John Martinson

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is the great-grandson of
James William Greaves (b. 1866 at Tingewick, d. 1949 at Salt Lake, Utah - see photo) and Mary Florence Lloyd (b. 1874 at Castleford, Yorkshire, d. 1947 at Salt Lake, Utah) who married in 1894 at Blackburn, Lancashire

and the 2g-g'son of
William Thomas Greaves (b 1843 at Tingewick, d. 1915 at Rishton, Lancashire) and Emma Eagles (b. 1844 at Newton Purcell, Oxfordshire, d. 1928 at Rishton, Lancashire - see newspaper cutting) who married in 1865 at Tingewick

and the 3g-g'son of
James Greaves (d. bef. 1861) and Sarah Denny (b. abt. 1823/5 at Preston Bissett, Buckinghamshire, d. aft. 1901) who married 1842 at Preston Bissett
(** he shares these and earlier Greaves and Denny ancestors with Eoghan McTiernan)
William Eagles (b. 1824 at Newton Purcell, Oxfordshire) and Elizabeth Elkington (b. 1827 at Finmere, Oxfordshire, d. 1873) who married before 1844

and the 4g-g'son of
John Greaves
William Denny and Mary Stevens who married abt 1815 in Preston Bissett
Sarah Elkerton (bp. 1809 at Finmere, Oxfordshire; d. aft 1881)

and the 5g-g'son of
Henry Denny who married Hannah Adams
Benjamin Elkington (bp 1785, bur 1809 at Finmere) and Elizabeth Coales (bp 1784 at Finmere) who married in 1805 at Finmere

and the 6g-g'son of
Benjamin Elkington (bur. 1829 at Finmere) and Sarah Smith (bur 1825 at Finmere) who married in 1773 at Finmere
Thomas Coales who married Susannah