(Head) M60(1841) M RoadmanBKMTingewick  
HOLTONElizabeth(Wife) M58(1843) F  BKMGawcott  
HOLTONAda(Daughter) S14(1887) F  BKMTingewick  
Folio 12a Sch. 113 Back Street (more than 5 rooms)
WORVILLAnn(Head) W76(1825) F Living on own meansBKMTingewick  
WORVILLJulia S.A.(Daughter) S38(1863) F MusicTcher&DressmkrBKMTingewick  
Folio 12a Sch. 114 Back Street (more than 5 rooms)
RICHARDSONJames(Head) M53(1848) M Market gardenerBKMAkeley  
RICHARDSONSusan(Wife) M52(1849) F  OXFBanbury  
RICHARDSONJohn(Son) S22(1879) M Market gardenerBKMBuckingham  
RICHARDSONWilliam(Son) S20(1881) M Journeyman bakerBKMBuckingham  
RICHARDSONFrank(Son) S15(1886) M Railway clerkBKMTingewick  
RICHARDSONMable(Daughter) S13(1888) F  BKMTingewick  
RICHARDSONGeorge(Son) S10(1891) M  BKMTingewick  
TURNERHerbert(Boarder) S4(1897) M  BKMBuckingham  
Folio 12b Sch. 115 Back Street (more than 5 rooms)
PAULFanny M.(Head) W55(1846) M Living on own meansMDXDalston  
PAULFrancis F.(Son) S20(1881) M HorticLecturer(FRHS)DEVDartmouth  
GRUSSELL?Beatrice(Servant) W28(1873) F Housekeeper - domestMDXUxbridge  
Folio 12b Sch. 116 Back Street (more than 5 rooms)
LOVELLDavid(Head) W72(1829) M CordwainerBKMTingewick  
Folio 12b Sch. 117 Back Street (more than 5 rooms)
ARISGeorge(Head) M30(1871) M General labourerBKMTingewick  
ARISClara(Wife) M25(1876) F  BKMLillingstone Lovell  
ARISWalter G.(Son) S2(1899) M  BKMTingewick  
ARISSelina(Daughter) S1(1900) F  BKMTingewick  
Folio 12b Sch. 118 Back Street (more than 5 rooms)
BARNESJohn(Head) M45(1856) M Ordinary ag labBKMTingewick  
BARNESEliza A.(Wife) M38(1863) F  BKMBarton Hartshorne  
GARRETTWilliam L.(Adopted Child) S1(1900) M  OXFGrimsbury  
Folio 12b Sch. 119 Back Street (more than 5 rooms)
DANIELLSGeorge(Head) M43(1858) M Ordinary ag labBKMMaidsmoreton  
DANIELLSRose(Wife) M37(1864) F  BKMHaversham  
DANIELLSWinifred M.(Daughter) S13(1888) F  BKMNewport Pagnell  
DANIELLSErnest G.(Son) S8(1893) M  BKMBuckingham  
DANIELLSAlice S.L.(Daughter) S6(1895) F  BKMBuckingham  
DANIELLSMargaret(Daughter) S3(1898) F  BKMBuckingham  
DANIELLSPercy T.(Son) S1(1900) M  BKMBuckingham  
Folio 12b Sch. 120 Back Street (more than 5 rooms)
SIDEWilliam(Head) M36(1865) M Gardener (Domestic)BKMTingewick  
SIDEEllen(Wife) M37(1864) F  BKMWater Stratford  
SIDEEllen J.(Daughter) S5(1896) F  ESSForrest Gate  
SIDEWilliam J.(Son) S5(1896) M  ESSForest Gate  
SIDEAgnes W.(Daughter) S4(1897) F  BKMTingewick  
SIDEFlorence H.(Daughter) S1(1900) F  BKMTingewick  
Folio 12b Sch. 121 Cross Lane (more than 5 rooms)
STEEDENJames(Head) M55(1846) M DroverBKMTingewick  
STEEDENJane(Wife) M53(1848) F  OXFMixbury  
STEEDENDan M.(Son) S12(1889) M Butcher's boyBKMTingewick  
