Roger Gomm

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Roger is "researching the History of the Gomm’s, (this includes the various spellings ie Gomm, Gomme, gom, Gome) including family history and facts about members of the family."

His plan is to "put all of the Gomm family tree’s and information into a booklet which can be used as a reference document for Gomm(e)s and perhaps future generations. Each tree will form its own chapter."

He contacted me because Amelia Gomme (b. 1871 at Abbot's Langley, Hertfordshire) was the wife of William Stanley (b. 1867 at Stantonbury, Buckinghamshire), the schoolmaster at Tingewick from the turn of the century until at least 1922. He has "a lot of information on the ancestors of Amelia back to the early 1500's!"