Wedding of Dorothy Hilda Steeden and Harold Andrew Tibble - Spring 1939

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Five of the eight bridesmaids were sisters of the bride at the very pretty wedding at St. Mary Magdalene's Church, Tingewick, on Saturday, of Mr. Harold Andrew Tibble only son of Mr. and Mrs. H. Tibble, of "Braithwaite," Fishbourne, near Chichester, Sussex and Miss Dorothy Hilda Steeden, third daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. Steeden, of "The Rise", Tingewick.

Residents of Tingewick recalled the attractive winter wedding scene when one Mr. and Mrs. Steeden's daughters was married within the past few months at Tingewick. Last Saturday's picture was that of a spring wedding and one of the bridesmaids on the former occasion was seen as the charming bride.

Easter decorations in the church added to the charm of the wedding pictures of the service, which was conducted by the Rev. C. D. Read, Rector of Tingewick. Mrs. T. Blewett was at the organ and plyed the Bridal March for Lohengrin and other apporopriate music. The hymns were "Be Thou my Guardian and my Guide" and " Through all the changing scenes of life."

The bride, who was given away by her father, was in brochˇ satin with orange blossom, wreath and veil. She carried a bouquet of pink and blue hyacinths and pink carnations. She wore white crepe de chine shoes.

The eight pretty bridesmaids made a delightful contribution of youth and colour to the scene in dresses making an attractive harmony of rainbow variety. Mrs. F. Tapping, bride at the previous wedding which we have recalled, was maid of honour to her sister and she was in a pink taffeta dress, with a becoming pink silk crinoline hat, trimmed with ribbon and artificial spring flowers. She wore silver shoes. Miss A. Steeden was dressed in similar effective style, and the taffeta dresses and crinoline hats worn by the Misses J. and B. Steeden were blue. Gold - coloured taffeta was worn by Miss L. Steeden, all these bridesmaids being sisters of the bride, and by Miss J. Wade (friend of the bride and bridegroom).

Further variety was provided by green taffeta worn by the Misses V. and N. Collins (cousins of the bridegroom) and a pleasing little page, dressed in a pale blue silk suit and pale blue shoes with buckles, Master Christopher Crossley, completed the happy effect. The bride had been nurse to the little page for the last four years.

The bridesmaids; bouquets were composed of pink tulips and forget - me - nots, and the bridesmaids wore bracelets, gifts of the bridegroom, with coloured stones, matching their dresses.

The bride's mother chose a navy blue ensemble and a navy blue hat, and the bridegroom's mother was in a navy blue coat, with navy flowered frock and navy hat.

Mr. Leslie Tench (cousin of the bridegroom) was best man.

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The Rector, in a striking address, observed that Holy Matrimony involved setting up house - keeping. A house might have a certain rateable value; but a home had quite a different value, a spiritual value. They came to God's House to ask for His blessing on their homes. They liked to know that their houses were built on firm foundation and the Christian home was built on the foundation of the love of God and the inspiration of the grace of Jesus Christ and the gift of the Holy Spirit.

The newly - married pair were liberally pelted with rose - petals, miniature horse - shoe emblems and confetti as they left the church and photographs of the bridal party were taken (by the firm of Messrs. R & H. Chapman) outside the Scouts' Hall, where the reception was held, the pretty scene attracted a large gathering. Between 80 and 90 guests were entertained to an excellent meal and the bride cut the handsomely - decorated wedding cake, assisted by the bridesmaids. The Rector of Tingewick proposed the health of the newly - married pair, in the happy speech, in which he congratulated Mr. and Mrs. Steeden on "their splendid family". The bridegroom and Mr. Steeden replied, and the health of the bridesmaids was proposed by the best man. The greetings on 21 telegrams were read.

In the evening there was dancing and musical entertainment provided by Mr. and Mrs. Blewett and other friends, a thoroughly enjoyable time being spent.

Mr. J. Wright made the handsome wedding cake.

The bride is an Old Latin and has been a Sunday School teacher and a Girl Guide. The bridegroom, who is a solicitor's clerk, was educated at the Lancastrian School, Chichester, and has been a popular member of the Westbourne (Sussex) Tennis Club.

During the evening the happy couple left for Aylesbury and Beersheba, the bride travelling in a light blue three - piece suit, with fox furs, and felt hat of a darker shade and navy blue shoes and handbag. The future postal address will be Fernbank, Southbourne, near ?Farnworth?, Hants.