STEEDENAmelia A.(Daughter) S10(1891) F  BKMTingewick  
Folio 13a Sch. 122 Cross Lane (more than 5 rooms)
LUCASArthur(Head) M33(1868) M Sweep (Chimney)BKMTingewick  
LUCASEdith M.(Wife) M25(1876) F  SFKMonewden  
Folio 13a Sch. 123 Cross Lane (more than 5 rooms)
CROSSHenry W.(Head) M37(1864) M BricklayerBKMTingewick  
CROSSMary A.(Wife) M38(1863) F  BKMTingewick  
CROSSJoseph H(Son) S11(1890) M  BKMTingewick  
CROSSLeonard J.(Son) S9(1892) M  BKMTingewick  
CROSSCharles S.(Son) S5(1896) M  BKMTingewick  
CROSSEdith M.(Daughter) S3(1898) F  BKMTingewick  
Folio 13a Sch. 124 Cross Lane (more than 5 rooms)
JONESWilliam(Head) M30(1871) M BakerBKMGawcott  
JONESGeorgina(Wife) M26(1875) F  BKMTingewick  
Folio 13a Sch. 125 Back Street (more than 5 rooms)
BARNESJoseph(Head) M50(1851) M WoodmanBKMTingewick  
BARNESMary A.(Wife) M40(1861) F  BKMTingewick  
BARNESEmily(Daughter) S21(1880) F  STSWest Bromwich  
BARNESThomas G.(Son) S19(1882) M Ordinary ag labBKMTingewick  
BARNESRobert(Son) S17(1884) M Ordinary ag labBKMTingewick  
BARNESJane(Daughter) S14(1887) F  BKMTingewick  
BARNESElizabeth(Daughter) S12(1889) F  BKMTingewick  
BARNESJoseph(Son) S7(1894) M  BKMTingewick  
BARNESFlorence E.(Daughter) S4(1897) F  BKMTingewick  
BARNESRose(Daughter) S2(1899) F  BKMTingewick  
Folio 13a Sch. 126 Back Street ( 4 rooms)
BROWNINGJohn(Head) M34(1867) M Bricklayer's labourrNTHOundle  
BROWNINGElizabeth(Wife) M38(1863) F  BKMTingewick  
BROWNINGGeorge(Son) S5(1896) M  BKMTingewick  
BROWNINGEllen(Daughter) S3(1898) F  BKMTingewick  
Folio 13a Sch. 127 Back Street (more than 5 rooms)
CROSSGeorge(Head) M59(1842) M BricklayerBKMTingewick  
CROSSJane(Wife) M59(1842) F  BKMTingewick  
CROSSRichard T.(Son) S23(1878) M BricklayerBKMTingewick  
CROSSWallace J.(Son) S17(1884) M Bricklayer's laboureBKMTingewick  
Folio 13a Sch. 128 Back Street (more than 5 rooms)
MARSHALLJames(Head) M61(1840) M Farmer and carterBKMTingewick  
MARSHALLLucy(Wife) M61(1840) F  BKMTingewick  
Folio 13b Sch. 129 Back Street ( 2 rooms)
NEWBYHerbert(Head) M31(1870) M Railway signalmanYKSKnapton  
NEWBYEllen M.(Wife) M21(1880) F  BKMSteeple Claydon  
Folio 13b Sch. 130 Back Street (more than 5 rooms)
CLARKEJames(Brother) S26(1875) M Farmer's sonOXFFringford  
WELCHAmelia(Sister) W36(1865) F  OXFFringford  
Folio 13b Sch. 131 Back Street (more than 5 rooms)
STEEDENShugborough N.(Head) M49(1852) M Carpenter&WheelwrigtBKMTingewick  
STEEDENEliza(Wife) M48(1853) F  BKMChetwode  
Folio 13b Sch. 132 Back Street (more than 5 rooms)
NELSONGeorge T.(Head) M67(1834) M FarmerBKMPadbury  
NELSONEmma(Wife) M65(1836) F  OXFOxford  
NELSONHenry(Son) S34(1867) M farmer's sonBKMPadbury  
NELSONElizabeth R.(Grand-child) S7(1894) F  BKMPadbury  
