A possible forebear for Arlent Alcock (1824-1895)?

Contributed by David Alcock

Arlent Alcock and his sister Hannah (1841-1922) moved to Tingewick in the 1870s. Their family originated in Welford, Gloucestershire, and another descendant has sent this piece of old folklore:-

Adjacent to the old Roman road from Stratford upon Avon to Alcester in Warwickshire is a small wood named Alcocks Arbour, within which is a hill said to contain the treasure of a great robber named Alcock, and guarded by a giant cockerel who attacks anyone who comes close to recovering the treasure, unless they possess one of Alcocks bones.

I was aware of this myth as a child as it appears in the Readers Digest book of Folklore, Myths and Legends, but discounted any family connection as I had no knowledge of my family coming from that area. However, Alcocks Arbour is only 3 miles from Welford on Avon so perhaps there is a connection after all.

Incidentally this myth also appears in Dugdales History of Warwickshire and was considered to be an ancient tale when he wrote it in 1656, so presumably there have been Alcocks in the area for many centuries.

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