Poem from Rosa Mary Walworth nee Clifford to her daughter Nellie

Rosa Mary Clifford was born in Tingewick in 1870 and emigrated to the USA in 1877. She married Asa Ora Walworth asawalworthc1882_t.jpg around 1900 and they had 5 children. Rosa may have sent this poem to her youngest daughter, Nellie - just barely 7 years old - when Asa died in 1917 (aged 49). images/walworth3t.jpg

Contributed by: Toni Skidmore

Come away from grief and sorrow!
Come away from care and pain!
Though the skies to-day are cloudy
Soon the sun will shine again.

Into every life comes sadness
Often trouble hard to bear
There is hope just round the corner
- Plenty for us all to share

When we go through life's dark hours
Though they be as black as night
If we keep our faith before us
We can't fail to find the light

I am thinking of you Nellie darling
I have loved you all through your life
To me you are ever charming
All through life's storm and strife

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I have thought of you more than ever
As a turn comes into your path
And pray that your dear loving Saviour
Will guide you as he always hath.

We know not why God sends trials
Why many things seem to go wrong.
We will just travel on with smiles
And we'll soon sing a thanksgiving song

So trust then my dear loving girlie
Though you can't see the way very clear
Commit your way to the Lord and surely
You will find you have nothing to fear.


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