Folio 13b Sch. 133 Back Street ( 2 rooms)
HANCOCKWilliam J.B.(Boarder) S48(1853) M Clergyman (C of E)MDXLondon  
Folio 13b Sch. 134 Back Street (more than 5 rooms)
RIDGWAYElizabeth(Head) W80(1821) F Living on own meansWILBradford  
Folio 13b Sch. 135 Back Street ( 4 rooms)
DURRANTJohn(Head) M71(1830) M ag labBKMTingewick  
DURRANTEmma(Wife) M76(1825) F  OXFHorley  
Folio 13b Sch. 136 Back Street ( 4 rooms)
COOKWilliam(Head) M24(1877) M Carter on farmOXFMixbury  
COOKAnnie L.(Wife) M23(1878) F  OXFFinmere  
COOKDolly E.(Daughter) S1(1900) F  BKMTingewick  
Folio 13b Sch. 137 Back Street (more than 5 rooms)
BARNESWilliam(Head) M43(1858) M General labourerBKMTingewick  
BARNESMizella(Wife) M40(1861) F  BKMBuckingham  
BARNESWilliam(Son) S16(1885) M General labourerBKMTingewick  
BARNESHenry(Son) S14(1887) M Ag LabBKMTingewick  
BARNESLouisa(Daughter) S12(1889) F  BKMTingewick  
BARNESEdward(Son) S10(1891) M  BKMTingewick  
BARNESMary(Daughter) S8(1893) F  BKMTingewick  
BARNESFrank(Son) S5(1896) M  BKMTingewick  
BARNESAlfred(Son) S2(1899) M  BKMTingewick  
Folio 13b Sch. 138 Back Street ( 4 rooms)
HORWOODJames(Head) M60(1841) M Ag LabBKMBarton Hartshorne  
HORWOODHannah(Wife) M52(1849) F LaundressOXFFinmere  
Folio 14a Sch. 139 Back Street ( 3 rooms)
LINFORDEliza(Head) W32(1869) F CharwomanOXFFinmere  
LINFORDThomas(Son) S10(1891) M  BKMTingewick  
LINFORDGeorge(Son) S9(1892) M  BKMTingewick  
LINFORDLouie(Daughter) S7(1894) F  BKMTingewick  
Folio 14a Sch. 140 Back Street (more than 5 rooms)
MILLERWilliam(Head) M56(1845) M BuilderBKMTingewick  
MILLERSarah A.(Wife) M60(1841) F  OXFHook Norton  
MILLERMirriam B.(Daughter) S30(1871) F DressmakerBKMTingewick  
MILLERJeffrey W.(Scholar) S24(1877) M Journeyman carpenterBKMTingewick  
MILLERGertrude S.(Daughter) S21(1880) F  BKMTingewick  
MILLERMarie L.(Granddaughter) S8(1893) F  BKMTingewick  
Folio 14a Sch. 141 Back Street (more than 5 rooms)
COLLINGRIDGEJohn(Head) M64(1837) M Retired EngineDriverBKMTingewick  
COLLINGRIDGEAnn(Wife) M68(1833) F  BKMWhaddon  
Folio 14a Sch. 142 Back Street (more than 5 rooms)
MARKHAMJohn(Head) W67(1834) M Thatcher& Hay BinderBKMTingewick  
Folio 14a Sch. 143 Back Street ( 4 rooms)
HOLTONJames(Head) M43(1858) M General labourerBKMTingewick  
HOLTONSusan(Wife) M32(1869) F  NTHCharlton  
HOLTONWilliam J.(Son) S12(1889) M  BKMTingewick  
Folio 14a Sch. 144 Back Street (more than 5 rooms)
POLLARDGeorge(Head) M50(1851) M Miller & FarmerBKMTingewick  
POLLARDSarah(Wife) M62(1839) F  BKMStony Stratford  
POLLARDHannah G.(Daughter) S23(1878) F  BKMTingewick  
POLLARDJohn H.(Son) S20(1881) M Plumber & GlazierBKMTingewick  
SHAWWilliam J.(Boarder) S7(1894) M  OXFFinmere  
