John Theodore Archibald Reed

Contributed by Sue Reed

From the Gentlemans's Magazine, published Feb 1, 1831
Supplememt from July to Dec 1830 page 645

At 11 o'clock Dec 27th 1830 aged 72 died the Rev. John Theodore Archibald Reed, Rector of Leckhamstead and Curate of Akely, Bucks, and Rector of Walford in Hereford - He was formerly a member of Lincoln College Oxford; and one of the oldest clergymen in Buckinghamshire having been Curate of Leckhamstead before he was beneficed -

He was also occasional Curate of Stowe; and married a lady of the ancient family of Dayrell, by whom he had several children; He was presented to Walford in 1811 by the then Precentor of Hereford Cathedral; and to Leckhamstead in 1812 by John Beauclerk (son of the Rev Henry Beauclerk the preceding incumbent) - Mr. Reed though not a general book collector, had forwarded a valuable collection of Bibles in almost every known tongue. He was a quiet social Clergyman, living peaceably in his habitation.

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