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Bride to Bridegroom - Green silk dressing - gown
Bridegroom to Bride - Fox fur
Bride's parents - cheque and linen
Bridegroom's parents - cheque and silk dressing - gown
Mrs. Tibble (grandmother) - cheque
Mr. and Mrs. F. Tapping. Jun. - blankets
Miss A. Steeden and Mr. A. Trump - Canteen of cutlery
Misses A. and F. Steeden - Eiderdown
Misses G. L. and R. Steeden - Linen chest and cushions
Mrs. Tench - Nest of tables
Mr. L. Tench - Coffee table and bookcase
Mrs. C. Worvill - Cheque
Mr. and Mrs. Collins and Misses Vera and Nora Collins - Dinner service
Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Watts and family - Tea service
Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Watt - Early morning tea service
Miss P. Watts and Mr R. Watts - Tea tray and teapot stand
Mr C. Watts - Tea towels
Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Watt and family - Green bedroom clock
Mrs. D. Steeden, Misses F. and D. Steeden -
Mr. and Mrs. R. Worvill - Table cloth
Mrs W. Steeden - Green silk bedspread
Misses L. and E. Tibble - Cheque
Mr. and Mrs. F. Tibble - Cheque
Mr. and Mrs. Hodson - Silver salt cellars and cheque
Mr. and Mrs. W. Shadwell - Embroidered afternoon cloth
Mr. McClay - Cheque
Mr. and Mrs. H. Lee - Cheque
Mr. and Mrs. H. Bridges - Cruet
Mrs. B. Roberts - Cress dish
Mr. and Mrs. R. Wood - Table cloth
Miss F. Willis - Cheque
Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Smith - Cheque
Mr. and Mrs. Draper - Cheque
Mrs G. Steeden and family - Cake stand, carvers and steel
Mr. and Mrs L. Harvey - Table cloth
Mr. and Mrs. J. Sutherland - Table cloth
Mr. and Mrs. J. Salmon and Misses A. and E. Salmons - Counterpane
Mrs. Varney and family - Bread board and knife
Mr. and Mrs. W. Hall and Miss E. Hall - Afternoon cloth
Mr. and Mrs. W. Jelleyman and family - Afternoon cloth and towel
Mr D. Roll - Cheque
Mr and Mrs. Boyce Peters - Afternoon tea service and tray.
Mr. and Mrs. Parsons - Cut - glass biscuit barrel
Master Christopher Crowsley - Frying pan
Lady Crossley - Silver tea spoons and sugar tongs
Major and Mrs. H. Crossley - Linen sheets and pillow - slips
Mrs. Lambert - Silver fish knives and forks
Miss L. Crossley - Green handbag
Commander and Mrs Nigel Crossley - Face towels
Dr. and Mrs. Wells and family - Table napkins and rings
Miss E. Powell - Tea knives
Glenfield Staff, Misses Ackerley, Morris and Royle - Cheese dish and server
Mr. and Mrs. W. Green - Afternoon cloth
Miss G. Dickens - Pillow - slips
Miss E. Taylor - Tray cloth
Staff of Blaker and Peters - Electric reading lamp
Mr. and Mrs. J. Lewis - Bath towels
Mr. and Mrs. F. Taylor - Lemonade set
Miss M. Penly - Bath mat
Mrs. Pomeroy - Cheque
Miss Hatcher - Electric table lamp
Mr. and Mrs. R. Bywater - Bath towels
Miss K. Bywater and Mr. N. Hawker - Tea knives
Miss O. Miles -
Mr. and Mrs. P. Loftus - Fruit spoons
Misses G. Elliott, M. Summers, M. and E. Jones - Linen sheets
Mr. and Mrs F. Tapping - Fruit bowl and servers
Mr. H. Tapping - Cake stand
Mr. and Mrs. Elliott and family -
Miss A. Everett - Sideboard runner
Miss E. Bridges and Mr. R. Barker - Bath towels
Miss A. Seaton - Nightdress case
Miss J. Grant - Face towels
Mr. and Mrs. Sims - Cheque
Mr & Mrs Garside - Embroidered table cloth
Miss Ball - Pot pourri
Mrs R. Miller - set of jugs
Mr & Mrs Purchase - Embroidered linen afternoon cloth
Mr & Mrs Wade and Miss J. Wade - Glass tumblers, wine glasses
Miss D. Waddington - embroidered face towels
Miss D. Holton - Embroidered linen afternoon cloth
Miss S. Holmes -
Miss D. Gaut - Bath mat
Messrs. J. Weare, E. Brinkman and D. Cover - Electric toaster
Mrs Worrall - Linen bolster and pillow slips
Mrs Swatton - Pillow-slips
Mrs Shepherd and family - Linen afternoon cloth
Mrs and Mrs G. Ditcher - Glass jam dish
Mr and Mrs T. Blewitt - Lemonade set and tray
Tennis lady friends, Mrs L. Twine, H. Twine, J. Cheesman, D.Cheesman, Miss G. ?Twine - Embroidered afternoon cloth
Mr and Mrs A. Hounslow - Cut-glass jampot
Mr and Mrs J.H. Pollard and Miss D. Pollard - Bread knife, butter knife
Mr J. Teaser - Coffee spoons
Mr W. Pearson - Glass fruit set
Mr. S. Jones - Kitchen scales
Mr & Mrs D. Knibbs -
Mr and Mrs Wright - Biscuit barrel
Mr and Mrs F. Hilsdon - Towels
Mr and Mrs H. Hilsdon - Towels
Mr and Mrs H. Hilsdon, - Table cloth
Mr A. Knibbs - Carvers
Mrs A. Bryant - Bolster and pillow-slip set
Mrs Blackshaw - Pillow-slips
Miss M. Soar and Mr R. Avant - Towels
Mr and Mrs F. Price - Pillow-slips (linen)
Mr and Mrs E. Knibbs - Bolster and pillow slip set
Miss Malie Jaidigner - Linen afternoon cloth
Mr and Mrs Maycock - Handkerchief sachet and handkerchiefs
Miss D. Varney - Sugar sifter
Mr and Mrs A. Jones -
Mr and Mrs J. Pollard - Tea strainer and stand
Mrs W. Stanley - Table cloth
Mrs Shawyer and Mrs Goodyer - Silver jam spoon
Mr and Mrs Vicary - Bolster and pillow-slips
Mr and Mrs R. Green - Duchess set
Miss J. Gibling - Electric bedside lamp
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