Folio 14a Sch. 145 Back Street ( 3 rooms)
TANNERThomas W.(Head) M51(1850) M General labourerBKMPreston Bissett  
TANNERSarah J.(Wife) M43(1858) F  IOMPeel  
Folio 14a Sch. 146 Back Street ( 3 rooms)
CLIFFORDJohn(Head) M41(1860) M Carter on farmOXFFinmere  
CLIFFORDElizabeth(Wife) M38(1863) F  BKMWinslow  
CLIFFORDWilliam G.(Son) S15(1886) M Plough boy on farmBKMTingewick  
CLIFFORDJane(Daughter) S13(1888) F  BKMTingewick  
CLIFFORDErnest(Son) S10(1891) M  BKMTingewick  
CLIFFORDEmma(Daughter) S7(1894) F  BKMTingewick  
CLIFFORDAlfred(Scholar) S5(1896) M  BKMTingewick  
CLIFFORDAlbert(Son) S3(1898) M  BKMTingewick  
CLIFFORDWilliam J.(Son) S1(1900) M  BKMTingewick  
Folio 14b Sch. 147 Back Street ( 4 rooms)
MOSSJohn(Head) M57(1844) M Ag LabBKMTingewick  
MOSSSarah(Wife) M57(1844) F  BKMTingewick  
HOLTONAmy(Sister/Son in law) S60(1841) M  BKMTingewick  
Folio 14b Sch. 148 Back Street ( 3 rooms)
GRAYGeorge(Head) S72(1829) M Retired carrierBKMTingewick  
Folio 14b Sch. 149 Back Street (more than 5 rooms)
JONESHenry(Head) M42(1859) M GeneralLab'rerOnFarmBKMTingewick  
JONESAmy(Wife) M49(1852) F  BKMTingewick  
JONESHenry(Son) S22(1879) M Cattleman on farmBKMTingewick  
JONESMartha(Daughter) S20(1881) F  BKMTingewick  
JONESAmy(Daughter) S13(1888) F  BKMTingewick  
JONESPercy(Son) S10(1891) M  BKMTingewick  
JONESMary(Daughter) S8(1893) F  BKMTingewick  
JONESEmily(Daughter) S5(1896) F  BKMTingewick  
JONESArthur(Son) S3(1898) M  BKMTingewick  
Folio 14b Sch. 150 Rookery Farm (more than 5 rooms)
ROOTSWilliam J.(Head) M55(1846) M FarmerOXFTusmore  
ROOTSElizabeth M.(Wife) M55(1846) F  LINKirpn-in-Limbey?  
ROOTSEsther A.(Daughter) S18(1883) F  LINEdenham  
ROOTSEvelyn(Daughter) S14(1887) F  LINEdenham  
Folio 14b Sch. 151 Sandpit Farm (more than 5 rooms)
TREDWELLJeffery(Head) M25(1876) M farmerOXFFinmere  
TREDWELLElizabeth(Wife) M30(1871) F  OXFFinmere  
TREDWELLCharles(Son) S5wks(1901) M  BKMTingewick  
LINFORDAda(Servant) S13(1888) F General Servant (domBKMTingewick  
Folio 14b Sch. 152 Little Tingewick (more than 5 rooms)
LOWECharles(Head) M64(1837) M Clergyman (C of E)LNDCamberwell  
LOWESarah S.(Wife) M50(1851) F  LNDHolloway Rd  
Folio 14b Sch. 153 Little Tingewick (more than 5 rooms)
THORPEWilliam(Head) M50(1851) M Groom (domestic)OXFStratton Audley  
THORPEEllen(Wife) M40(1861) F  ESSBocking  
Folio 14b Sch. 154 Little Tingewick (more than 5 rooms)
WILLIAMSGeorge N.(Servant) S24(1877) M Groom (domestic)HEFRoss  
COPPINGHenry(Servant) S20(1881) M Groom (domestic)SFKGreendisburgh  
DUNKLEYCharles(Servant) S19(1882) M Groom (domestic)BKMBuckingham  
HALLGeoffrey(Servant) S15(1886) M Hall Boy - DomesticOXFOxford  
