From The Buckingham Advertiser and North Bucks Free Press,

dated Saturday June 14, 1941. The attached is an exact copy, including the original spelling and grammar

Contributed by Jane Munro


At Tingewick Horticultural Society's
whist drive on Whit Monday for the Red
Cross, the M.C. was Mr. A. Clifford and
fourteen tables were occupied. Prizes
were handed by Mr. W. Jellyman
(chairman of the Society) to: - Ladies,
Mrs. Stokes, Mrs F. Ridgway, Miss Betty
Tapping; miniature whist, Miss Betty
Tapping. Gentlemen, Mrs R Hutt (playing
as gentleman), Mr Norman Ridgway, Mr
F. Townsend; miniature, Mr. Norman
12 eggs kindly given by Mr. and Mrs.
Blewett were won by Mr. W. Jellyman
who gave them back and they were sold
to Mr. C. Aris. Prizes were generously
given by Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Pollard, Rev.
C.D. Read, Mrs. A. Clifford, Mr F.
Tapping, Mr. F. Simons, Mr. T. Harris
and Mr G.Tapping. The door stewards
were Mr. H. Petty and Mr. W. Jellyman,
and the oganizers were Messrs. F
Tapping, J. Pollard, R. Steeden. T. Harris,
H. Denny, E. Jones, H. Whitehead, T.
Side, W. Holton, H. Barnes, A. Clifford,
H. Petty, W. Jellyman and G. Tapping
(Secretary). About 4 was the sum raised
for the Red Cross.

* * * * * * * *

At the monthly meeting of the Tingewick
W.I. the President (Mrs Read) was in the
Chair and the minutes were read by Mrs.
E. Pollard (hon. secretary) and it was
reported that War Savings now amounted
to 1,774 8s 11d.
Tea was given by the members to the com-
mittee and games included a miniature whist
drive and darts. Tea hosteases were Mrs.
Clifford and Mrs. A. Raynor, who also
organized the games.

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