Lorraine and Alan Steeden

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(1) Alan is the 2g-g'son of:
(16) Thomas Steeden (bp. 1815 at Tingewick, d. 1880 at Camberwell, Surrey)
(17) Jane Butcher (bp. 1820 at Tingewick, d. 1896 at Camberwell, Surrey) who married at Folkstone, Kent in 1843

and the 3g-g'son of
(32) George Steeden (bp 1780 at Tingewick, d. bef 1841)
(33) Hannah Cleaver (b. abt 1787 at Warmington, Warwickshire, d. after 1851) who married at Tingewick in 1807
(34) William Butcher (bp 1771 at Tingewick, d. 1846)
(35) Clara Bradford (b. bef 1795, outside Buckinghamshire, d. 1841) who married at Tingewick in 1815

and the 4g-g'son of
(64) James Steeden (b. abt 1747 at Charleton, Northamptonshire, d. aft. 1782)
(65) Sarah Markham (bp. 1741 at Tingewick, d. 1790, bur Tingewick)
who married at Tingewick in 1770.
He shares these ancestors and earlier generations with Rob Rockall and Hatty Floyd who are his 5th cousins once removed
(68) John Butcher who married (69) Sarah Cocks

and the 5g-g'son of
(130) Thomas Markham (bp 1716, bur 1769 at Tingewick)
(131) Catherine Poulton (bur 1752 at Tingewick)
who married at Buckingham in 1740
He shares these ancestors and earlier generations with Jayne McHugh and David Empson and Barbara Dixon

and the 6g-g'son of
(260) Henry Markham bp 1689 who married (261) Sarah

and the 7g-g'son of
(520) John Markham bp 1663 at Tingewick
(521) Elizabeth Rainbow
who married at Chacombe, Northamptonshire in 1682

and the 8-g-g'son of
(1040) John Markham who married (1041) Ann ??