Folio 15a Sch. 155 Cedar Lawn (more than 5 rooms)
KERVISONDiana(Head) M25(1876) F living on own meansLNDSouth Kensington  
KERVISONEnid(Daughter) S2(1899) F  LNDSouth Kensington  
PERCIVALAlberta(Niece) S2(1899) F  LNDSouth Kensington  
CHATTAWAYAnnie(Servant) S35(1866) F Nurse - domesticWORPershore  
GWYNNEAnnie G.(Servant) S33(1868) F Nurse - domesticSSXHastings  
BUTTERYAlice(Servant) S25(1876) F Ladysmaid - domesticWORWorcester  
STOPPSAnnie(Servant) S34(1867) F Housemaid - domesticBKMCharndon  
DILLONAnnie(Servant) S19(1882) F Parlourmaid domesticBKMBeachampton  
YATESSusannah(Servant) S19(1882) F Kitchenmaid - domestBKMWillen  
BENNETTLily(Servant) S14(1887) F Housemaid - domesticBKMCharndon  
BARNESMable(Servant) S40(1861) F Cook - domesticHAMSouthampton  
Folio 15a Sch. 156 Little Tingewick (more than 5 rooms)
TOVIESTJohn(Servant) S40(1861) M Stud GroomSCT   
Folio 15a Sch. 157 Little Tingewick (more than 5 rooms)
HIGGENSJohn(Head) M44(1857) F Threshing MachinestBKMHanslope  
HIGGENSLouisa(Wife) M54(1847) F  BKMRavenstone  
WALKEREllen M.(Niece) S35(1866) F Living on own meansNTHFinedon  
TOMPKINSLouisa(Servant) S63(1838) F  NTHFinedon  
Folio 15a Sch. 158 Little Tingewick (more than 5 rooms)
PRICEElizabeth(Head) W47(1854) M GrocerBDFLeighton Buzzard  
PRICEWilliam(Son) S22(1879) M  BKMDrayton Parslow  
PRICENellie(Daughter) S12(1889) F  BKMTingewick  
PRICEThomas(Son) S10(1891) M  BKMTingewick  
PRICEConstance(Daughter) S5(1896) F  BKMTingewick  
Folio 15a Sch. 159 Little Tingewick (more than 5 rooms)
GRANTHAMEdmund(Head) M59(1842) M Publican & bakerSRYLeathdam  
GRANTHAMLucy(Wife) M46(1855) F  SRYBookham  
GRANTHAMRose L.(Daughter) S14(1887) F  MDXEast Twickenham  
GRANTHAMWilliam E(Son) S13(1888) M  MDXEast Twickenham  
GRANTHAMEdith A(Daughter) S12(1889) F  MDXEast Twickenham  
GRANTHAMAlbert G.(Son) S11(1890) M  MDXEast Twickenham  
GRANTHAMAlfred R.(Son) S6(1895) M  MDXEast Twickenham  
Folio 15a Sch. 160 Little Tingewick ( 3 rooms)
TOMPKINSEllen(Head) W52(1849) M  OXFFinmere  
TOMPKINSDaisy(Daughter) S14(1887) F  BKMLittle Tingewick  
TOMPKINSAlice(Daughter) S10(1891) F  BKMTingewick  
Folio 15b Sch. 161 Little Tingewick ( 3 rooms)
PETTYMartha(Head) W76(1825) M  BKMTingewick  
PETTYSarah(Daughter) S40(1861) F WasherwomanBKMTingewick  
PETTYHarry(Grandson) S22(1879) M DroverBKMTingewick  
PETTYFrederick(Grandson) S13(1888) M House BoyBKMTingewick  
PETTYHerbert J.T.(Grandson) S7(1894) M  BKMTingewick  
PETTYWilliam C.(Grandson) S3(1898) M  BKMTingewick  
Folio 15b Sch. 162 Wood Farm (more than 5 rooms)
FLOYDSophia(Head) W74(1827) F FarmerBKMLacey Green  
FLOYDDan(Son) S38(1863) M Farmer's sonOXFPenley  
FLOYDFrank(Son) S29(1872) M Farmer's sonBKMPadbury